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Celia Imrie is a film star.

At the age of 14, being underweight, she was sent to St Thomas' Hospital in London.

She became a patient of the world-famous psychiatrist William Sargant.

My electric shock nightmare at the hands of the CIA's evil doctor

Sargant worked for MI5 and the CIA,

He was part of the MK-ULTRA mind control programme.

His work has links to the Jonestown massacre in Guyana, where 900 people died, and to lethal drug experiments at the UK's Porton Down research centre.

Sargant used electric-shocks, insulin-induced comas, and taperecorded 'brainwashing' orders.

William Walters Sargant (1907 - 1988)

William Sargant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1. In 1938 Sargant was awarded a Rockefeller Fellowship to spend a year at Harvard Medical School.

2. Sargant developed an interest in brainwashing.

3. Sargant's methods inspired Australian doctor Harry Bailey who employed deep sleep treatment at Sydney's Chelmsford Private Hospital, eventually leading to the death of 26 patients.

4. Former UK Foreign Secretary Dr David Owen worked very closely with Sargant.

5. Quotes from Sargant:

A. "What would have happened if they [new methods of physical and chemical psychiatric treatments] had been available for the last five hundred years?...

"John Wesley who had years of depressive torment before accepting the idea of salvation by faith rather than good works, might have avoided this, and simply gone back to help his father as curate of Epworth following treatment.

"Wilberforce, too, might have gone back to being a man about town, and avoided his long fight to abolish slavery and his addiction to laudanum. Loyola and St Francis might also have continued with their military careers.

"Perhaps, even earlier, Jesus Christ might simply have returned to his carpentry following the use of modern [psychiatric] treatments."

B. "Though men are not dogs, they should humbly try to remember how much they resemble dogs in their brain functions, and not boast themselves as demigods.

""They are gifted with religious and social apprehensions, and they are gifted with the power of reason; but all these faculties are physiologically entailed to the brain.

"Therefore the brain should not be abused by having forced upon it any religious or political mystique that stunts the reason, or any form of crude rationalism that stunts the religious sense."


Experimental UK psychiatric treatment kills and injures patients

In the 1960s and early 1970s an unknown number of people were subjected to prolonged experimental treatment at the Royal Waterloo Hospital in London.

They were drugged to keep them asleep for months on end and given electric shock treatment at many times the frequency and intensity normally used on psychiatric patients.

This was done to them without their consent.

Some patients died.


Anonymous said...

SARGANT may be another transcription of the name SARGENT. And mind u, the famous ppl bearing the name of SARGENT are galore. As u know, there are SARGENT's in the KENNEDY family. Im sure this "doctor" was no exception. Check out this coincidence (?) for instance, another SARGANT involved in psychoanalysis:


Anonymous said...

Great post Anon! It’s good to see that the MK-ULTRA program is still getting exposed. I designed a Book cover for a gal that wrote about the MK-ULTRA program, and that was back in 2002. Posts like these are rare indeed and I imagine that this program is still running in the USA under another code name.

Anonymous said...

Im sure she was "suicided"...


Anonymous said...

Anyone wonders?


Anon said...

Many thanks for the comments and links.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

You got something right for once, aangs!

(How about trying that, again, I can't wait! (?) )

I've been trying to ID William Sergant for years.

I knew him via other psychiatrists I was helping in their research.

They kept me away from him. He was a trifle put out by that.

I recalled the rough look, semi-recognised the photo, I knew he was the top man in psychiatry at St. Thomas', the 'top' hospital in London (and, coincidently, where I was born!)

Now I can research him a bit more, hopefully.

The psychiatrists I knew were 'nice' guys. I was used, yes (I did volunteer) but was never ABUSED.

You see, people who use violence and drugs like Sergant seemingly did don't have the born-with abilities and talent a true master possesses. They have to use these barbaric methods in an attempt to compensate for this. They do know HOW to do it, that it CAN be done, but CAN'T do it.

The people I worked with possessed telepathic abilities (believe or not, your problem). THEY didn't have to use violence or drugs. For, with this ability they could go down much deeper. The command-lines needed to access the lower levels of your brain can only be implanted via telepathy, to AVOID harming the patient. It has to be done a step at a time, giving the patient time to rest inbetween, and more importantly, the patient must be TRAINED over time to accept this. You don't go deep in one go, first time, so to speak, you WILL harm the patient trying that.

More importantly, coming back up is like deep-sea diver coming up, it MUST be done in stages just like said diver does, to avoid the bends, to avoid GUARENTEED brain-damage.

But as you must be born with the ability only a few in the world can do it.

And they are usually very secretive about it. For 'certain people' would love to recruit them. But most of these people are men of compassion, not Mengele, and don't want that.

Sergant was unaware his collegues were much better than him.

The professors were trying to work out how and why all this worked. They knew it did, they could do it (the actual methods from word-in-mouth passed-down over millinium) but wanted to understand the mechanics of it. Enter muggins here.

I was used by experts, and never suffered for it.

Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Know I realise why the guys were slightly wary of Sergant, telling me to avoid him.

He was one of the enemy.

No, I didn't know Celia Imrie, she's much younger than me. Would have loved to have met her thought.


Elizabeth Reed said...

Former patients of Dr Sargant and John Pollitt have set up a website
Please read about their experiences on Ward 5 and in the Narcosis room. There is also a blog which follows the efforts of one patient to get information from St Thomas' Hospital whose doctors and nurses treated patients on Ward 5.

Anon said...

Added - an extra link.

MaryT said...

I was treated by Sargant in 1972. He used those horrible methods that people are beginning to speak about now. When I asked my GP what he thought the word narcosis meant to him, a short while back he had no idea what I was referring to.It took more than 20 years for me to even begin to start to verbalise about the experience, but now I have spoken about it on radio 4, and also taken part in a television documentary in 2010. It was an emotional experience going b ack to the waterloo, but very cathartic.I have spoken to some of the others also.I agree that I dont think that Sargant ever realised that he just was n ot really very clever at all.Even his clinical trials were not properly carried out. I imagine alot of what he did was based on guess work. He treated the son of a friend of his, and the boy subsequently died. The friend never spoke to him again.

Anon said...

Dear Mary T

Many thanks for your information.

- Aangirfan

Gillydee8 said...

Dr.James Willis used the "deep sleep treatment at Stonehouse Hospital in Dartford Kent in the 1960s I believe he was taught the treatment by Dr.William Sargant.

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