Friday, March 18, 2011


So, Libya is to be bombed by the USA and NATO and probably invaded.

(US, allies set for quick military action in Libya)


Libya is to become another Iraq.

David Cameron.

Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron-Clegg are to be like Bush and Blair.

UK Deputy Prime Monster Clegg.

China, Russia, Brazil, India and Germany abstained in the UN vote.

Their leaders can thus be seen as quislings within the American 4th reich.

Update: Libya declares ceasefire s

"Libya declared an immediate cease-fire and promised to stop military operations Friday (18 March 2011) in a bid to fend off international military intervention after the U.N. authorized a no-fly zone and 'all necessary measures' to prevent the regime from striking its own people."

"Welcome back, sir," General Petraeus said to Robert Gates as the latter arrived in Afghanistan.

They were apparently unaware of an open microphone.

"You gonna launch some attacks on Libya or something?"

Gates replied: "Yeah, exactly".

Libya: General Petraeus jokes about bombing Libya

Bombed by the Anglo-Americans (Website for this image)

Less than 12 years ago, NATO bombed Yugoslavia.

Kosovo was taken from Serbia.

NATO backed Hashim Thaci and his 'Kosovo Liberation Army'.

Thaci's lot are linked to the trade in heroin and body parts, and to al Qaeda.

There are signs that NATO "is gearing up for another victorious little 'humanitarian war', this time against Libya."

Libya: Is This Kosovo All Over Gain?

Remember the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia?

"According to Human Rights Watch, at least 500 civilians were killed by NATO bombing; the Yugoslavian government claimed that 2,000 civilians were killed.

"NATO repeatedly dropped cluster bombs into marketplaces, hospitals, and other civilian areas." (Cached)

Belgian UN troops admit to roasting a Somali boy

The CIA's coup in Libya is all about stealing oil.

And helping the arms trade and Wall Street.

And removing Chinese influence.

And giving the USA control of North Africa.

On 9 March 2011,at Global Research, Professor Michel Chossudovsky has an article entitled "Operation Libya" and the Battle for Oil: Redrawing the Map of Africa

Among the points made:

1. Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa.

The idea behind the US-NATO coup is to control that oil.

And take over Libya's National Oil Corporation.

2. And help the weapons producers.

3. And remove Chinese influence.

China plays a central role in the Libyan oil industry.

The UK's Clegg and Cameron seem to support the CIA coups.

4. And help Wall Street.

Billions of dollars of Libyan financial assets, deposited in Western banks, are to be conficated.

5. And give the USA control of North Africa.

This means weakening French links to Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria; and other parts of Africa such as Niger and Chad.

And weakening Italian links to Libya.

Victims of the Belgians

How do Europeans behave in Africa?

A Belgian officer described a raid to punish a Congolese village that had protested against Belgian actions.

The white officer in command: "ordered us to cut off the heads of the men and hang them on the village palisades, also their sexual members, and to hang the women and the children on the palisade in the form of a cross." (Mass crimes against humanity in the Congo Free State)

It's not Libya that has murdered up to two million Iraqis.

Gaddafi wants an international fact-finding team to visit Libya to investigate alleged atrocities committed during the present troubles. (Tripoli calls for atrocities inquiry)


Swedish Government: Radiation To Cover Entire Northern Hemisphere



A13 said...

Hi Aangifan.
4 words.
Utter Evil Bastards.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what if...


aferrismoon said...

The MSM complicit in getting USUKISRAEL into Iraq, and then bleatingly admitting they didn't really do their job well enough, better luck next time, are obviously doing their dirty, dirty work.

A total lack of any balance - amazing but I guess expected.

That nuclear cloud in the previous post is nothing compared with the fall-out from their 'radiation', which unlike the nuke stuff invades the mind.

Their glib pronouncements and faux-expertise are often death penalties for 1000s, but they just go 'Who? Me?'

The nuclear industry - how about the fossil fuels industry ramping up the speculation on the plants in Japan to cover their tracks.

Coal miner deaths , oil spills and environmental fallout , oh and WAR.

If everyone had safe nuclear energy [ certainly not an aspiration but a reality of our present tech.] then we wouldn't go to war for oil. No war for oil means a giant reduction of money spent on war.


Anonymous said...

Libya, the new Iraq or Afganisthan?


Anonymous said...


Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments and links.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

So, if there is a demonstration /uprising in China (non democracy) we back the rebels (and it would certainly be put down with violence), try to make contact, then if the uprising fails (wrong result), we bomb and invade... Or?
Remember Grenada.
Great posts, Aan.

Anonymous said...

The Aang of Beck. New blog?

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, not only does Libya have some 2-3% of the worlds highest quality oil but unlike the other arab league dictators Gaddafi has refused to become involved in the corrupt petro dollar scam and has stacked by some accounts a few percent of the entire world gold supply, physical gold. Given the central banks in so many nations have debased currency real gold much like the black variety is a major incentive for invasion.

Anonymous said...

Hashim Thaci is not what you write about him..and Kosovo people are VERY thankfull for what Nato did..Serbian army was slaughterin us, even worst than that picture of that boy..stop writing crab!!!

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