Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In Egypt, food prices have risen by 48%

On 16 April 2011, we read about Egypt, after the CIA-NATO coup.

Tourists stay home after Egypt's revolution .

In February 2011, tourism in Egypt was down 80% compared with February 2010.

Tourism accounts for one in seven Egyptian jobs.

Tourism is the number one foreign-currency earner in Egypt.

The CIA-NATO coup has hit other sectors.

Jobs have been lost.

Foreign investment has dried up.

Inflation has increased.

Food prices have risen 48%.

Cooking fuel, which has to be imported, is hard to find.

Riots continue and the Moslem extremists are taking the lead. (Protests against Christian governor escalate, Salafists dominate )

On 18 April 2011, we read of Moslem protests against a controversial Christian governor in Upper Egypt.

Protesters have cut off the highway which leads to the Dendara temple complex, an ancient Egyptian site, and cut off the highway between Qena and Aswan and camped on the railway tracks, stopping trains coming from Luxor and Aswan as well as Cairo.

Various Salafist (Moslem fundamentalist) groups have taken over the protests and have been chanting anti-Coptic (Christian) slogans.



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Sceptic said...

British Muslim Extremists threatening women & gays...& justifying it:

Why is the British gov't allowing this, especially in the midst of a rape epidemic by Muslims across Europe.

Women & gay-identified ppl mus tbe treated with respect. It is the

1.Jews who exploit women (East European sex trade,) & the Jew run gay lobby that exploits the GLBT people.

2. Muslims who exploit women by raping them, in Muslim & non-Muslim nations, & GLBTs by murdering them.

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Sceptic said...

I forgot to say that Muslims & Jews are now joining forces to combat what they see as discrimination from European gov'ts to both groups' mass immigration & establishment of their customs/culture in Europe.

Just as the Zio-controlled politicians enabled the mass immigration all across Europe as well as America, they subverted the Egyptian revolution, allowing (& funding)the extremists (as you always point out, aangirfan). This effectively weakens Egypt, Tunisia, etc & they will no longer be in a state to defend themselves as the impending ZIo-elite takeover. Mass immigration has the same effect in Europe....conquer & divide.

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