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Kissinger does not want India and Pakistan to be friends?

What are Henry Kissinger's plans for Pakistan, India, Russia and China?

How can they all be made weaker, to the advantage of the USA?

How about a war; with India and Russia against Pakistan and China?

On 21 May 2011, in the Financial Times, Henry Kissinger talks to Simon Schama

"Kissinger laughs even as he sketches a scenario for ... Afghanistan."

Kissinger suggests that Afghanistan might become split into two parts.

One part would be run by Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban.

The other part would be run by India, Russia and Afghanistan's Northern Alliance.

"What might happen, he says, is a de facto partition, with India and Russia reconstituting the Northern Alliance, and Pakistan hooked to the Taliban as a backstop against their own encirclement."

India, Russia, China and Brazil. How do you break up the friendship?

Kissinger sees the possibility of a world war, sparked off by an assassination.

Schama reports:

"The prospect looms of a centennial commemoration of the first world war through a half-awake re-enactment.

"Not Belgium but Sarajevo."

Kissinger refers to a frightened Pakistan lashing out.

Schama reports:

"Think proxy half-states; the paranoia of encirclement; the bristling arsenals, in this case nuclear; the nervous, beleaguered Pakistanis lashing out in passive-aggressive insecurity."

According to Kissinger:

"An India-Pakistan war becomes more probable.


"Therefore some kind of international process in which these issues are discussed might generate enough restraints so that Pakistan does not feel itself encircled by India and doesn’t see a strategic reserve in the Taliban.

"Is it possible to do this? I don’t know.

"But I know if we let matters drift this could become the Balkans of the next world war."


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An India-Pakistan war could be like the Iran-Iraq war ...


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brian said...


Anon said...

Dear Brian,

I've added the link.

Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

US-Iran Escalation: Iran Arrests 30 US Spies As It Builds Venezuelan Missile Base; America Sends A Third Aircraft Carrier To Persian Gulf

Ian Leslie said...

Hi Aang, hope you don't mind me hoodwinking your posting with this link! NO MORE IN JERSEY!!! but I'm getting really annoyed now, enough is enough....It's OK if you don't post it pal, stay lucky :)

Anon said...

How come this unelected person (excuse my French!) serves all these different administrations? Why don't Americans wake up and notice these things? Nice work as always Aan.

Penny said...

Imagine that?
War between India and China.
Sparked off by an assassination?
A replay of Bhutto?
Here is hoping neither nation takes the bait

Anonymous said...

Does this idiot Kissinger thinks any thing other than war? Does he feel that every one around the world is insane like he is who during his time was always busy in hatching conspiracies and alignments and realignments. Better read him carefully

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