Sunday, May 01, 2011


People of Marrrakech

A website has accused friends of Morroco's King Mohammed VI of being behind the bombing in Marrakech.

The website Hibapress accuses Mounir Majidi, the king's secretary, and WFP (Authenticity and Modernity Party) boss Fouad Ali El Himma of being behind the attack in Marrakesh.

And, according to political exile Abdelillah Issou, the Moroccan regime wants to create 'a state of siege.'

The bomb gives the rich elite an excuse to clamp down on opponents of the regime?

(Marrakech : Les théories de la conspiration commencent Demain - [ Translate this page ])

There are conflicting reports about what happened in the bombing in Morocco.

The bomb in Marrakesh that killed 16 people "was set off by a remote-control device", according to Morrocan Interior minister Taeb Cherkaoui.

"The explosion was set off from a distance," Mr Cherkaoui told parliament in Rabat. (Al Qaeda suspected in Marrakesh bombing )


The news portal had said that the bomb was a suicide attack.

They also said that the bomber had been freed from prison two months ago after having been sentenced to eight years in jail for rape.

(Marrakesh bomb blast: Briton among 16 killed in terrorist attack ...‎)

Two of the dead are "Michal Zekry, 29, an Israeli-Canadian who was pregnant, and her husband, Messod Wizman, 30, a Moroccan-Canadian." (Fatal Bomb in Morocco Shows Signs of Al Qaeda )

A third Jewish victim was "British travel writer Peter Moss" who used to work for the Jewish Chronicle.

(Briton named as victim of Morocco bombing)

The bombers had to get through police controls to attack the square, which is well protected.

"They were surely well organized and significantly trained, " said Jean-Yves Moisseron, editor of Maghreb-Machrek. (Fatal Bomb in Morocco Shows Signs of Al Qaeda)



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Morocco is the number one foreign destination for french tourists, probably not for long anymore.

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