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ABBOTTABAD: 25Jun2008 A Pakistani drug addict smokes heroin in Abbottabad on the eve of International anti Narcotics Day. PHOTO by Sultan Dogar
A Pakistani drug addict smokes heroin in Abbottabad on the eve of International anti Narcotics Day. PHOTO by Sultan Dogar / Abbottabad Press Club

It was Pakistan forces who attacked the compound in Abbotabad.

It was Pakistan forces who took away the captives.

On 4 May 2011, The UK Daily Telegraph's Peter Oborne has an excellent report on what happened at Abbottabad. (The mysterious Khan family.)

Peter Oborne reports:

Mohammed Qasim is a farmer’s boy who lives right next to the compound in Abbottabad.

A special forces helicopter landed in the field just behind his house.

Masked men emerged.

Mohammed Qasim said they spoke fluent Pashtu, a language of Pakistan.

He heard them 'smash their way into' the compound.

Twenty minutes later, he heard the helicopters depart with their captives.

Mohammed Qasim's father was seized by soldiers during the raid.

(The mysterious Khan family.)

According to Mohammed Qasim, two families had been living in the compound.

They were headed by Arshad Khan, 'in his forties', and his young brother Tariq.

They spoke perfect Pashtu (a language of Pakistan)

Mohammed Qasim said the Khans had eight or nine children, including Abdur Rahman and Khalid, both six or seven years old; two or three women lived in the house.

These children also spoke Pashtu.

Every morning the mothers and their children would leave the house a Suzuki van.

Mohammed Qasim insisted that he never saw Osama bin Laden.

He said: "I don't believe he was there."

Peter Osborne could see "practically no signs of a fight" when he arrived at the Khan’s family house.

"No bullet marks punctured the walls."


In January 2011, in Abbottabad in Pakistan, Pakistani authorities arrested Umar Patek, who is alleged to work for the CIA. (PAKISTAN CAPTURES 'CIA' TERRORIST?)


Did the Pakistan military get too close to a CIA safe house?

Did the Pakistan security services get involved in a fight at the CIA safe house and then discover CIA operatives (or members of bin Laden's family) being housed there?

Did the US military then arrive on the scene to remove the evidence and concoct a story to cover its involvement with al Qaeda?

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's 2004 autobiography talks about an Al Qaeda (CIA) safe house in Abbottabad. (Musharraf knew of Abbottabad safe house?)

An ISI official told the BBC the compound in Abbottabad where Bin Laden was allegedly killed had been raided in 2003. (Bunny Laden.)

Pakistan’s spy service (ISI) had been sharing information about the Abbottabad compound with the CIA since 2009 and had continued to do so until mid-April. ( Pakistan 'shared information about compound ...‎)

A Cobra helicopter belonging to the pakistan military

According to Pakistani Urdu TV channel Geo News (killed in Abbotabad near Islamabad of Pakistan):

Pakistani intelligence officials said that a Pakistani army helicopter was shot down in Abbottabad and then a search operation was launched by Pakistani forces.

At about 1:20 a.m. local time a Pakistani helicopter was shot down by unknown people in the Sikandarabad area of Abbottabad.

The Pakistani forces launched a search operation in the nearby area and encountered a group of unknown armed people.

An exchange of fire followed between the two sides.

When the exchange of fire ended, the Pakistani forces arrested some Arab women and children as well some other armed people.

Two U.S. helicopters flew to the site and carried away a dead body

Initial reports said that at least one was killed and two others were injured in the crash.

At least two houses were engulfed by the huge fire caused by the crashed chopper.


"The CIA's Larry Mitchell met Osama in an American hospital in 2001"


"U.S. officials have said that Pakistani officials were not told about the early morning helicopter raid until the strike team had killed Bin Laden and had returned to Afghanistan from where they took off, citing security reasons.

"Many Pakistanis were surprised at how this was possible, especially when initial reports stated that the choppers took off from a Pakistani air base." (Bunny Laden.)


"I used to go to their house. He had two wives, one spoke Arabic, and the other one spoke Urdu. They had three children, a girl and two boys. They gave me two rabbits."

Bunny Laden.


U.S. officials have listed a number of points that they claim prove the dead man is Osama bin Laden:

DNA taken from 'the brain of Osama bin Laden's sister following her death from brain cancer' was a 99.9 per cent match to that of Osama.

A woman, 'believed to be one of bin Laden's wives', confirmed bin Laden was the dead man.

The CIA said they compared photos of bin Laden's body with known photos of him and were 95 per cent sure that they showed the same man.

The burial from an aircraft carrier in the North Arabian Sea was videotaped aboard the ship, according to a senior defence official.

All sounds like a lot of CIA lies?



A Pakistani police officer says the mansion was owned by an Afghan national called Arshad Khan.

He added: "There were several members of the bin Laden family inside the compound who have been taken into custody.

"One of them was his daughter Safia." (Osama bin Laden: Neighbours shocked to be living next to world's ...)

"Unidentified males who survived were flown from the scene, while four children and two women, including Bin Laden’s daughter Safia, were taken away in an ambulance.

"It is believed his youngest wife Amal al-Sadah was also taken into custody."


According to Hamid Mir, 3 May 2011 (The Osama bin Laden I knew):

Osama "was hiding in Abbottabad with one of his wives, a son and a daughter...

"His 10-year-old daughter Safia watched American commandos entering the house, who took away the dead body of her father.

"She confirmed later: 'The Americans dragged the dead body of my father through the stairs'."

Hamid Mir is spouting CIA propaganda?

A scene from the film Blackhawkdown


"His youngest wife, Amal al-Sadeh, 27, with whom he reportedly had a number of children, was shot in the leg during yesterday's attack.

"The al Qaeda chief's beloved youngest son, Hamza, 18, and another son, 22-year-old Khalid, were also said to have been killed." (The loyal sons of Osama Bin Laden - and the many relatives who ...)


"White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan told reporters Monday that bin Laden's son Khalid was killed in the raid.

"When the White House released a transcript of Brennan's briefing, it substituted the name of a different son, Hamza...

"Brennan said bin Laden's wife died while shielding the terrorist leader from U.S. gunfire.

"Carney said Tuesday that the wife hadn't died and was merely shot in the leg, although another woman did die. But it wasn't clear that either of them was trying to shield bin Laden.

"Brennan and other officials suggested that bin Laden was holding a gun and even firing at U.S. forces. Carney said Tuesday that bin Laden was unarmed." (White House Struggles to Get Story Right )



Anonymous said...

Another peak of (American) stupidity

Genie said...

I read an article by Peter Chamberlain a few years ago when Daniel Pearle was killed in Pakistan that Perle had actually gotten too close to a CIA drug operation so they whacked him.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. It's Peter Oborne, btw.

Anon said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have changed the spelling to Oborne.

Very many thanks.

- Aangirfan

Red Porch said...

A real Creepshow!

Good thing we gotz some remedies.
Boy-clown fragrances – It Stops The Stink!

Boy-clown Pharmaceuticals – It Works 2 Ways!

And, Boy-clown Skate-goats – ‘Cause It’s Never Your Fault!

Anonymous said...

smokes heroin? it looks like hes sniffing coke, wtf!

Anonymous said...

If there's one "journalist" I trust it would be Oborne

Anonymous said...

Such a to-do about the U.S. capturing the Bin Ladins.

So many questions!

The article says:
- "Mohammed Qasim is a farmer’s boy who lives right next to the compound in Abbottabad"

- "Mohammed Qasim's father was seized by soldiers during the raid"

Why would M. Qasim's father be taken. Wasn't he just a neighbor?The son doesn't seem too upset about his father taken away. doesn't

Then the article says:

"His 10-year-old daughter Safia ...
"She confirmed later: 'The Americans dragged the dead body of my father through the stairs'."

The girl just says "My father"- but was it Osama's body?
Did the commandos kill him, or was it really a case of mistaken identity?! The U.S. military- after all- has a habit of knocking down the wrong doors!!

And also, did people forget that as soon as 9/11 happened, the U.S. Feds secretly spirited members of that same family, out of the U.S.?

Now, the U.S. took some family members back?

Obama Bin Laden said...

Osama Bin Dead for 10 years.

News professionals reported "Obama Bin Laden is dead".

This is so sloppy it appears CIA patriots psyoped Obama to FAIL. Although Obama and his kin are CIA and Al AllCIAduh, there are plenty of CIA enraged by his crimes. Who will win, the psychopaths or the patriots?

Anonymous said...

"Daniel Pearle had gotten too close to a CIA drug operation so they whacked him"

Pearle was getting too close to something. IMO it may have been the Pakistani-CIA connection to 9/11.

King of the Paupers said...

Jct: Just like Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman, this was pure fiction too. The only difference was how quickly this propaganda piece blew apart.

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