Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Scottish National Party (which opposed the Iraq war and which is anti-nuclear) could win a six-seat victory over Labour in the elections for the Scottish Parliament on 5 May 2011 (SNP surge).

On 17 April 2011, a YouGov poll for Scotland on Sunday ( poll ) shows:

In the constituency vote:

SNP (Scottish National Party) 40%

Labour 37%

Conservatives 11%

Liberal Democrats 8%.

In the regional list vote:

SNP 35%

Labour 33%

Conservatives 12%

Liberal Democrats 7%


Japan’s Red Sun Is Seen On Hopi Prophecy Rock



Anonymous said...


Dublinmick said...

aangirfan take a look at the youtube Erin brought over in the comments! In Tokyo the ground is liquefying and moving around in a 3.8 earthquake. Everyone is terrified and mud is coming up through cracks in the cement.

dublinmick said...

Don't laugh about the UFO over Japan, they say the same thing supposedly happened at Chernobyl. I don't know what to make of it.

Newspaceman said...

The reason that Scotland is to become "independent" is to do with ritual and alchemy, certainly not for the people as it will make no difference to our lives. None whatsoever.

The British Monarchy and their pals are building a new United Kingdom - a global one - and, given that Scotland is at the root of this current Western society (banking, slavery, freemasonry etc.), it will again be the root of the "green" new world order. Thats why Alex Salmond was going on about green energy and suchlike only last week and classing Scotland as the pioneers in this type of technology.

Add to the mix the Stone of Destiny, British Israel (see King James 6th and 1st), Prince William - and you have the blueprint.

In alchemy (golden age), one must reduce the substance one is working with to it's base parts, before one can attempt to rebuild.

Ritual, in that if something has worked before when done in a certain order and manner, then it should work again if the same steps are followed to a t.


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