Monday, March 28, 2011


Odin's Raven drew our attention to 'Brit-ish murder of freedom in Libya'

"Qadaffi... in his 'Green Book' ... accurately describes western-style democracy as a trick by which rule is given over to 'a dictatorship'...

"Libya is rich - with oil revenue being equally distributed amongst the general population for the good of all.

"Contrast this with Scotland where the oil companies make a fortune and many Scots live below the poverty line and eek out an existence rather than a fruitful life.

"Scenes on CNN and the BBC of people fleeing across the border into Tunisia have been manipulated to produce the idea that Libyans are escaping the Qadaffi regime.

"In truth the people leaving are guest workers fleeing the NATO murderers...

"The rebels are mostly foreign in origin and entirely controlled by foreign interests, notably the unholy trinity of UK-USA-Israel.

"Why would foreign interests wish to destabilise the most cultured, civilised, prosperous and peaceful country in Africa?

"There are several reasons: Brit-ish murder of freedom in Libya


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brian said...

must read:

Open Letter From Russian Doctors In Libya To The President Of The Russian Federation

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