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Libya under the European fascists.

On 4 March, Gaddafi's government gave foreign journalists a tour of part of Libya.

"Villages erupted in jubilation as the convoy passed through areas of western Libya, with crowds of flag-waving supporters whistling and shouting 'God, Muammar, Libya, together'.

"Shots were fired into the air and trucks packed with supporters honked wildly and followed the procession from one town to another." (Joy as government shows Gaddafi's Libya)

Poverty and wealth

Thriving Tripoli under Gaddafi.

Meanwhile, NATO and Pentagon forces are still in Libya.

"Armed forces loyal to Gaddafi have captured three Dutch marines and their helicopter." (Libya: Marines held )

AND, Erik Prince formerly of of Blackwater/Xe is INTO AFRICA

Who is really being killed, and by whom?

The anti-Gaddafi forces are going in for mass murder.

"Thousands of African migrant workers stand the risk of being murdered as a result of their perceived support for Qaddafi.

"One Turkish construction worker described a massacre: 'We had 70-80 people from Chad working for our company.

"'They were cut dead with pruning shears and axes.'"

(Source: Libya, Getting it Right: A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective .... Many thanks to Brian for the link) brought our attention to this interesting video below.

It may explain why Gaddafi has been demonised


Libyans murdered by the Europeans.

Libyan victims of Western forces.

Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Dumbed Down but are coming out of it



Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just imagining it, but there's been a shift in tone over the last few days in UK coverage. The BBC seemed at great pains to describe problems on the Libya/Tunisia border as a 'logistical crisis' rather than a 'humanitarian crisis' - in fact they made this distinction themselves. There's also a weird and confusing dynamic building up between the US and UK governments. The US seemed to be pushing for a no fly zone and Cameron was dragging his heels. When Cameron began to back the proposal the US suddenly says it has no plans given the issues of legality (quote: a no fly zone would mean intitial/preemptive strikes at Libyan air forces.

Are they attempting to guage the mood of the public and the media prior to committing themselves?

This looks far from being a well conceived coup. Even the rebels themselves look like something out of Waiting For Godot. What do they want exactly? The want the regime in but Gadaffi out? How is that progress? It's the kind of approach students have: it seems they just want to score somekind, any kind of win - anything that will help them feel less disenfranchised. Just to have their force of will registered. It was the same in Egypt - and once their demands are met and their general feelings of political and ideological inadequacy are alleviated - they realise that they have made no real progress at all.

A set of tangible objectives outside of feeling 'bummed' might help.

Assange and his retards seem to have prepared the way for a climate of 'broad spectrum' dissatisfaction - a climate in which any specific objective seems little more than an afterthought.

Out of chaos comes even more chaos. But then that's nature's bum deal.


Anonymous said...

Well, ive been formely silenced by and banned from Louis Proyects supposedly 'progressive' site! While the YES men thrive!

heres an excellent summary of the libyan situation:
by a libyan


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Citizens of oil producing nations must see more benefit from their country's national resources, billionaire investor George Soros has told the BBC.

Revolts in Libya were partly the result of "revulsion against a corruption" fed by the misuse of oil money, he added.


Love him or loathe him - I think this is something most decent readers can support. His motives may be less than altruistic but the objective is credible at least. Although I fail to see how the average brit has benefitted from any of our major industries and resources in the past. It's hardly been a profit share. Investors like Soros and no shortage of banks might enjoy the more even handed distribution of corrupt wealth though.

I wonder how often he requests his valet to have all that sheeps clothing dry-cleaned?


Anonymous said...

It is a little funny though...If the "Europeans" were so bad for Libyans and they liked only to exploit the land, then why the last 60 years so many thousands of Libyans try to live to the "evil european" lands? I do not think that you would like to go and live with people who destroyed your land.
So, stop the hypocrisy. Maybe the europeans were indeed evil, maybe they killed many but they were the only connection of the country with progress. Why is Libya rich (in oil) and the people poor? I do not think it is the fault of the Italians who left the country 60-70 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Since when do we have to believe the crap the official media say, especially Soros? I thought we're smarter than that...


The Realist Report said...

Crazy stuff occurring in the Middle East. Of course Lieberman and the other war mongers are calling for US military action already.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Posted with, as always, a few little additions. This whole Libya situation is beginning to stink like a beached herring in the hot sun. Nothing is making sense... nothing.

The Russian video I added tells us a very different story from what our media tells us......

Makes you go.. hmmmmmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

We don't have to believe what the media says but since the media are perhaps the most single powerful channel these people use to manipulate opinion it makes sense to keep track of any shifts in tone. If these people are your enemy then what advantage does it serve in ignoring them? Forewarned is forearmed? That's what smart is.

A13 said...

Hi Aangirfan,
Did you know the Dutch Queen and Her Heir are visiting Oman and then onto Quatar..Like this weekend.
Must be something happening with that.
Roayl Dutch Shell anyone?

gyg3s said...

Evidence of technicals being used against Gadhafi.

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