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Gaddafi bodyguards.

When the CIA puts a new government into power, they often give the new government a list of people who are to be got rid of.

Mubarak was toppled by the CIA on 11 February 2011.

On 18 February, the New York Times reported that the Egyptian military is "disappearing" and torturing people (New York Times.)

"Hundreds of unidentified bodies have shown up at hospitals around the country, says the Front for the Defense of Egyptian Protesters..."

Libyans by anthonyasael

Egypt is not peaceful.

On 5 March 2011, two men were killed during clashes in Egypt between Muslims and Christians.

And, Muslims set fire to a church in the village of Sol, south of Cairo.

On 5 March 2011, we read that a State security building has been torched in Cairo (according to sources)

"A state security building on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital was set alight on Saturday ... one day after some 200 protesters stormed state security headquarters in the coastal city of Alexandria."

Gulf Times (Libya exodus blow to Egyptian economy) reports that:

"Egypt’s economy - already beset by strikes, slumping tourism and political uncertainty - is being dealt another body blow as turmoil in Libya has sparked a mass exodus of Egyptian guest workers back home....

"Mass protests have knocked a huge dent in the Egyptian economy, frightening away tourists and causing factories and offices to close..."

The following comes from : Canadian Spectator /

"Why should folks in Libya or anywhere else emulate us?

"Under Gadhafi, the standard of living has risen much faster than in the Western nations....

"And who has done the most for their people?

"Over thirty years under the dictator Murbarak the Egyptian population has doubled,

industry has not been globalized,

the culture has not been fragmented,

Egyptians boys have not been fighting wars for empire,

the income of the poorest 20 percent of the population has risen to 9% of national income versus 3.5% in the US,

and until the 'revolution,' Egypt's economy was set to grow 6% this year as Britain's contracts.

"In Britain, during the same thirty years, under 'democratic' governments the fertility rate has plunged below the replacement rate; the culture has been fractured by a treasonous conspiracy to use mass immigration to break unions, to drive down wages, drive up property developers' profits and to gain a large immigrant vote for NuLabor, income inequality has massively widened, and 20% of the workforce is now partly or fully unemployed.

"So please remind us, what exactly is the course that western liberals are urging Arabs to follow?"

Chasing the ball
Libyans by Samer M

Who are the forces opposed to Gaddafi?

They are the same sort of al Qaeda forces that the CIA and NATO have used in Afghanistan and former-Yugoslavia. an excellent report on how the World cheers as the CIA plunges Libya into chaos.

"Al Qaeda grew out of the Afghan Arabs in Afghanistan that the CIA trained at Camp Peary.

"Amongst these men were many Libyans.

"These Libyans who had fought in Afghanistan eventually created the Libyan Islamic Fighting group.

"As explained on Wikipedia and in my earlier report on Libya, they were funded by MI6 to assassinate Gadaffi in 1996.

"Unlike the US that keeps you in prison forever without even receiving a trial, the Libyan government made the mistake of showing mercy.

"They released 90 members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting group in 2008.

"It gets weirder. On the day of the "Day of Rage", Libya had released 110 rehabilitated members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting group.

"These were men, part of an organization linked to Al Qaeda who plotted to overthrow the Libyan government.

"As I explained earlier, the "Day of Rage" was called for by an organization that is funded by the CIA.

"Seems like a bit of incredible coincidence that the day of rage was planned to be on the same day that violent nutcases would be released who wanted to turn Libya into a second Afghanistan.

"So, Gadaffi gives a speech and says that Al Qaeda is behind the uprising in his country.

"And we consider him to be a schizophrenic autistic nutcase of course. He says that he will fight until the end, and we consider him the next Hitler.

"He gives a speech to a massive group of people clothed in green, and we tell ourselves they were simply being bribed.

"Make no mistake, the United States are using Al Qaeda to overthrow governments, yet again.

Libyan by marta mach

"As reported by CNN:

Al Qaeda's North African wing has said 'it will do whatever we can to help' the uprising in Libya, according to a statement the militant group posted on jihadist websites...

"We saw the same thing in Kosovo, where Al Qaeda was being used to terrorize the Serbs.

"As reported by the National Post:

"Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist network has been active in the Balkans for years, most recently helping Kosovo rebels battle for independence from Serbia with the financial and military backing of the United States and NATO.

The claim that al-Qaeda played a role in the Balkan wars of the 1990s came from an alleged FBI document former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic presented in his defence before the Hague tribunal last week...

Libyan girl portrait
Libyan by Samer M

Balkan experts say the presence of al-Qaeda militants in Kosovo and Bosnia is well documented...

"The parallels are striking to what is happening in Libya, with veterans of the Afghan war against the Soviet Union popping up again, this time leading the charge against Gadaffi:

"Many members of the Kosovo Liberation Army were sent for training in terrorist camps in Afghanistan," said James Bissett, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia and an expert on the Balkans. "Milosevic is right. There is no question of their participation in conflicts in the Balkans. It is very well documented."

The arrival in the Balkans of the so-called Afghan Arabs, who are from various Middle Eastern states and linked to al-Qaeda, began in 1992 soon after the war in Bosnia.

According to Lenard Cohen, professor of political science at Simon Fraser University, mujahedeen fighters who travelled to Afghanistan to resist the Soviet occupation in the 1980s later "migrated to Bosnia hoping to assist their Islamic brethren in a struggle against Serbian [and for a time] Croatian forces."

"Whatever way you want to put it, Libya is a thorn in the eye of our globalist elite..."



aferrismoon said...

It does seem that the main thrust of 'democratization' and 'modernity' is to destroy the general populace's social cohesion - i.e. walking past a family in the street and saying hello rather than robbing them.

While it's not all of, for example, the UK, there are in most towns 'gang pockets', which , like puddles , you don't want to step in.

Crimes in UK include stealing and killing from the old, and abuse of the very young. Being pissed off is now a cultural phenomenon.

The women want to popstars, the boys footie players - the effects of the 'beautiful game' - psyop extraordinaire.

A BBC story informed me that the EDL and the AFU [ AntiFascistUnion] were marching somewhere a couple of days ago.

It occured to me that their initials made the word FEUDAL.

Long live Football-based democracies.

The takeover of clubs by the super-rich and their consequent coffer-emptying.

Transfer fees that would save economies, provide health services...

Hard core gangs colluding with others to create tribal, violent and thus 'ordered' societies. Often fans come from housing estates.
Gangs mean colours, livery, wearing the badge of the Feudal lord of Chelse, ManU etc etc

FIFA and their building contracts. Sporting events 3 .v. 0 Local Population.

All ushered in beneath the 'beautiful game' banner.

Anyhow apologies for length


Anonymous said...

Uk sas team captured by rebels. Explain that one? Sometimes it seems sites like these are contributing to the contra work of the services than the services themselves. Funny that. Does mr Everett have any thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting how such "news" are synchronized to appear according to the current events. Why they didnt "expose" them earlier, when there wasnt such a turmoil in North Africa/Middle East? Truth? Lies? U decide... I for one believe its lies...

And more on this:


Anonymous said...

Aang - you are my first point of call every morning, and often the last one at night too!

Thank you for what you do... Hey! - you can even punctuate properly, that's a rare thing these days...


J xx

P2P said...

Anon said...

All your comments are MUCH appreciated. Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Aferrismoon, The UK is already looking like Brazil. Soccer, samba, carnaval and Mossad. The Jews feed the slums with drugs and weapons. Then they train the local police to fight the Africans in the slums.

Anonymous said...

The one female body guard does resemble Monica Lewinski a tad?

The prescription for democracy these days does seem to be a call to allow the London bankers to take over your books and provide you with falling birth rates, more crime and chaos, falling GNP and better security procedure.

Anonymous said...

From boy band to deep shit... Interesting...


richard said...

thank you p2p for your youtube reference, ray mcgovern is extremely credible and professional. i wish i had come across him before.

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