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Gaddafi's foreign minister Moussa Koussa - blamed by the CIA for the Lockerbie bombing - is being questioned in a 'secure location' in the UK, following 'pressure from MI6'.

Our old friend Robert Halfon (Rob's Blog), a UK Conservative MP who has tabled parliamentary motions on Lockerbie, said Koussa's arrival in the UK was comparable to that of Hitler's lieutenant, Rudolf Hess, during the Second World War.

(Libyan foreign minister Musa Koussa in UK.)

Robert Halfon's family is Jewish-Italian and Robert's grandfather lived in Libya. (Rob's Blog: My father thinks he shook hands with Gadaffi)

Robert is Political Director of Conservative Friends of Israel.

We assume Rob has done his research on Hess and on Lockerbie

The Duke of Edinburgh's brother-in-law, Prince Christoph of Hesse, was a member of the SS.

So many of the Duke of Edinburgh's relatives had Nazi links that when he married Elizabeth 'he was severely limited on the guests he could invite'. (Real History and the German side of the British royal family)

According to Charles Higham’s book "Trading With The Enemy": In the early stages of World War II, the Duke of Windsor had a secret meeting in the Hotel Meurice in Paris with Rudolf Hess and Martin Bormann.

In ' Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-up' by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince & Stephen Prior it is argued that:

1. Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland in 1941 with Hitler's blessing.

2. Hess was to meet with a faction of British royalty who wanted to arrange peace between Britain and Nazi Germany.

3. Churchill and his faction got to Hess first when his plane landed and locked him up, even though Hess had been guaranteed safe passage by King George VI.

4. It is possible that the Duke of Kent rescued Hess and tried to fly to Sweden to continue secret peace negotiations. Allegedly, the Duke of Kent wanted to see Churchill removed.

5. The Duke's plane crashed approximately two miles from where Hess was kept on the shores of Loch More. Hess may have died in the plane crash. The plane crash may not have been accidental.

Clive Prince wrote:

"Churchill was in a very, very insecure position politically in May 1941. In fact, three days before Hess arrived, there had been a vote of no-confidence in Churchill.

"He didn’t have the support of the aristocracy or the support of MI6 and the King. But the Hess affair basically gave Churchill the opportunity to blackmail his opponents who were involved with the Hess flight into supporting him...

"He also used the Hess flight to ensure that Hitler went ahead with his attack on Russia six weeks after Hess arrived....

"We’re certain that MI6 was totally involved in the Hess affair - they weren’t luring him over: they were inviting him over. This was because MI6 were supportive of the idea of ending the War with Germany.

"MI6 saw the real enemy as being Russia. Sir Stuart Menzies - the head of MI6 - advised Churchill to stay out of things and let the Nazis and the Russians get on with it."

It has been claimed that the British monarchy, and the City of London's leading Crown bankers, enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis. (Royal Nazis and the Scottish connection / The Frost blog)

Monzer al Kassar reportedly worked with the CIA unit known as Corea. (Franklin, Dutroux, Mossad, McKee)

On 2 December 2010, it was reported that the family of Abdulbaset al Megrahi is preparing to sue Britain for false imprisonment. (Family of alleged Lockerbie bomber 'preparing to sue Britain for false imprisonment' )

Libya's Colonel Gaddafi, in a speech at the London School of Economics, via a live video-link, alleged that the case against al Megrahi had 'been fabricated and created by Thatcher and Reagan.'

Gaddafi suggested that CIA agents carried out the 1988 Lockerbie Bombing.

(Involved in the story is CIA asset Monzer al Kassar, who reportedly had links to Oliver North and Mohammed Atta. (Monzer al-Kassar - Wikipedia / Madcow Morning News.) The alleged maker of the Lockerbie bomb, Marwan Khreesat, was a Jordanian intelligence service (GID) agent with links to the CIA. (Pan Am Flight 103.)

Were these passengers on PanAm 103 killed by the CIA? The US ambassador to Lebanon, John McCarthy, and the South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha had their travel plans altered at the last minute in order to avoid PA103. Charles McKee and Matthew Gannon allegedly changed their plans at the last minute to fly on PA103. ("Cover-up - Lockerbie")

Was there an attempt to kill al Megrahi?

According to Gaddafi, al Megrahi's health "was not looked after in prison.

"He didn't have any periodic examination...

"After he passes away, his family will demand compensation because he was deliberately neglected in prison."

(Lockerbie bomber's family to sue for false imprisonment and neglect, says Gaddafi )

If all the evidence had been heard in the appeal case, then the world would have got to hear more about Major Charles McKee and heroin.

Reportedly, Major Charles McKee and his team of US agents had gathered evidence concerning CIA smuggling of heroin from South Lebanon into the USA on PanAm flights.

McKee and his team were on PanAm 103.

Reportedly, the CIA brought down PanAm 103 in order to destroy McKee and his evidence.

Enron CEO Ken Lay died from 'a heart attack'.

Slobodan Milocevic died of 'a heart attack'.

Robin Cook died of 'a heart attack'.





Anonymous said...

Usually where there is drug traffic, the Mossad is behind. I'm not saying that the CIA was not behind the Lockerbie affair but I think there is more to this story. South Lebanon is Mossad's Territory. It is so close to Israel and they have their tentacles all over that region.

Anonymous said...

I've been researching many things over the www (my only source of info, as people refuse to talk to me). Hess and the D. of Kent, one aspect.

I think this area is worth digging deep into.

But, despite 'knowing things' I'm not getting anywhere yet. But I have eventually succeeded with a couple of 'impossible' items, so know to keep on plugging away, ignoring people like you moaning at me.

I was given info by a German that both Hess and Bormann were working for the Brit SIS after the war. Ex-SS soldier from the Russian front. "Fe hear zings, you unterschtand..."

I always thought the Sunderland Kent was in crashed after TAKEOFF from the loch. For Sunderlands were grossly underpowered, though they flew very well in the air didn't have the power for takeoff and steep climbs (knew people who flew them). The weather was quiet good, sight good. It is more logical the plane hit a mountain trying to climb, rather than land.

But, all this means Hess wasn't on the plane, so it crashed on landing.

Wind-shear. Very dangerous air-currents around hills and mountains. I suspect the plane hit wind-shear, something the pilots weren't experienced with what with normal takeoffs being on huge flat areas of water in calm winds.

What about 'the chap with the bomb'. He got lucky, survived the crash. If he was to blow the plane it would better wait to pick up Hess and do it over the sea, jumping with a dinghy, hoping the Air-Sea find him in time.

Where was plane going. Confusing re the type of Kronor used, but, expert in that area as I am, it doesn't matter. Not as far as it's value is concerned. After the war ANY Nordic currency would regain it's value.

I know things....

Small pieces of jigsaw puzzles.

Heard quiet talk from workmates of secret flights out in the outer islands, fishermen ordered to silence, helping mark runways for flyingboats, moving families out of their homes so people could hold meetings in them.

Who had flyingboats. We did, the German's did.

Goring had good contacts in Sweden. I think it possible he not only arranged meetings for himself and (fill-in who YOU think) but ...for Hitler himself.

Not publically known, but I knew someone who's father flew the big flyingboats, the 12-engined Dorniers, Hitler mostly flew around in this plane, her father's plane, only using Auntie Annie for trips where there was no water and a small plane made a smaller target.

It was possible for a Sunderland to do a return trip to Sweden on one tank. The kronor Kent had with him was to pay the fishermen and their families for their troubles. They would accept Danish and Norwegian money, all fishermen are family, they are related by marriage all over the place, even Britain, Iceland, Greenland.

Is this all gibberish or is it slowly coming together into something....

Oh yes, there was a German invasion attempt on the Scottish coast in early '41 (bad weather). Can't locate the area as everything has changed over 50 years, need better maps etc, even better go there. The Canadians were waiting for them, threw them into sea again (but took several hundred prisoners). Big bay, smaller bays on either side, railway nearby. Hard to locate on so little.

What was THAT about. Couldn't be a REAL invasion, but a short, sharp, infiltration. As big as Dieppe op, bigger maybe. Important.

Big capitol ships offshore lobbing shells, they came in fishingboats etc., from Norway, it is thought.

How do I know this?

Well, I'm good?

My uncle was there.

Anon said...

Re Lockerbie. Mossad reportedly gave the CIA the idea of using Monzer al Kassar to smuggle drugs from South Lebanon (BBC).

Anon said...

Dear Anonymous,

Many thanks.

Please give us more info when you have it.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, forgot.

My uncle always thought the Canadians used in Dieppe were the same regiments used in Scotland. He always suspected Mountbatten deliberately planned the Dieppe raid to be a failure, that the Canadians were ment to be slaughtered.

Good way to get rid of loose mouths.....

And those who survived given the wink that might happen again if they blabbed.

My uncle's paras? They were being trained to lead the original D-Day invasion of Norway/Denmark (changed by Ike to Normandy) so were unlikely to survive that. Not a few were killed during training, it was that harsh, men injured were just left to die, or fought-on carrying their wounds as they would do in reality in the battle. Yes, they used live ammo and shells, strafed by fighters using real bullets! You think today's soldiers are tough? Pussies, the lot!

Now, invading northern Denmark, using it as a huge base to invade Germany from, could have been the reason for those flyingboats off Gothenburg. Germans might have been helping the allies win the war quicker (after all, they did try to kill Hitler a dozen times) hence unlock huge numbers of men to fight the Russians.

Swedes told me they were never neutral, the govt, yes, but not the people. Swedish fishermen took agents and 'mysterious crates' over to Denmark all the time. "When D-Day came (in Denmark) we would have been out helping our cousins across the water, every single man of us. And those of us in the army guaranteed there would be armed soldiers queueing-up to board and come with us, even if they had to officially desert." Swedish soldiers guarding the borders sometimes supplied the Norwegian underground with weapons, some actually over the border fighting at times, certainly taking Germans prisoner when the war was over. Many wanted to be more active, actually forcing the Germans to fight Sweden, drawing-off enough men for the Norwegians to overthrow the Germans.

My uncle said changing to Normandy put the original D-Day back a year because of the re-planning. It was ment to happen in '43. How many people died in that year? Un-necessarily?

Why are there still documents from WWII on the secret-list?

Someone's covering their arse.

How did they explain the prisoners taken in Scotland? We trained 3,500 agents in WWII, each and every agent was required to kill a person with a knife, as the instructors looked on, so they knew said agent could do it in the field if called-for (I know this from 2 men I knew, one an instructor, the other an agent he trained, both now famous showbiz people). Criminals, deserters etc. But that many? Where did they get 3,500 live bodies to kill?

German prisoners they didn't want to account for?

If that isn't a war crime I don't know what is.

Anon said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for that new comment.

Sounds like war crimes!

- Aangirfan

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