Friday, April 01, 2011


Egyptian president Sadat was allegedly murdered by Islamists linked to the CIA.

(Bin Laden Deputy Ayman Zawahiri, the CIA & the Murder of Anwar Sadat)

Now the CIA-generals would appear to be in charge in Egypt. And the CIA generals would appear to be on the side of the Islamists.

On 29 March 2011, in The Guardian, we read of the release from prison in Egypt of Aboud al-Zomor who was implicated in the murder of Sadat. (Egypt is stan)

He has been given a hero's welcome on TV and in the newspapers.

"Every time I changed the TV channel, he was there spewing out some criminal nonsense, such as the legitimacy of murdering people if religious scholars permitted it."

On 29 March 2011, we read of Ultraconservative Muslim sect clashes with villagers in Egypt.

Members of the fundamentalist SALAFI movement have clashed with villagers south of Cairo over demands that an alcohol store and coffee shops be closed.

One villager was killed in the armed clashes.

The powerful Salafists want to ban alcohol and want shariah law.

In Egypt there are rumours that the Salafi movement plans a massive rally aimed at forcing all Egyptian women to wear a veil and punishing those who don't adhere by burning their faces with acid.

Salafi doctrine "is only a few shades away from that of groups such as al-Qaeda."

"The growth of Salafism is visible in dress.

"In many parts of Cairo women wear the niqab, a veil which shows at most the eyes.

"The men grow their beards long..."



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Alex Constantine. For more about him, this background briefing is a must-read:

My question, though, is this: If Mubarak was CIA and the CIA was behind the attack on Sadat, then why was Mubarak in the reviewing stand with Sadat? They say he was injured although I don't know how badly.

Anon said...

I suspect that Mubarak and Sadat, like so many leaders worldwide, were CIA assets. When CIA assets become too independent minded they get toppled. From the beginning, Mubarak was a bit 'too independent minded'.

Anon said...

I've had another look at ''. It is certainly worth reading.

- Aangirfan

norse said...

Good article.

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