Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Europeans have been warned to avoid drinking milk or eating vegetables due to the high radiation levels.

Rosemary Found to Offer Best Protection against Radiation Poisoning


P2P said...

both of the links are broken, at least for one not signed into fbook

Anon said...

I've changed the links, as the previous ones were not working.

Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

P2P said...

found this well put:

Penny said...

Oh good, I love rosemary on chicken and potatoes, even with roast beef!

Anonymous said...

Very eay grow and drought tolerant. Attracts lots bees. Latin name: Rosmarinus offinalis. Add them to salads or use as garnish.

A13 said...

Rosemary is also a symbol of our ANZAC day 25th April every year.

Rosemary is a small perennial shrub of the mint family. This compact evergreen, with clusters of small light blue flowers and leaves that yield a fragrant essential oil used in making perfume and to flavour food, is native to the Mediterranean region.

Legend says that the Virgin Mary, while resting, spread her cloak over a white flowering rosemary bush. The flowers turned the blue of her cloak, and from then on the bush was referred to as the “Rose of Mary”.

This plant was, in ancient times, supposed to strengthen memory. Greek scholars wore rosemary in their hair to help remember their studies, and the association with remembrance has carried through to modern times. In literature and folklore it is an emblem of remembrance.

On ANZAC Day, the wearing of small sprigs of rosemary in the coat lapel, pinned to the breast or held in place by medals is thus synonymous with remembrance and commemoration. (end snip)

And i was told it was also used under the nose to stop the horrid stench of death during WW1 and 2 wilst dispatching of corpses.

many regards A13

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting - very good for courage too and an antibacterial in diffusers. I didn't know this about radioactivity. And I've been craving it!

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