Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Thanks to Brian for the video link.



ventopiumoso said...

thanks to you for this video.
I report it in my site.

brian said...

note the talk about an islamic emirate,.,..the TNC cozys said the crazies would have no part in any furute libya....LOLOL as if they can control wha will happen if they get rid of Gadaffi

Anonymous said...

How much truth in that?


Anonymous said...

LOL, exactly how idiots do they think we are?


Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article about Libyan money to be stolen by our humanitarian leaders:

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the links.

I'm having a look.

- Aangirfan

brian said...

gaddafi uses human shields? thats what the zionists claim HAMAS or hezbollah a lie..

also Must read:
Balkanisation of Libya
esp note the US, Uk france behaviour right after WW2

brian said...

an eg of a left winger intellectual, tariq ali, who still believes the official story that 'Gadaffis' air force bombed civilians..he should be ashamed at his gullibility:

Patriotism drives this 91-year-old woman. She's determined to learn how to assemble a gun.She says she never touched arms before but has sworn to protect the national sovereignty
Tarhunah civilian said "The elders told us of Italy's colonization in Libya. A century ago the Italians hung many Libyans. I believe we will be the winner. We all support Gaddafi by worship.Libya and Gaddafi will achieve success in the end!"


brian said...

FYI british muslim and journalist Yvonne Ridley has anothe conversionL: this one in Benghazi takes her to the dark side:

FYI all
Just when you thought things couldnt get mor absurd, now we have the following amazing tale. British journaist Yvonne Ridely, who happilty support the Mavi Marmara when it as attacked by Israel, after a trip to Benghazi(why did she go?) has suddenly had another conversion..this time to the Dark Side.BUT she picked a bad time to do a Saul, a NATO ha just bombed Tripoli and killed a son of Gadafi and three grandchildren as well as other persons. Here is her tale:

anynoe who can write her or see her in person should do so
ive just written to her

Anonymous said...

The war in Libya is a war of attrition. The international powers that control world politics and economy do not want this war to end soon. As Libya is an oil producing country (although currently not one of the most important producers), war is an excuse to keep oil prices high and, therefore, the price of gasoline be higher than four dollars a gallon.
Thus, the international forces help the rebels, as they have a lower combat power than Gadaffi troops, but not enough to help them succeed. On the other hand, these same international forces give Gadaffi ideas on how to fight the rebels.
In the end, both sides will be very worn and thus international forces can bring to power the puppet that suits them.

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