Monday, March 28, 2011


NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen
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On 28 March 2011, Brian alerted us to the Letter From Russian Doctors In Libya To The President Of Russia.


Today, 24 March 2011, ... the target of bombing is a barracks of the Libyan army, around which are densely populated residential areas, and next to it – the largest of Libya’s Heart Centers.

Bombs and rockets struck residential houses....

In the maternity ward ... a wall collapsed and part of the roof.

This resulted in ten miscarriages whereby babies died; the women are in intensive care; doctors are fighting for the women's lives...

We and our colleagues are working seven days a week, to save people.

This is a direct consequence of bombs and missiles falling in residential buildings resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries...

The large number of wounded and killed, as happened today, is very much greater than anything that happened during the riots in Libya...

The United States and its allies are thus carrying out genocide against the Libyan people – as was the case in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

After an abortive coup attempt in late February, the situation calmed down in Libya and the government had successfully restored order.

To everyone in Libya, it was clear that without American intervention the country would soon return to normal life.

Libyans ... are entitled to free treatment, and their hospitals provide the best medical equipment in the world.

Education in Libya is free...

When marrying, young couples receive about 50,000 U.S. dollars...

Cars ... are affordable for every family. ...

In February, the peaceful life of the people was violated by gangs of criminals and insane drugged youth – whom the Western media for some reason called “peaceful demonstrators”...

We understand that when all the foreigners leave and no one will tell the truth (the small staff of diplomatic missions have long been silenced), the Americans will arrange here a bloodbath.



aferrismoon said...

"Dontcha know
We are crossing borders
The new world order is here
Make a great big smile
Ev'ryone sieg heil to me
Wonderful me!
And now it's...
Springtime for Cameron and Sarkozy
Goose-step's the new step today"

Apologies to 'Springtime for Hitler'.

Well, it is Spring :)


su said...

forget about instant karma - where is karma. where is the consequence.
this makes the appeasement policies pre ww2 look like nothing.

kenny said...

From Cynthia McKinney: On President Obama and Libya; Japan and 9/11 Truth

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the great comments.

I would have voted for Cynthia McKinney.

- Aangirfan

Ian Leslie said...

"Do not the Ancient's say...that without traitors, the loyal do not stand out."

brian said...

FYI the russian doctors open letter tells us the MSM and coalition of the killing are lying when they say their bombs arent causing civilian casualties.
Spread it far and wide


veritas6464 said...

Hey Aan,...It's just a matter of time mate, "Then they came for the Bloggers..."


brian said...

from willyloman on the perfidious left and their support for the east libyans :

'UPDATE: In order to fabricate a “world consensus” on the removal of Gadhafi, the elites have contracted the assistance of a globalist prosecutor at the ICC, a man linked to the World Bank, to step up and “investigate” Gadhafi’s alleged crimes against humanity. In typical show trial fashion, Moreno Ocampo has already declared, prior to ANY investigation, that he is “100% sure” Gadhafi is guilty. The fake liberal site, Huffington Post, is running with the story just as fast as they can with no question as to how a prosecutor can assign quilt or innocence prior to an investigation. Here’s a little background on Ocampo…

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a good article from Adam Curtis about the communist origins of 'liberal interventionism', showing how arrogant and naive fools became enmeshed in the opposite of what they sought, and that 'victims' may be just as nasty as 'oppressors'.

He is a brilliant writer and his earlier articles such as 'Kabul:City No1' show how some of the ground recently fought over in Afghanistan had been a showcase for American modernisation - half a century ago.

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