Friday, May 06, 2011

Alternative Media helped by bin Laden

On 2 may 2011, Aangirfan page views went up, thanks to Osama bin Laden.

Alternative Media Rankings Surge After bin Laden Assassination Spectacle

Alternative News 7-day change according to Alexa; listed in order of overall ranking:

Drudge Report -- Rank: 342 Change: 48

Infowars -- Rank: 1,095 Change: 737

Prison Planet -- Rank: 2,989 Change: 2,056

Rense -- Rank: 4,731 Change: 268

David Icke -- Rank: 4,904 Change: 1,887

Lew Rockwell -- Rank: 5,341 Change: 1,435

Global Research -- Rank: 9,119 Change: 5,022

What Really Happened -- Rank: 10,554 Change: 4,978

Activist Post -- Rank: 17,185 Change: 2,468

The Intel Hub -- Rank: 32,138 Change: 7,928

Reality Zone -- Rank: 84,465 Change: 10,522



brian said...

Libya :

Gadafi cruising: to the beat of eye of the tiger and his real character

democracy or police state?

Dead Men Don't Lie said...

"The American government is leading the country towards hell. … We say to the Americans as people and to American mothers, if they cherish their lives and if they cherish their sons, they must elect an American patriotic government that caters to their interests not the interests of the Jews.

If the present injustice continues with the wave of national consciousness, it will inevitably move the battle to American soil, just as Ramzi Yousef and others have done. This is my message to the American people. I urge them to find a serious administration that acts in their interest and does not attack people and violate their honor and pilfer their wealth.” – bin Laden 1998 John Miller interview

OBL came out days after the attacks on NYC and said he and his rebels had nothing to do with 9/11. He died in December 2001 of renal failure.

Imagine if the world had listened to OBL in 1998.

America, sweet America, your sons and daughters are dying for zionist Rothschild and his counterfeiting IMF cronies.


Anonymous said...,1

Anonymous said...

J xx

Anonymous said...

Many people who are awake enough to frequent a site like this one go through ups and downs.

Activism by street protest, joining local groups, and internet commenting are all normal reactions to waking up. And so is walking away in disgust over the apathy of the masses.

The final act in the Bin Laden story brought everyone back to square one.
I am glad you got a bump in readership.
But for me, the real action this week was at:
NPR, huffingtonpost, rawstory, the nation, and democracynow.
The people who get 'news' from those sites represent the spot where the damn could burst if it was going to.
That is where the best propagandists on the planet mounted an offensive (still going)to shore up that damn and to keep the educated liberal classes in line.
Those sites were a battle field this week.
To read the shit that came from Democratic party cyber warriors was like taking some sort of time warp trip back to Nazi Germany....or maybe it was modern day North Korea. I couldn't tell the difference.

nina said...

Ooops, people are waking up real fast. Those charts tell the tale, they don't want NO-MORE-LIES.

When people are flooded out, evacuated to face further danger, worried about radiation, farms on fire, can't afford the price of food and all they get is a gunfight story that was admittedly a complete fabrication, of course they get the message. But this brings up the question, now that they know, or harbor deep suspicion at the very least, what can they do about it?

Nothing, its too far gone, raging out of control, impossible to reverse without starting all the way over and then, still, in starting over how can anybody be sure of anything again?

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Bet you didn't know you had so many fans!

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