Sunday, March 20, 2011


U.S. airstrike on the village of Khanaqa. 200 killed. (Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan)

In Libya, western planes have bombed Beir al-Osta Milad hospital in Tripoli. (Civilian casualties in Western strikes on Libya - state media)

Thousands of Libyans have crowded into Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli, to form a human shield against possible air strikes by the allied forces. The crowd includes many women. (Libyans form human chain against airstrikes by allied forces at Gaddafi's compound )

Early on 20 March 2011 it was reported that 48 people had so far been killed by the allies. (Libya pounded: many dead‎)

UK Prime Monster David Cameron said "British forces are in action ... to protect (kill) the Libyan people." (Libya pounded: claims of dead

On 14 March, two boys, aged 10 and 15, were watering their fields.

They were killed in an air strike by NATO-led forces. (Website)

After a fishing trip, a Marine and his young friend on crutches return to Hoa Hiep, Vietnam, by Co Rentmeester 1967

Belgian Defence Minister Pieter De Crem told Belgian radio it would be necessary to maintain a military presence in Libya even after Gaddafi's exit.

He said that 'The goal is the departure of the Gaddafi regime ... This requires a Western presence even after the military strikes end' (Belgium expects lengthy deployment, many casualties in Libya )

aangirfan: Dr D. Ewen Cameron


aangirfan: David Cameron - rich and well connected


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Anonymous said...

These people are NOT "NAZIs" (National Socialists) -- they are KikeJew neocons and their Jewthinker lap dogs ... The 'NAZI' idiom is used by KikeJew disinfo operatives to cloud the issue. -- 4thPos

aferrismoon said...

Nice base from where to put pressure on Algeria, which will be the largest country in Africa on July 9 2011 when Sudan gets divided.

Perhaps they'll try to provoke Algeria.

The appearence of the French in Libya reasserting their 'imp-erial' status.

France has a large Algerian population.

An attack on Algeria might spark civil unrest in French cities thus enabling a crackdown on Islam in Europe [ remember multiculturism has failed]

Morocco was the 1st country to recognise the USA in 1777, so a possible reason why it remains 'peaceful'.

All hypothetical of course


A13 said...

Hi Aangifan..
they might as well be nazis as anything else , cause really anything goes at the moment doesn't it?
they are all the same..
working for the same agenda,
from the same payroll,
for the same "people"
for the same outcome..
Nazis...just same same.
different day, different War
great post.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Hate-filled, venomous, indignant Anonymous,

Are you defending Nazis?

These people *are* Nazis.

The Zionists are the people who irradiated a large number of Sephardic children in Israel in the 50s, precisely because they considered them Untermenschen, and because American Nazis paid for these gruesome, *Nazi* eugenics "experiments".

The neocon Zionists are the same people who have carried out large scale false flag operations, in the manner of the Nazis of both the American and German varieties.

The same Zionists who had exactly the same racist, Volkish ideologies as the Nazis and used this as a basis for founding their state. The same Zionists who expressed hatred and contempt for Europe's religious Jews and even now only tolerate them, even then only the vitriolic, bigoted types who are useful to them, not the genuinely decent types.

The Nazis and the neocon Zionist billionaires have crazed, lunatic delusions of ruling the world.

They're so similar you have to wonder if they even have the same source; something nameless and far more sinister.

Maybe you need to review what the National Socialists did to bring utter destruction to both Germans and non-Germans alike.

Maybe you need to distinguish between Jews and neocon Zionists.

Maybe there's no point reasoning with you. You probably hate people because of the colour of their skin too. Am I right?

Or maybe you're just yet another Zionist slave doing some cognitive infiltration and discrediting. I hope the IDF at least pays you overtime for this.

Anonymous said...

"We had to destroy the village to save it."

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 1:23.
There is nothing nationalist or socialist about another war. This new war is for the globalist cabal who got spooked by national socialist Germany when the NSDAP was showing the world that a nations economy can be good without the central banking cartel. Looks like Libya doesn't have a London based Khazar run central bank. Time for the international jew to establish one and maintain control of the oil.

Anonymous said...

Someone left a link at Kenny's Sideshow of Farrakhan speaking to Obama on Libya in a radio interview. I have the feeling that if the whole of our black population would take this man seriously, the issue would be impossible to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Jews at work as usual. Jews don't consider Arabs as human. They treat them worse than animals. When the JewUSA needs to show some strenght, it always pick on the Arabs. It seems like the Arabs are their punch bags. They fill Europe with these people just to create conflicts and let the European Christians do the dirty work for them.

Anonymous said...

Didn' the Nazis regime blame the Jews for everything? All of history's ills?

Interesting moral highground you take here given your almost daily preoccupation with Jewish groups.

Isn't this what pyschologists call projective identification? Or is it tranference?

I think you feel secretly seduced by the the Nazi regime, but you are also aware that the phrase is more successful as a perjorative term. Hence your use of it.

I hear Fuhrer Beck may be starting his own 'views' channel. That should be fun.

Here endeth the lesson.


Anon said...

Blackwatch should read:

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