Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Young Japanese ladies of the Nichigeki dancing team doing a stage show for Hitlerjugend at Tokyo's Nichigeki Music Hall, Yūrakuchō, entitled "Heil Hitler". According to the caption in Japanese, the uniform style matches more the United States Army

Israel's Latest Attack on Humanitarian Ship to Gaza.
- by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky - 2011-05-16
They are shooting all over the place. We can't continue ... They circled our ship twice and fired across our ship. Machine guns. No one was injured...

NATO's Secret Ground War in Libya
- by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya - 2011-05-16
The Pentagon and NATO have "Boots on the Ground". They are arming the Transitional Council in violation of international law.

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in Perspective
- by Dr. Helen Caldicott - 2011-05-12
Japan is by orders of magnitude many times worse than Chernobyl.

Australians, says Mish, are facing a near record rate of corporate bankruptcies, a slumping property market, falling employment and rising bad bank loans. (Via http://canspeccy.blogspot.com/)

Finally Some Good News
"I have just read that Anthony John Hill, better know as Muad’Dib, has been declared innocent. He is the author of 7/7 video Ripple Effect and has been in jail in England for nearly 5 months since he was extradited from Ireland."

Pakistan & the "Arab Spring"

The War on Libya: The media misinformation campaign behind the war

THE BBC's WAR ON TRUTH (Link from Entity)

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