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George Oliver (left) and Frederick James Hall, the first boys to be admitted to The Children's Home – the original name for Action for Children – in 1869

Orphanages are not always what they seem.

(Satanic child abuse on Jersey. )

On 9th April 2011, the Mail on Sunday reports:

(Orphanages in tourist resorts and disaster zones are abusing kids.)

According to the Mail on Sunday:

1. Child welfare expert Jennifer Morgan visited an orphanage on Haiti.

"The children there have been exposed to rapes, severe beatings, emotional and mental trauma," she says.

The boss of an orphanage in Haiti screamed at Morgan: "Stop reuniting children with their families.

"You’re destroying my business."

Orphanages, run as money-making enterprises, take money from gullible aid groups, volunteers and holidaymakers.

In Haiti, the police chief said many orphanages are fronts for criminal organisations.


Jersey, UK

2. In Cambodia, the number of orphanages has nearly doubled in five years.

Almost three-quarters of the kids in the orphanages do have parents!

3. "Voluntourism", involving tourists helping out in orphanages, is a fast growing industry.

4. Siem Reap, next to Angkor wat, is a small town in Cambodia.

It has 35 orphanages!

"The children may have been stolen, rented from their parents or tricked from impoverished rural villagers with false promises of wealth, education and healthcare."

5. Some orphanages are involved in child labour and sexual abuse.


6. In Bali, the number of orphanages has doubled in recent years.

Two-thirds of the children in the orphanages have parents.

The orphanages recruit cute children from poor families with promises of food and schooling.

Some of the orphans are forced to work very long hours on building sites. Malnutrition is common.

7. Brenton Whittaker, founder of Bali Kids, says that some directors sell all the donated goods, even medicines, for profit.

8. In Sri Lanka, a study found that 92% of children in orphanages had living parents.


The Realist Report said...

This type of stuff is truly heart wrenching.

We have some sick, evil bastards running the affairs of this world.

Anonymous said...

Sick bastards and total morons who choose to reproduce recklessly. The results can be seen all around the places. The bastards take advantage of the morons, this is how the world goes around.


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