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Athina Onassis

Athina Onassis, aged 26, is the daughter of Christina Onassis (1950–1988) and her fourth husband, Thierry Roussel.

Athina is the only surviving descendant of her grandfather Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate and friend of the 'Greek Colonels'.

On 3rd April 2011, we read in The Daily Mail about Athina Onassis.

Model leaps to her death over anguish about children as Onassis curse strikes

Athina Onassis, who has a home in Antwerp, Belgium, is reportedly the world’s richest young woman.

She is married to 38 year-old showjumper Alvaro ‘Doda’ Alfonso de Miranda Neto.

She has two stepchildren: 14-year-old Fernando and ten-year-old Vivienne.

Cibele Dorsa

Vivienne is the daughter of Alvaro de Miranda Neto and Brazilian actress and Playboy model Cibele Dorsa.

Cibele Dorsa was once married to Alvaro de Miranda Neto.

Fernando is the son of Brazilian entrepreneur Fernando Oliva and Cibele Dorsa.

Cibele Dorsa died on 26 March 2011 after having fallen from a window on the seventh floor of her apartment building in São Paulo.

Cibele Dorsa, aged 36, left suicide notes in which she complained about the arrangement by which Athina is bringing up Vivienne and Fernando.

Cibele was engaged to a Brazilian TV presenter, Gilberto Scarpa.

On 30 January 2011, he fell to his death from the window of her flat in an apparent suicide.

Alexandros and Christina Onassis.

Aristotle Onassis married Jackie Kennedy.

Aristotle's son, Alexandros, died in a plane crash in Athens in 1973.

Aristotle's daughter Christina died aged 37 in 1988, apparently of a combination of slimming drugs and sleeping pills.

Her fortune was left to her daughter, Athina.


"The first Mrs. Aristotle Onassis, Athena Livanos (Tina), described Onassis as 'a brutal drunk.'

"They were married in 1946, divorced in 1960. Visitors who spent time with Onassis and Tina sometimes heard sounds of physical violence, and a woman’s screams, coming from the master’s bedroom.

"During his lifetime, Onassis was investigated by the FBI, the CIA, the KYP (Greek CIA), Britain’s M15, and the DST (French security service), among others.

"In 1953, Onassis hired Dr. Hjalman Schacht to negotiate an oil contract with the King of Saudi Arabia. Schacht had been Adolf Hitler’s financial wizard, his economic dictator, and president of the Reichsbank in 1937."

Aristoteles Socrates Onassis Athens Tour Greece


Story of JFK, Onassis and the mafia

"1932: Onassis, a Greek drug pusher and ship owner who made his first million selling 'Turkish tobacco' (Opium) in Argentina, worked out a profitable deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, and Meyer Lansky.

"Onassis was to ship booze directly into Boston for Joseph Kennedy. Also involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt."


aferrismoon said...

It's a coincidence that C. Onassis lives in Antwerp, the first home of Maurice Tempelsman who partnered Jackie O, after Ari. Onassis' death.

It seems like [ super conspiracy warning ] the whole op - Kennedy-Lansky-Onassis was set up many years ago and what with everybody dying an' all some entity somewhere may have the accumen to grab the loot , the infrastructure and connexions of those criminal-legit empires.

Tempelsmen augmented the wealth left to Jackie by Onassis.

With most of the Kennedy clan gone it looks like Tempelsman [ and others] will get the loot. [ pure speculation]


Anonymous said...

I stated then and Im stating it now: Mrs. Dorsa was definitely "suicided". As for Athina, I tend to think that her husband is her current handler. Even she did some bad things (inevitably), she's nothing but another victim. How often have we seen this young woman smiling genuinely or happy since she got married?


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