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Denis Avey has written a best selling book about how he broke into Auschwitz.

Denis Avey's story looks fake.

Denis Avey 'broke into Auschwitz' to expose Holocaust; but is this fantasy?.

According to Avey's book:

Avey was in camp E715, a prisoner of war camp near Auschwitz.

He smuggled himself into Auschwitz.

He swapped places with a Jewish inmate.

He saved the life of another Jewish inmate, called Ernst Lobethal.

HOWEVER, many people do not believe Avey.

The people who doubt Avey's story include former Auschwitz prisoners, Jewish organisations and historians.

Dr Piotr Setkiewicz, the head historian at Auschwitz, says he does not believe Avey’s story of the swap.

The World Jewish Congress has called on Avey’s publishers to verify the accuracy of the book.

They say: "We are deeply concerned about the charge that a significant part of Mr Avey’s story - ie that he supposedly smuggled himself into the Auschwitz-Buna concentration camp - is exaggerated if not completely fabricated."

Yad Vashem is Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust

Yad Vashem now says it cannot honour Avey, because it could not back up his claims.

Irena Steinfeldt, a spokeswoman for Yad Vashem, said:

"We didn’t find anyone to confirm it. We went through several testimonies of Jewish inmates, and none of them mentioned that it happened. There was nothing to substantiate it."

Former prisoners at Auschwitz and at camp E715 - the PoW camp in which Mr Avey was held - have disputed Avey’s story.

They say a prisoner swap would have been impossible.

Avey (left)

Reportedly, Avey was a British prisoner in PoW camp E715, a few hundred yards from one of the parts of Auschwitz, known as Auschwitz III or Monowitz.

He worked in the same chemical factory as some of the Auschwitz prisoners.

One day, as the two work columns of the Jewish and the British prisoners drew close, a Jewish prisoner and Avey swapped places.

Brian Bishop, who was at camp E715, says: "I don’t believe it. I can’t understand how he did it. To do something like that you need to have several people helping on both sides — our side and the Jewish side."

Sam Pivnik, who was at Auschwitz, says: "Avey’s story seems to me highly unlikely. Swapping places with an Auschwitz prisoner wasn’t just risking his own life, but those of everyone else in his block; and he was taking a huge risk that he wouldn’t be informed on. It isn’t a chance that I would have taken. Prisoners in Auschwitz were so desperate, you couldn’t take the risk of trusting them."

Auschwitz historian Dr Setkiewicz points out that many people would have had to have been involved in such an exchange, and it would have been extremely risky as there were many spies in the camp.

He says: "As there are no testimonies by other survivors, I certainly would not include this story in any book that I wrote."

In his book, Avey writes that he swapped places with a Dutch Jewish prisoner called ‘Hans’ and smuggled himself into Auschwitz III.

However, in an interview he gave to the Daily Mail in December 2009, Avey claimed to have swapped with someone called Ernst Lobethal.

Avey said that Ernst was in Auschwitz II, or Birkenau, which is four miles from Auschwitz III.

In his book, Avey writes of passing under the ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ sign, as he enters Auschwitz III.

Dr Setkiewicz confirms, there was no such sign there; it was at the Auschwitz I camp six miles away.

Avey claims the clothes he borrowed from the Jewish prisoner were infested with lice.

But, former prisoner Sam Pivnik says: "We were made to be scrupulously clean at all times in Auschwitz III work-camps, and you risked a severe beating if you got dirty.

"The SS were terrified of typhus outbreaks and the prisoners’ uniforms, bedding and barracks were endlessly disinfected and deloused."

Avey’s claim to have broken into Auschwitz is dismissed by Ingrid Lobet, the daughter of Ernst Lobethal.

She says: "I don’t believe this happened. Where is the detail in what he saw there that can’t be gleaned from the vaguest Holocaust account?

"Most of the Jews spoke only Yiddish. How is some starving, Yiddish-speaking Jew going to be mistaken for a British PoW while in PoW barracks?

"Did (Avey) memorise the switched survivor’s number in German so that he could respond to it at a roll call?"

Avey’s story is almost identical to that told by another former PoW at camp E715 called Charles Coward.

Coward's story is now widely discredited by Holocaust scholars.

Coward claimed to have smuggled himself into Auschwitz by swapping places with a Jewish prisoner.

In 2001, Avey gave an interview to the Imperial War Museum in which he spoke about his time as a prisoner. He did not mention smuggling himself into Auschwitz.

Professor Kenneth Waltzer, a 'world authority' on the Nazi concentration camps, says: "The pattern of sustained silence, despite interviews, and then the tumbling out of the story does indeed raise suspicions."

Brian Bishop says: "Why does he start telling this story now? I don’t understand why all these stories are coming out now. It looks like they’re waiting for everybody to die and then no one can contradict them."

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Newspaceman said...

My Grandad said that the german concentration camps were fuck all compared to the jap ones. He said, with unprecedented tears in his eyes, that the japs were pure evil bastards. This was after we met a Japanese lady in the museum. Later, in the cafe, he disclosed again how those japs were the most evil cunts on earth and he knew 'cause he was one of the first repatriators, being a telecoms man.

At one time he held the lantern for the union, he died a thatcherite.

He just could not see the scam.


Harry said...

Sounds like bollock to me ....

dublinmick said...

Keeping you up to date with American news.

Anonymous said...

It seems like that the Jews can not afford any more Holohoax stories being discredited. These people would do anything for a penny. I have never seen a Jew that does not have his eyes wide open and his mouth salivating when you mention the word "money". They are the chosen people after all for creating the swindles and ponzy schemes.

The Realist Report said...

As soon as I read about this over at the Israeli daily Haaretz the other day, I thought it was a scam.

BTW- the Jews are still, to this day, robbing the German people for this fraud known as the Jewish Holocaust. It's just disgusting watching these people scam entire peoples and nations over this, when millions of innocent people died horrendous deaths, largely as a result of powerful Zionist Jews who declared economic war on Germany in 1933 in the first place.

Anonymous said...

More propagandistic crap:


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A few days back in Brazil, now in The Netherlands?


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Citizenfitz said...

Aach! It happened exactly da vay ve say it happened, tank you very much Mister Antisemite.
Now, hand over your money and anyting of value and no one gets hurt.

Signed, Da Jews

arthur zbygniew said...

Some of the most generous people I came across during my life were Jews, and none of them salivates when they hear the word money. You are making a racist statements Mr Honk Bonk Man, it is a stain on the very nice Aangirfan blog and devalues the other things you may say.

Anonymous said...

Racist? Arthur, you sir, are a fool. The man's comment is a stereotype or a generalization. People (or fools) find these stereotypes incredibly offensive because they are USUALLY TRUE. If there was no truth to them they would not be so offensive but laughable & harmless. How would people react if you called your fat wife "fatty" in public? How would they react if you said the same thing to your skinny wife? By refusing to acknowledge stereotypes you ensure you remain a fool/victim/mark. The rest of us know to pay close attention to these stereotypes. For example, avoiding a black neighborhood, especially at night, has probably saved our lives many times over. In the same respect, I avoid any & all business dealings with jews. You can go ahead and risk your life and finances but do not chastise and pressure the rest of us into living your delusions. Truth is, they're not even your delusions, but delusions spoon fed to you (but not as readily swallowed by the rest of us) since birth to keep you ripe for the fleecing. The whole "racism" campaign/scam is an effort to enforce a naive & fictional concept into our culture as a "value". This concept is incompatible with human nature and the tribal instincts of human beings. It has been forced on us under the guise of being altruistic, proper, & noble but it's real purpose is to keep us clueless & defenseless to facilitate ethnic cleansing and other criminal activities.

arthur zbygniew said...

Please bear in mind that there is a lot of Jews who are disgusted and ashamed by the behaviour of the governement of Israel and the Intenational Banksters Gang Incorporated.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are a lot, but, the vast majority fall into ranks lock-step and scream anti-semitism whenever a member of the tribe is near being exposed for his/her criminal activities. They are a ruthless & cohesive criminal enterprise hiding under the thin veneer of religion. The sooner you realize that and educate your fellow goyim the sooner we stop being victims. As for the few jews who are disgusted and ashamed by their tribe's nefarious deeds, they need to act on it, vocalize it, whatever neccessary to get their own house in order.

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