Thursday, March 17, 2011


Nuclear stuff is dangerous. (URANIUM IN THE UK, USA AND ELSEWHERE )

A graphic showing the path of the Japanese nuclear plume ...

Contamination with nuclear material has been going on for years - URANIUM IN THE UK, USA AND ELSEWHERE


Some people think Chernobyl was the result of Sabotage

"Articles about the possibility that Chernobyl 'accident' was staged by foreign secret service agencies started to emerge in the Russian press (Sovietskaya Rossiya, June 16, 1992, April 25, 1996, Za Ruskoe Delo 6, 38, 1996, Trud, April 26, 1995) and elsewhere, recently reappearing on (February, 2004) .

"These allegations were based on observations that, under scrutiny:

"It is unlikely that the sequence of events that led to the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor could have been accidental"

"Technicians who disconnected the safety mechanisms of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant,Alexandrov, Feinberg, Sagdeev, Zaslavsky,are now living in comfort abroad."

Iran says its nuclear programme was hit by sabotage

"Conspiracy theory: ... set off a global disaster that will upset/reset the world economy.

"Since the economy is essentially one big Ponzi scheme, blaming the scheme's collapse on a 'causeless' catastrophic event like this poses the only way to preempt the real reason: because we've run out of money to prop up the pyramid.

"The execution of such a disaster is highly feasible: setting off an explosion in a building is beyond simple. As for the earthquake, they could have waited for it, or used HAARP..." (DAE think that Japan's nuclear plants were blown up on purpose to ... )



arthur zbygniew said...

latest post
alert: tokyo withholds key radioactivity data

Key infos and links large overview
of radioactivity dose definition...

You do a fantastic job Thanks

A13 said...

Hi Aangirfan, I also think that it was an act of sabbotage..stuxnet style.
please see my post

and winter patriot blog

Thanks for all your excellent work.
Regards and Cheers to you.

nobody said...

Honestly Aang,

That's just fucking nuts.

But then again! We're ruled by a death cult who'd happily do it if they could. Me, I'm putting this down as being 'as likely as any other explanation'.

Anonymous said...

google for 'joe vialls tsunami', some links are not yet hacked. He claims the tsunami 2004 was created by an underwater atomic explosion.

The Realist Report said...

Dmitri Khalezov, who claims the WTC was demolished (primarily) by nuclear devices on 9/11, alleges that the Chernobyl disaster was the result of the detonation of a nuclear device below one of the nuclear reactors at Chernobyl in an act of sabotage.

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