Thursday, April 28, 2011


- Obama the love child? UPDATED!

Libyagate: False Flag Possibility, Britain is New Sponsor of Al Qaeda

Nato air strike 'kills 12 rebels'

the tap - Who Owns The Bank Of England?

Illumination: the Secret Religion - How to become God

The Jewish spy who started the Cold War - Times Online Engelbert Broda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Abbas: Fatah will be in charge of Mideast peace talks in unity cabinet



john said...

Hi aangirfan, I just googled a few old maps of Africa and according to them it was called Kenya here in 1959:

For 1 October 1961:

Colonial Africa 1920-1939:

It might be worth having a look at some others. see what you think anyway.

Anon said...

Dear John,

You are quite correct about Kenya.

I have changed the text.

- Aangirfan

CS said...

I borrowed some of this -- about the certificate -- which is OK, I hope.

My theory is that real high class fakery is hidden amidst a bunch of obviously fakery that can be explained away bit by bit until the public are too confused to care any longer.

But I think the strongest evidence of fraud is circumstantial:

The man of "change Americans could believe in" and Nobel Peace Prize winner is, in H.L. Mencken's brilliant phrase, unquestionably "a fraud from snout to tail." Thus it would be entirely out of character, were his birth certificate to be genuine.

john said...

No worries, keep up the good work.

CS said...

The question of the name of the hospital where Obama was born is also complicated and unclear. Soon nobody will know nuthin definite, nowhow, which is most likely the intention.

Anon said...


Very many thanks for your research. I've altered the text.


- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Kenya seems to have problems in keeping track of their own population. I have seen a few scandals in the running scene due to athletes saying that they are junior and being way older. These runners usually break records and win awards in divisions that they did not belong. Maybe Obama is just another case of many.

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