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Joey Dee of Young Talent Time.

Our post entitled "TONY CURTIS, DAVID CASSIDY, TED HAGGARD...", which has recently had 27,273 pageviews, mentioned a lot of Americans.

So here is something for Australians.

Young Talent Time was an Australian TV program which ran from 1971 until 1988.

It brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people.

The program was the creation of host Johnny Young (John Benjamin de Jong, from Holland)

In 1993 Terry Higgins, who was both a friend of Johnny Young and a director of Young Talent Time, was diagnosed as being HIV positive. (Young Talent Time - Wikipedia)

Jamie Redfern and Johnny Young

Singer Jamie Redfern, from Young Talent Time, toured the USA with gay singer Liberace.

Dannii Minogue, from Young Talent Time, was asked by Mardi Gras records to launch "the first ever gay and lesbian record label". (Dannii Minogue - Young Talent Time)

Debra Byrne was a child star on Young Talent Time.

Allegedly, Johnny Young allowed Byrne, then 12, to have sex with a 24-year-old studio crew member and to drink alcohol and take drugs. (John's Young Talent trauma Herald Sun)

One of the stars of Young Talent Time was Joey Dee.

Same sex marriage down under?

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A13 said...

Hi Aangirfan,
I remember this show as i was growing up and i did not like it at all, i used to "fight" with my sister when it came on tv as she did like it and i thought it was crap..
i guess i was more rock'n'roll than pop....
Cheers A13

A13 said...

Hi Again Aangirfan,
BTW, there does seem to be a huge push from the media here, to normalise,and sexualise our young people(kids)and even promote homosexuality as absoutley normal and even prefered..there are examples of this every day.
just one example this morning is this

Please be aware i'm not anti-gay, but i value family and monogamy in the "old" fashioned way..
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Family and monogamy are relative notions. The human being is not made for monogamy and its been showing for centuries. The more ppl refuse to understand and deny their true nature,t he worse for them...


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