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Osama Bin Laden's squalid hideaway in pictures Mail Online

Allegedly, this photo shows Osama bin Laden, in Abbottabad in Pakistan, using a remote control to flick between satellite video coverage of himself on a television screen."

On the right there is a modern computer.

YET, The Guardian reported that "the residence had no phone or internet connection." (Osama bin Pakistan hideout.)

The Telegraph reported that "there were no telephones in the house, and no internet...

"As well as lacking phone or internet connections, the house did not even have satellite TV."

(Osama bin Laden dead.)

This would appear to be a photo of a satellite dish at the Abbottabad compound. Was the satellite dish added after the raid?



subrosa said...

I noticed that too Aangirfan. The hole is being dug deeper daily. I think the aim is to confuse the population so as, by the time they've finished, we won't remember what's been said.

However, they've forgotten the power of the internet.

Personally I think it's all lies and tend to think Bin Laden has been dead for a few years.

If that's him in his safe house, and it's well recorded he required very regular dialysis, surely the treatment wasn't administered in such surroundings? One of my reasons for my view.

Anonymous said...

In the Pentagon/CIA schematic diagram of the "mansion"-released very early on in the "narrative". a dish type structure is clearly indicated-one link among many: (scroll down)
I also think that he died years ago.
One interesting characteristic of the new "videos" is that the profile of the old man (not OBL) avidly watching himself on cable tv, resembles the "Osama" in the famous Jalalabad video-otherwise known as the "I did it" tape. There, along with the new video he is right handed, where OBL was left handed.

Anonymous said...

Bottomline (again): OBL is as dead as he can be since 10 years and, as usual, we are lied big time.

Anonymous said...

I think those who manipulated her were the real traitors, not her...

What a load of shit!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I think I saw this "Osama" standing up at the street corner yesterday asking for "change". You can't trust anything anymore. It is similar to the UFO's estories.

HPrice said...

Just a thought.

Why would someone video tape themself watching themselves on tv anyway unless its to show the world how self-centred or obsessed with their own fame they really are. Which doesn't really make them look that good anyway (??).

Quite odd when you think about it ...

Oh and I don't think thats Osama either. The nose just doesn't feel right to me lol


ps ... And I still don't feel the luxury of this supposedly luxurious mastermind headquarters. It looks pretty squalid to me. It wouldn't be the place that I would chose to hold up in. I mean there wasn't even a pool table, and we all know places like this must have a pool table ... lol.

The Realist Report said...

subrosa is right, in my opinion. They are making this bin Laden story so ridiculous and outlandish, it's just a means to distract and confuse the masses.

Anon said...

HPrice makes a very good point:

"Why would someone video tape themself watching themselves on tv?"

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Osama bin Laden's Nose and Left Ear

P2P said...

off topic: f-land's leading politician being censored by wall street journal in regards to bailouts:,49507.0.html

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