Monday, March 21, 2011


Address by Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of the Reich, before the Reichstag.

Mr Speaker, some weeks ago the people of the Sudetenland took to the streets in protest.

President Edvard BeneŇ° has resisted the wish of the people to take their destiny into their own hands.

Mr Speaker, intervening in another country's affairs should not be undertaken save in quite exceptional circumstances.

That is why we've always been clear that the use of force would require three tests to be met.

First, demonstrable need.

The Benes regime has ignored the demand that it stop discriminating against the people of the Sudetenland.

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Second, regional support.

In recent days I have spoken with leaders from Italy and Spain who support our demands.

Mr Speaker, the third and essential condition was that there should be a clear legal base.

France and the United Kingdom have agreed to the Munich Agreement.

We have no further territorial demands.

There will be no occupation force of any form, on any part of Libyan territory.


A13 said...

Hi Aangirfan,
I love your use of the nazi pictures here, it is very apt.
So similar.

su said...

Similar but only one is looking directly into the lens.

Anonymous said...

My apology -- this should have been posted under this story:


This KikeJew and Jewthinker operation is more like the Third
Reich's attack on Poland than its Sudetenland occupation (a region
populated by mostly Germans).

The Blitzkrieg upon Poland was against a different ethnicity and
for similar reasons -- it is a better example of Third Reich
activity for your hypothesis. It is also better because it shows
that, while Germany invaded half of Poland, the Russian communists
took the other half. Then Britain and France declared war on
Germany, but not Soviet Russia! Hitler was drawn into Barbarrosa,
Britain and France allied with Russia, and America finished it off.

Russia was dominated by KikeJews and Jewthinkers, as are Britain,
France and America. Their plan was to divide Europe between the two
camps -- Capitalists in the West and Communists in the East -- all
coordinated by KikeJew Central ... the Banksters. Please get off
this NAZI-NAZI-NAZI kick. It flaws your otherwise very useful


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