Monday, March 07, 2011


Libya has assets of $152bn invested outside Libya.

Libya may never see its money again after the wealth grab by the USA and its fellow bad-guys.

And the lies about Libya continue: Wag the Dog.


Anonymous said...

Its called grandtheft./..You will notice that states (sep the democracies!) can get away with crimes that any citizen would be hung for without a second thought.

Which ash caused the most mayhem in the 20th century, the dictatorships or the democracies?

Gadafi is democracies ARE dictatorships the members can be every bit as criminal. Just read his green Book:


Anonymous said...

foreign investors expect to make a killing from arab revolutions...(sorry!)

Anonymous said...

For your consideration:

'Australian government calls for air strikes on Gaddafi forces'
Got that?

Libyas airforce was supposed to have used airstrikes on civilians and so the americans/UK/Aus take umbrage, and want airstrike on Libyas forces.Of course these never happened, as russia spy satellites proved.

BUT what if the americans were to use airstrikes against civilians in afghanistan…could libya call for a no fly zone over Afghanistan, and would the west support it? But the americans/NATO would NEVER airstrike civilians…right?
Well youd be wrong!

Child air-strike deaths stir fury in Afghanistan
Two of Nasim's sons went into the hills to collect firewood last week to warm the family's humble home against the biting Afghan winter chill. They never returned, killed along with seven other children in a NATO air strike.
"The Americans are wild," said the boys' father, who uses only one name and whose sons were aged 11 and 12, crying as he spoke. "They don't value humanity and don't care about our children.
"The men who carried out the air strike and the ones who ordered it should be brought to court."
Civilian casualties in foreign military operations targeting the Taliban and other fighters have long been an issue in Afghanistan

Will Australias Kevin Rudd of Julia Gillard call for airstrikes on NATO forces? Don’t hold your breath

aferrismoon said...

Its amazing really. If 'they' can't steal it 'legally' they just lie through their teeth and take it anyhow.

I assume some entity will have to manage this windfall - I wonder who.

The media had a few regrets about their bad reprting that got the US into the Iraq war . Handwringing and bleating about not being so gullible. Now they're off again.

The way Mexico is being reported , decapitations a weekly feature, gun-running across the border etc., yet no declarations by international bodies, no solutions imposed.....

Global economy = no independant finances.

Doubtless the finances will be managed by pedophilanthropists like Epstein.


Kieran Alexis said...

Can somebody please invade America
as it appears to be a totally out of control repressive military regime hell bent on destabilizing the rest of the world as a desperate attempt to stave off bankrupcy.
Their human rights record is appaling.
We need to see regime change immeditately.

There's also this small and very bloodthirsty agitator called...wait... oh... it's my country, England, perfidious albion.

The rank hypocrisy is too too much.

Anonymous said...

And Abacha's missing billions went back into the hands of the new Nigerian 'democracy' when he was pushed out in similar circumstances.

There's also a lot at stake for those leading the rebels in this respect, wouldn't you say?

Unless we are going to be patronize the Libyans completely.

Let's hope they are not those jihad peeps.


Anonymous said...

Diana Johnstone on Libya as the new Kosovo


Anonymous said...

The CIA and Mossad have their agents everywhere in the media. What do you expect? Their scripts come straight from the CIA/Mossad desks.

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