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Libyagate: False Flag Possibility, Britain is New Sponsor of Al Qaeda

Nato air strike 'kills 12 rebels'

the tap - Who Owns The Bank Of England?

Illumination: the Secret Religion - How to become God

The Jewish spy who started the Cold War - Times Online Engelbert Broda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Abbas: Fatah will be in charge of Mideast peace talks in unity cabinet



On 28 April 2011, we read that scientists have been studying one billion online sex-related searches from around the world.

A new book called "A Billion Wicked Thoughts", by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, provides the details.

Ogi Ogas was a biodefense researcher at MIT and a Department of Homeland Security fellow.

Internet sex study reveals what people really want / Huge Internet Sex Study Reveals What People Really Want

The top searches are:


'Straight' women 'enjoy' reading about and watching romances between two men.

'Straight' men enjoy a wide variety of erotic images, including both elderly women and transsexuals.

Gay men and straight men have the same favourite body parts, which in order are chests, buttocks then feet.

Men fantasise about group sex more than women, and picture more men than women in the action.

Straight men have a fascination with other men’s penises.

“The research, as far as I can tell, is pretty damn sound,” says Dr. Stephen Snyder, a sex therapist in private practice in Manhattan for over 20 years. “They worked very hard to acquire a large data set, and they found some very, very interesting stuff.”

Psychologist Donald Symons says 'Ogi is convinced that when people are searching for things, it’s primarily for sexual arousal. I’m not so sure about that. If there was a porn star with three breasts - I bet there would be a zillion hits. Would that be a sign men were suddenly aroused by that? I think not.'


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Prince Jos̩ (1761 Р1788) was heir to the throne of Portugal.

In 1777, when he was 15 years old, he married his 30-year-old aunt, Benedita.


She produced no children.

On September 11, 1788, José died, at the age of 27, from smallpox.


Lisbon, Portugal, 1755, hit by an earthquake and tsunami

Princess Mariana (1768 – 1788) was the eldest daughter of Queen Maria I of Portugal.

In 1785, she married her mother's first cousin, Gabriel.


Mariana died of smallpox, aged 19.



Princess Carlota of Spain (1775 – 1830) was the eldest daughter of King Charles IV of Spain.

In 1785, at the age of 10, she married the future king of Portugal, John VI.

John was reportedly lazy, fat and almost as ugly as Carlota.

Carlota produced nine children and, "because they were all handsome, it was rumoured that especially the younger ones had a different father."

After a while Carlota and John lived separate lives, he at Mafra and she at Queluz, where, it was rumoured, she indulged in sexual orgies.

In 1826, when John was dying, Carlota refused to attend his deathbed and started the rumour that John had been poisoned by the Freemasons.


In 1714 George I, from 'Germany', became King of England. He is said to have arrived in England with two German mistresses, while his wife was in prison for adultery. (BBC NEWS History of Scandal)


The Belgian monarchy has been linked to the Dutroux scandal. (Belgian royal family dismisses paedophile claims over king ...)


Morocco's King Mohammed VI went to college in Brussels, Belgium, and reportedly hung out in gay bars there. (Mohammed VI of Morocco at AllExperts)

Erbprinz Albrecht von Bayern (1905-96) by Miss Mertens

Albrecht, a descendant of the Stuarts, was considered by some to be the rightful British monarch. At one time he and his family were imprisoned in the concentration camps of Sachsenhausen , Flossenbuerg and Dachau.


Manvendrasinh Gohil is a member of the royal family of Rajpipla, near Vadodara, in India. He told his parents he is gay.

‘'I came out as gay to a Gujarati daily because I wanted people to openly discuss homosexuality since it’s a hidden affair with a lot of stigma attached,’' says Gohil.

"It wasn’t long before the prince was dispossessed — two days ago, two different notices in a leading vernacular daily in Vadodara put an end to his claim to the family property." - Out of closet, royals cut out gay prince


Pastor Fred Phelps has set up a God hates Sweden website, celebrating the deaths of Swedes and describing Carl XVI Gustaf as 'King of Sodomite Whores'.

The website says "The popinjay King of Sweden - a moral titmouse in the plumage of a peacock, who lives lavishly with kids on Sweden's largest social security check - is King of Fags," - Anti-gay church condemns Swedish royals - Telegraph


The People newspaper revealed that a royal servant has starred in a gay porn film.

"According to The People, as well as appearing in the film, which was never released, Steve Kaye is keen to sell to the highest bidder his stories of orgies and drug taking at the palace.

"He claims that security is slack at Buckingham Palace, and that poorly paid servants often organize parties involving drugs and sex, despite senior royals being in attendance." - Queen's servant appeared in gay porn film


Prince Albert, also known as Prince Eddy, was the eldest son of the Edward Prince of Wales who became Edward VII.

Prince Albert was reportedly involved in the Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889.

This scandal involved a 'rentboy' brothel in London's Cleveland Street.

Public Record Office police papers and the letters of Lord Arthur Somerset apparently show that the Prince was involved with boys.

Prince Albert was reported to have died of pneumonia in 1892.

Alternative theories are that:

1. he died of syphilis.
2. he was given a morphine overdose.
3. he survived until the 1920s in an asylum on the Isle of Wight.


The scandal began when the police went to 19 Cleveland Street in London's West End to arrest 35 year old Charles Hammond and his 18 year old accomplice Henry Newlove. Hammond had fled but Newlove was found at his mother's house.

Henry Newlove implicated
1. Lord Arthur Somerset, head of the Prince of Wales' stables
2. The Earl of Euston
3. an Army Colonel.

Telegraph boys confirmed that Lord Somerset was a regular client.

There were hints that Prince Albert (Prince Eddy), was involved in the Cleveland Street affair.

Ernest Parke, the editor the The North London Press, wondered why Newlove and his associate escaped with 'light' sentences.

The paper paper named the Earl of Euston and Lord Somerset, and said they had been allowed to leave the country to cover up the involvement of someone "more distinguished and more highly placed."

The Earl of Euston sued Parke. Parke refused to reveal his sources and was sentenced to twelve months in prison.

There was a prosecution of Henry Newlove's defence lawyer, Arthur Newton, because he had warned Hammond to flee the country. Newton was convicted.

The judge declared that Newton had helped Hammond escape to prevent him from testifying against his aristocratic clients.

In 1890, Henry Labouchere, a radical MP, claimed in parliament that the Prime Minister had arranged for Lord Arthur Somerset to escape. The MPs voted 204 to 66 not to have an investigation.

The press reports on the Cleveland Street Scandal led to pressure for a crackdown on certain types of sexual activity. In 1895 Oscar Wilde was put on trial.


Anonymous brought our attention to:


Charles II, The Earl of Rochester, Johnny Depp

The typical right-wing militarist - Frederick the Gay

King Gustav V of Sweden

Nona: Kaiser Wilhelm II, Prince Eulenberg and Friedrich Krupp

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor




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Obama: CIA:

Monsanto / Blackwater:

Monsanto Now "Owns" Blackwater (Xe)

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The international parasitic bankers, fraudsters, and financiers of death and destruction that largely control the global economy: Parasitic mindset


Evacuate Tokyo; Fukushima is an A weapon plant


Madeleine McCann:

Playing Doubles: Jayne Jensen, Annie Wiltshire and the Missing Police Statements

Kissinger of the KGB?


Amalfi Coast


Northern France










The dollar value of U.S. private-sector weapons shipments to Mexico in fiscal year 2009 exceeded the value of private arms shipments to two other major conflict regions elsewhere in the world, Iraq and Afghanistan, and even outpaced the value of arms shipped to one of the United States’ staunchest allies, Israel.

The Mexican Drug War Has Become A Hot Market for U.S. Weapons Sales

On 20 April 2011, Laura Carlsen has an article entitled:

Obama's Mexicogate? Common Dreams



There are well known spy services such as the CIA, MI6 and the KGB.

But, there appears to be a super-group that links all of the above and that is more powerful than all of the above.

Or perhaps there are several powerful 'factions' involved.

1. "Twenty-five minutes before the assassination of JFK someone phoned the Cambridge Evening News in the UK warning of 'big news' and suggesting the paper called the US embassy in London.

"When this story emerged it was claimed the phone-call was anonymous.

"However, later that day a CIA officer based in London sent a telegram to their office in Washington claimed 'some similar phone-calls of strangely coincidental nature previous received in this country over past year, particularly in connection with the Dr Ward’s case.'"

( / Page 43 - Lee Harvey Oswald - Report on the Activities of an Imposter who Assassinated President John F. Kennedy by Michael H.B. Eddowes)

Victor Louis (PICTURE CREDIT: P. Pesavento collection)

2. "MI5 files suggest that the man who provided some of the information on the Ward case ... was Victor Louis, who also worked for the Cambridge Evening News."

Prediction of the Assassination of JFK and Dr. Stephen Ward .

3. "An... important Kissinger contact is the mysterious Victor Louis, one of Moscow's most trusted - and most important - KGB agents.

"Kissinger is reported to have met secretly with Louis in the Soviet Embassy in London just after his first trip to Red China.

"Victor Louis is, in reality, Vitaly Yuvgenyevich Lui, who operates under the cover of being the Moscow correspondent for the London Evening News."

Kissinger - The Book by Gary Allen

Henry Kissinger with Fritz Kraemer. In 1944 Kraemer discovered the young Henry Kissinger who joined his division in the US military. Kraemer may or may not have had links to Hitler ASCII text -

4. On August 14, 1975, during a press conference at the Hyatt House in Birmingham, Alabama, Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger was asked by a reporter:

"Mr. Secretary, we received a report that a Colonel General Michael Goleniewski, who was a Polish Army intelligence officer in World War II, had identified a list of KGB and GRU agents and officers who have since been arrested, tried and convicted.

"The General... also identified you, Mr. Kissinger, as having worked for a Soviet intelligence network -- code name ODRA -- headquartered in Germany during World War II, at the same time you were a U.S. Army counter-interrogator and instructor in a military intelligence school. . .

"Is this true? And, if not, how do you explain your name being on General Goleniewski's list?"

Kissinger - The Book by Gary Allen

Harry Alan Towers

5. British born Harry Alan Towers (1920-2009) made movies. (Harry Alan Towers obituary Film The Guardian)

Towers was a friend of Stephen Ward, who provided girls to top people.

Ward introduced Towers to Mariella Novotny.

The FBI accused Towers of transporting Novotny from Britain to New York for the purpose of prostitution.

According to a statement made by Novotny to the FBI, Towers was a Soviet agent whose job was to blackmail top people.

In 1961 Towers jumped bail and returned to Britain. The FBI case against Towers and Novotny was mysteriously dropped.

Back in London, Novotny continued to organise sex parties for top people.

Mariella Novotny

6. The following is taken from: Harry Alan Towers and Mariella Novotny - The Education Forum

Towers was part of an MI5/CIA honeytrap operation.

Towers was rewarded for the help he gave MI5/CIA.

At one time, Towers was programme director for British Forces radio.

According to Anthony Summers, Towers was by 1960 "a prosperous film producer working, out of Hollywood and Toronto".

Towers was a regular visitor to London and at a party held by American millionaire Huntington Hartford he was introduced by Stephen Ward to Mariella Novotny.

In 1961 Novotny told the FBI that: "Towers took me to the Great Northern Hotel... I entertained prostitution dates regularly ...Towers was present when prostitution acts were committed..."

Novotny told the FBI that Towers was a Soviet agent and that the Soviets wanted information in order to blackmail top people.

The people attending Novotny's sex parties in London included British politicians such as John Profumo and Ernest Marples and foreign leaders such as Willy Brandt and Ayub Khan.


In 1963, J. Edgar Hoover produced a memo on the Profumo Scandal:

For information. John Profumo was British Minister of War until his recent resignation following disclosure of his relations with Christine Keeler.

Stephen Ward, London osteopath, has been arrested in London charged with living on the earnings of Keeler and Marilyn Rice-Davies, prostitutes.

Ward's operations reportedly part of a large vice ring involving many people including many prominent people in the U.S. and England including other Ministers of British Cabinet not yet identified.

Other individuals involved include Yevgeny Ivanov, aka Eugene Ivanov, former Soviet Naval Attache, London, who patronised Keeler and who reportedly requested Keeler to obtain information from Profumo;

Thomas J. Corbally, U.S. citizen engaged in business in Britain, who reportedly gave wild parties in his flat;

Michael H. B. Eddowes, British attorney for Keeler, now in the U.S. representing her interests re sale of her story to publications;

Michael Eddowes

Horace Dibben, British citizen, in whose residence sex orgies were held is husband of Maria Novotny;

Maria Novotny is prostitute who operated in NYC, was arrested on March three, one nine six one, and was victim in white slave case involving her procurer, Alan Towers. She fled to England and has participated in orgies at Ward residence. Alan Towers was in NYC for two years prior to his arrest in above white slave case. He jumped bail and is now a bureau fugitive...

Novotny alleges Towers was a Soviet agent and that Soviets wanted information for purposes of compromise of prominent individuals;

Lord Astor of England on whose Cliveden Estate sex orgies reportedly occurred: it was here that Profumo first met Keeler;

Douglas Fairbanks, Jnr, movie actor; Earl Felton, American screen writer; and many others also involved.

This was an MI5/CIA honeytrap operation.

Both Thomas J. Corbally and Earl Felton were both CIA informants.

Towers was clearly rewarded for the help he gave MI5/CIA.

Novotny marries Horace Dibden

7. An article about Towers and Novotny that appeared in Lobster Magazine by Stephen Dorrel in November 1983: (Harry Alan Towers and Mariella Novotny - The Education Forum )

Maria (Mariella) Stella Novotny was born in 1941 in Prague.

Her father was the brother of the pro-Communist President of Czechoslovakia.

She lived in the Royal palace until she was 6 years old.

Maria Novotny's father was in the anti-Communist underground.

Maria escaped from Czechoslovakia, with a family friend, but ended up in a camp for displaced persons in the Soviet sector of Austria.

In 1948 Maria was released, apparently through the efforts of a Mrs Capes, who had known her father when he was studying in England.

Maria was brought to England where she lived as the daughter of Mrs Capes.

She became a teenage model and met Horace Dibden, aged 57, at his Black Sheep Club in Piccadilly. They got married.

Dibden was a friend of both Stephen Ward and Michael Eddowes.

In 1960, at a party given by an American millionaire, Huntingdon Hartford, Maria met Harry Alan Towers, and went to work for his modeling agency.

In New York, Maria found that modelling offers required sleeping with television producers.

Towers arranged a lunch for her with Peter Lawford, the brother-in-law of President John Kennedy.

She was introduced to Kennedy and almost immediately shown into a bedroom where she went to bed with him.

Reportedly, Maria also got to know Robert Kennedy and certain UN officials.

Towers would later be accused of running a vice-ring at the UN building.

8. More pieces of the jigsaw.

Horace Dibben and Mariella Novotny (Mariella Novotny)

Mariella Novotny (aka Stella Capes) was a high-class prostitute 'controlled by Stephen Ward in London'. (Mariella Novotny)

"Mariella was part Jewish, she was actually quiet proud of that and spoke Hebrew." (NightHawk: The Czech Night Hawk)

J F Kennedy reportedly slept with Novotny.

Stephen Ward, an osteopath whose patients included Winston Churchill, Duncan Sandys, Ava Gardner, Mary Martin and Mel Ferrer. His friends included Prince Philip. His MI5 controller was said to be Keith Wagstaffe. After the Cuban Missile Crisis Ward told Christine Keeler that he believed John F. Kennedy would be assassinated. He told her and Eugene Ivanov: "A man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I assure you of that."

Steven Ward reportedly worked for the British security service MI5.

From 1956-65, MI5 was run by Sir Roger Hollis, who was allegedly a Soviet spy.

Soviet intelligence, at that time, shared intelligence with Israel. (aangirfan: ANGLETON AND MOSSAD; USS LIBERTY; PHILBY; KISSINGER)

Reportedly, Hollis and Ward were part of a spy ring with Sir Anthony Blunt.

Willy Brandt and Ayub Khan are reported to have attended Novotny's parties. (Mariella Novotny)

At times Novotny operated in the USA where allegedly she was used by Lyndon Johnson to blackmail J F Kennedy. (Mariella Novotny)

Lyndon Johnson Was First to Align U.S. Policy With Israel's Policies

In 1978 Novotny announced that she had started work on her autobiography which would include details of her work for MI5. (Mariella Novotny)

She claimed that her book would include details of a "plot to discredit Jack Kennedy".

Mariella Novotny was found dead in her bed in February 1983.

According to Stephen Dorrel: "Shortly after her death her house was burgled and all her files and large day-to-day diaries from the early sixties to the seventies were stolen." (Mariella Novotny)

Mandy Rice Davies with the Israeli army. Mandy was one of Ward's girls. She converted to Judaism, married an Israeli businessman, Rafi Shauli, and opened nightclubs and restaurants in Tel Aviv. (Mandy Rice-Davies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Her activities in London and the USA were financed by Peter Rachman (Mandy Rice-Davies), who was allegedly a Mossad spy. (Cached)

The Profumo Affair was the scandal involving Ward's girls and a UK government minister called Jack Profumo.

Mandy Rice-Davies was involved in the 'Profumo Affair' but she escaped prosecution.

Several of the other girls died unexpectedly young over the next few years. (PROFUMO, John - Spy School Bios)

In her autobiography, Mandy (1980) Mandy Rice-Davies described what happened when she arrived at Novotny's party in Bayswater: "The door was opened by Stephen (Ward) - naked except for his socks...

"All the men were naked, the women naked except for wisps of clothing like suspender belts and stockings.

"I recognised our host and hostess, Mariella Novotny and her husband Horace Dibbins, and unfortunately I recognised too a fair number of other faces as belonging to people so famous you could not fail to recognise them: a Harley Street gynaecologist, several politicians, including a Cabinet minister of the day, now dead, who, Stephen told us with great glee, had served dinner of roast peacock wearing nothing but a mask and a bow tie instead of a fig leaf."

Anthony Blunt

According to Anonymous (Scandalous Women: Christine Keeler and the Profumo Affair): "Ronna Ricardo, who I was close to for several years (she was lesbian but liked a cuddle now and again) told me a few things about ritual masonic abuse of children, involving many top people.

"She was involved in supplying young girls to 'the man in the mask' but drew the line at supplying girls under 15-16, he preferred 12 and under. Others found those girls for him.

"She was involved with Ward in trying to get a camera in to take photos of the abuses, but 'the masks' security was too good and the cameras too bulky.

"She knew of one 10 year-old girl who disappeared after being taken to hospital by the police. Just vanished.

"There were rumours of an orphanage in Ireland (Ronna had contacts in the IRA) where men she named for me filmed children being abused by people specially chosen for blackmail - as they were being slowly strangled to death by Anthony Blunt. Snuff-movies."

John Profumo

John Profumo was the UK's Secretary of State for War.

Lord Astor was a man who held sexy parties at Cliveden, his stately home.

Stephen Ward was the osteopath and procurer of girls for top people.

One of Ward's friends was Christine Keeler.

Yevgeny Ivanov was a Russian naval officer and 'spy'.

Christine Keeler met John Profumo at Cliveden in 1961.

Christine had an affair with both Profumo and the Russian spy, Ivanov.

One night, a West Indian called Johnny Edgecombe arrived at Stephen Ward’s house and began shooting at the door.

Eventually, Stephen Ward was arrested and he then died in mysterious circumstances.

Chief Inspector Samuel Herbert, who investigated Stephen Ward, died of a heart attack on 16th April 1966 at the age of 48.

In his will he left only £300.

However, after his death his bank account was discovered to contain £30,000.

According to Philip Knightley: "By coincidence, in the tape recordings which Christine Keeler made with her manager, Robin Drury, Keeler says that John Lewis, Ward's bitter enemy, had offered her £30,000 for information leading to Ward's conviction and the bringing down of the Conservative Government."

Reportedly, Dr Stephen Ward had an MI5 controller, Keith Wagstaffe.

Reportedly, Sir Colin Coote, Editor of the Daily Telegraph and a former officer in MI6, was responsible for introducing Ward to Ivanov 'at the behest of his old service', (PROFUMO, John - Spy School Bios.)

Reportedly, J. Edgar Hoover was aware that 'the Ward circle included many extremely well known Americans and girls such as Suzy Chang and Mariella Novotny who had been bedded by President John F. Kennedy.'

Harold Wilson

Who gained from the Profumo Affair?

Harold Wilson became UK Prime Minister.

Anatoli Golitsin, a spy who defected from the KGB, claimed that Hugh Gaitskell was murdered in 1963 so that Harold Wilson, a 'KGB agent', could become leader of the Labour Party.

Was Wilson working for Russia or Israel?

Harold Wilson was President of the Board of Trade from 1947-51. The few people who could get permission from the Board of Trade to import heavily rationed raw materials or finished goods were in a good position to become vastly rich. Among the lucky few who got licenses were Montague Meyer, Joe Kagan and Rudy Sternberg. Kagan and Sternberg later became peers. Meyer gave Wilson a consultancy which took him on frequent trips to Moscow and Eastern Europe.

After the 'mysterious' death of Hugh Gaitskell, Wilson became Labour leader and eventually Prime Minister. Harold Wilson's 'private office' was funded in secret by a wealthy group which included Lord Goodman, Sir Samuel Fisher, and Rudy Sternberg.

In the 1970's, Private Eye began to receive information of a possible link between Wilson and the Israeli secret service and the KGB. In connection with alleged plots, the names of various people were handed to Private Eye.

Labour MP Ian Mikardo had at one time partnered Leslie Paisner in a business that traded with East Germany. Mikardo's pair in the House of Commons was Barnaby Drayson who worked for Rudy Sternberg, as did Wilfred Owen MP who had resigned after being revealed as a spy for Czechoslovakia. Montague Meyer, it turned out, was the man who had bought up much of the timber felled in Tanganyika during Labour's ill-fated groundnut scheme.

Then there was Labour MP Edward Short 'who had been in the habit of receiving bundles of banknotes from T Dan Smith', the city boss of Newcastle and one time partner of Eric Levine.

Kagan was a frequent visitor to Downing Street. He was also on friendly terms with the station chief of the Russian KGB. After being questioneded by the police about tax and currency offences he eventually 'fled' to Israel, where perhaps his real allegiance lay.

Sir Rudy Sternberg was also under investigation by the security services.

What may have stopped Private Eye from finally getting at the truth was the intervention of the Jewish businessman James Goldsmith, a friend of PM Wilson's personal secretary, Marcia Williams. Marcia was also a friend of Kagan. Private Eye had mistakenly claimed that Goldsmith had been present at a lunch given by John Aspinall, on the day after the disappearance of Lord Lucan. Goldsmith began criminal libel proceedings against Private Eye.

Patrick Marnham, in his brilliant book "Trail of Havoc: In the Steps of Lord Lucan", writes that Goldsmith was "effectively silencing the only newspaper which migh t have made headway with the ....allegations."

Goldsmith later became a lord. Sir Joseph Kagan was later imprisoned.

But the possible links between Labour and Israel's secret service may not have ended with Wilson. Private Eye began to take an interest in Robert Maxwell, the chief fund raiser for Labour. Maxwell received a peerage, mysteriously disappeared, and 'his body' was buried with great honour in Israel. It was assumed by many that he was a top Israeli spy.

And what of Tony Blair. Private Eye has pointed out that Blair's chief fund raiser is Lord Levy, a man with strong links to Israel. Blair's chief foreign policy adviser was Sir David Manning........

Anthony Blunt

According to T. Stokes (Illuminati News: The Mystery of Super Spy - Sir Anthony Blunt):

"Blunt and F. B. I Chief J. Edgar Hoover both subscribed to the theory that the Jewish underground, the 'Sanyanim', supported Russia through World War two.

"Blunts colleague and fellow traitor Kim Philby actually married Litzi Friedman, a Jewish underground runner for Soviet Intelligence..."

While undergoing a cataract operation, Blunt "blurted out to the surgeon accusations about the comedy actor Charlie Chaplin being blackmailed into being a top A.I.P (agent in place) for the Jewish underground, under threat of exposure about his tastes in underage girls, his recruitment by Lord Victor Rothschild, of his own involvement with both the Russians, and of Blunt being 'turned on sexually' by the shiny boots, and fur busbies that Guardsmen wore...

"Blunt would insist that the mysterious death in 1941 of the king’s brother, the Duke of Kent, was a murder on Churchill’s orders, as he was trying to make peace. Blunt was unusually angry over this murder.

"It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers."

Christeen Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies

In Israel, female spies are called "Swallows" and males who are trained to compromise women or other men are called "Ravens." (

Do the security services run brothels?

Reportedly, in the 1950s and 1960s, MI5 ran a brothel in Church Street in Kensington for the use of visiting dignitaries, diplomats and intelligence officers.Young female or male company could also be supplied directly to a VIP's hotel bedroom... (PROFUMO, John - Spy School Bios)

Clay Shaw

In Toronto, Michael Eddowes "knocked on the door of an apartment owned by one of Clay Shaw's boyfriends: it was opened by a fellow named Robin Drury. Drury, a homosexual, had been the 'agent'of Christine Keeler during the time of the British sex scandal known as the Profumo Affair." Clay Shaw's name had been linked to the Kennedy assassination. (

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The Thai King

In Bangkok and in Pattaya in Thailand, 'Al Qaeda' operatives often meet with their CIA and MI6 'liaisons'.

(Reported CIA and MI6 links to al Qaeda.)

Bangkok was the site of one of the CIA’s secret rendition prisons.

For many tourists, Thailand means prostitution.

The "Mai Travel" hotel in Pattaya, in Thailand, accommodates almost exclusively Israeli sex tourists.

(What do Israeli sex tourists in Thailand really think? - Haaretz ... )


But, the CIA seems to have turned against the 'establishment' in Thailand, partly because the Thai government is seen as being too friendly with China, and not sufficiently 'globalist'.

The globalists are backing Thailand's "red" color revolutions and its leader Thaksin Shinawatra.

A13 draws our attention to the news on 25 April 2011 that: Thai border clashes are sparking coup fears

Thailand has been involved in border clashes with Cambodia.

At the same time there are rumours of a military coup in Thailand.

Thailand is expected to hold elections in July 2011.

The military appear to be keen to prevent a victory by Thaksin and his 'reds'.


In February 2011, 10 people died in clashes between Thailand and Cambodia, near the 11th-century Hindu temple of Preah Vihear.

At least 11 people have been killed in the latest (April 2011) fighting 150km west of Preah Vihear at the site of two temples claimed by both Thailand and cambodia.

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has backed the Thai army in 'defending Thai territory.'

Thailand's yellow shirts, the pro-government People's Alliance of Democracy have denounced Cambodia.

Thailand's red-shirt leaders, the rebel United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship, have accused the military of meddling in politics.


In 2010, the Thai security forces dispersed thousands of red-shirt protesters, who were holding weeks-long protests in Bangkok.

As many as 91 people were killed in the clashes.

Some suspect 'mysterious forces' of being behind the killings.

Thaksin, in exile, has recently used a video link to address thousands of members of his Puea Thai party.


Are the folks at the CIA (the Globalists) planning to topple the government in Thailand and put Mr Thaksin back into power?

From landestroyer.blogspot (Warning Signs Over Old Siam):

"Thaksin ... after a promising first term in office, began criminally consolidating power and wealth...

"Throughout the red shirts' publications ... themes include insinuated threats aimed at the monarchy and more recently, calls to emulate uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and perhaps most alarmingly, comparisons made between ousting Qaddafi in Libya and Thailand's current prime minster.

"Considering that each one of these nations amongst the 'Arab Spring' are textbook examples of foreign funded subversion, it is telling and troubling indeed that Thailand's red shirts are standing in open solidarity with them.

"Red shirt propaganda can be found online as well, including on the National Endowment for Democracy funded Prachatai website...

"Regarding Thailand's strategic importance to China, it possesses the narrow Kra Isthmus that China would like to develop into a Suez/Panama Canal-like project to shorten trips for its oil laden, China-bound tankers.

"Thailand also serves as an overland conduit, running north and south with a developed rail system connecting Singapore's shipping yards to Laos' capital of Vientiane.

"China has begun the development of a rail system through Laos and the joint upgrading of Thailand's rail system.

"Thailand also is one of the world's largest rice exporters, which makes the nation vital to China's future growth and food security."

Warning Signs Over Old Siam




THAILAND - soldiers open fire.

Thailand, CIA, Anupong, Sirikit, Crime

Thai monarchy, child prostitution, drugs mafias.

Thailand, the military and the CIA

THAILAND: Samak, Anupong, the CIA


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