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Why is Morocco not the same as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya?

A. Morocco is friends with Israel.

"Mossad and the Moroccans began cooperating just a few years after Morocco gained independence...

"Both countries exchanged intelligence information about their mutual enemies: Algeria and Egypt." (The Moroccan Connection: The Secret Relationship Between Israel ...)

Morocco has often served as an intermediary between Israel and the other Arab states. (Cached)

The man who runs Morocco, Andrey Azoulay, the King's adviser, is Jewish. (André Azoulay, le véritable régent au Maroc - Translate this page )

Morocco is said to be the CIA's dustbin and the CIA's recruiting ground.

Moroccans by zadig1

B. Morocco is much poorer than Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco.

In Morocco, female literacy is only 39.6%. (Morocco)

Morocco: Gross National Income per person: $2,790

Libya: GNI per person: US $12,020

On 1 March 2011, the Washington Post asks Why the Morocco protests have failed to take hold

From this we learn:

1. "The gatherings organized in recent weeks by Moroccan youths through Facebook and Twitter have been episodic and small..."

2. The demonstrations in Morocco "have been largely peaceful."

However, more than 50 people were reportedly injured in clashes with police in Agadir on 27 February 2011, rioting in Hoceima left five dead when a bank was burned by protesters, and an unwed mother of two died after setting herself on fire to protest being refused public housing.

3. Morocco has an inadequate health-care system.

Patients must often pay bribes before receiving treatment.

Schools are poor.

4. According to Abdeslam Maghraoui, a North Africa and Middle East expert at Duke University:

"People can go to jail if they say something bad about the king.

"When I hear people speak about the exception of Morocco, I find it mind-boggling."

"The level of the challenge has not intensified yet, but I think it will."

5. "The king has long been a reforming figure in Morocco," according to US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley.


Anonymous said...

First of all you sound like a complete and absolute low-life. Morocco is not in revolution because, relatively speaking, it's more of an open society than Tunsia or Libya is; and regardless of what you have heard it suffers less poverty than Egypt does. (I have been to Egypt for myself, and I can attest that the poverty there is of a severity, and to an extent unknown in the MENA). Morocco does not follow the lead of these nations, so I am not surprised that it behaves differently about its own circumstance. You need to mind your own business! You are not Moroccan! Be concerned with your own problems!

Anonymous said...

its not true all what u said about morocco i have been there and in others countries and i can see that morocco not the best but its much better than many and number one in north afric anyway go to google and u can see the true

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