Saturday, March 19, 2011


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On 19 March 2011, we learn that, in Libya, the rebels have broken the ceasefire.

Libyan rebels have acknowledged that the warplane which crashed in flames in their Benghazi stronghold belonged to them.

(Warplane shot down in Libyan rebel town of Benghazi belonged to rebels.)

"Yes, it was one of the insurgents' planes," a senior rebel official told AFP.

Gaddafi's government have said that its armed forces were under attack west of the rebel-held stronghold of Benghazi and responded in self-defence.

A Libyan government statement accused the rebels of using "a helicopter and a fighter jet to bomb the Libyan armed forces in blatant violation of the no-fly zone imposed by the UN Security Council."

So, the rebels, supported by the US and its allies, provide the excuse for an invasion.

Military action against Libyan forces is under way as UK Prime Monster David Cameron declared that Gaddafi flouted the ceasefire. (Military action launched over Libya)

According to Shashank Joshi, of the Royal United Services Institute (Benghazi attack by Gaddafi's forces was 'ploy to negate air ...):

Some of Gaddafi's artillery and tanks are "intermingled with the urban infrastructure and civilian targets like schools and hospitals..."

"British special forces units ... are likely to be operating in the city to help 'light up' targets...

Paul Smyth, founder of defence analysts R3I Consulting, said the greatest danger was "collateral damage".



veritas6464 said...

Hey Aan,...Fuck me! What sort of rebel force has JET FIGHTERS!?

Rebel leader says: "Oi vey vee're sooo persecuted!"


Anonymous said...

Mission impossible: find the identity of the "Libyan rebels"... CIA/MOSSAD assets anyone?


arthur zbygniew said...

There is very little mention of the $70 billion cash reserve held by Tripoli. Only countries like China and Germany have such amount.

There is therefore a booty to plunder for who will first grab the libyan capital. said...

Good post. Watching booknotes on CSPAn today, Pierre Sprey was saying that the no fly zone in Libya is ludicrous because Libya airforce is a joke. But look at the high tech arsenal they come armred with and already there are civilian casualties.
I also have a problem with just going along with the 'rebel cause' because who knows who they are and how many are there? Republicans have plenty of "reasons" why they would like to get rid of Obama. Certainly the media could make them look like a majority of Americans like they did with the healthcare townhall meetings in the US. That was hilarious, actually.
There is already proof the media manipulated the news in Libya. Even al Jazeera seem to have an agenda or they just didn't want to admit that they really didn't know the facts. They show trouble spots and enlarge it to look like Libya is a war zone. RT news has had the most accurate coverage and honest commentators in regard to Libya.

Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera at the beginning of the conflict,circa 21 Feb, was showing 24 hour repeated newsreel of Libyan demonstrations and talk of bombing but there was never any visual evidence of any bombings. They just kept showing one building which had suffered fire damage. Yes, an agenda from day 1.

Atlanta Roofing said...

This is a tough one, and as much empathy as we all, have for the Libyan rebels, it's needlessly expensive, both economical¬ly and politicall¬y, for both Canada and the US to involve themselves in the business of another country. N¬ow they are talking ground strikes - as in Egypt, the North Americans were going to be supportive to the people in every way possible, but not involve themselves in this trauma,no¬t a good sign, will N. America be drawn into this endless fight amongst Arabs and there religious wars..not our fight, not our call...cut off Ghaddafi's cash assets, freeze his accounts, through an embargo around the country to prevent more weapons getting in, but do something that is positive for the people, no more 'friendly fire' situations are desirable.¬..

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