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Bagdad. Ragazzini tra gioco e lavoro...
Baghdad in former days. cesare.salvetti

The USA did not free Iraq.

They wrecked it.

This was deliberate.

Satellite TV has been kept away from the recent deadly protests against poverty and misery in Iraq.

(February 2011 -Iraq's protests test Maliki's leadership)

Baghdad rail station 1959 - Website for this image

Iraqis can see what could be going to happen to Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

On 3 March 2011, we read that, Iraq's Moqtada al-Sadr urged Iraqis to protest against any possible US military intervention in Libya. (Iraq's Sadr urges protests against US over Libya)

According to Sadr, the USA installed Gaddafi and now wants to remove him.

Sadr accused the USA and western nations of:

1. Planting agents in Arab states.

2. Supporting dictatorships.

3. Then intervening in the name of democracy and claiming to liberate Arabs.

Saddam was put into power by the CIA.

Saddam offered to leave Iraq in order to avoid a war.

The real Saddam escaped to Belarus.

CNN ( - UAE official: Hussein was open to exile - Nov 2, 2005) reported:

"Days before the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, Saddam Hussein agreed in principle to accept an offer of exile from the United Arab Emirates... a UAE government senior official told CNN.

"The reported offer came before an emergency Arab League meeting in Egypt in discussions between UAE officials and a Hussein aide...

"The UAE official's account was repeated by another source who attended the Arab League summit and, separately, by a senior UAE government official...

"News of the reported offer from the UAE emerged... during an interview broadcast by the Arab network Al-Arabiya with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates.

"The offer was spearheaded by his father, then-UAE President Sheikh Zayed Ben Sultan Al Nahayan, who died November 3...

'"We had secured the approval of the main players, everyone who was involved, and the man concerned - Saddam Hussein - in 24 hours,' he said... - UAE official: Hussein was open to exile - "Nov 2, 2005

Saddam was put into power by the CIA.

Richard Sale, UPI Intelligence Correspondent, wrote about Saddam and the CIA on 4/10/2003 (Exclusive: Saddam Was key in early CIA plot).

According to Sale, British scholars and former U.S. diplomats and intelligence officials say that Saddam Hussein was used by the U.S. intelligences services for over 40 years.

In 1959, Saddam was part of a CIA-authorized six-man squad trying to assassinate Iraqi Prime Minister Gen. Abd al-Karim Qasim.

CIA operative Miles Copeland told UPI the CIA had had "close ties" with Iraq's Baath Party, and with the Egyptian intelligence service.

Roger Morris, a former National Security Council staffer, confirmed that the CIA had chosen the Baath Party "as its instrument."

According to another former senior State Department official, Saddam was in his early 20s, when he became a part of the U.S. plot to get rid of Qasim.

Adel Darwish, Middle East expert and author of "Unholy Babylon," said that Saddam's CIA handler was an Iraqi dentist working for CIA and Egyptian intelligence.

U.S. officials separately confirmed Darwish's account.

The 1959 assassination was botched. Qasim escaped death, and Saddam escaped to Tikrit, thanks to CIA and Egyptian intelligence agents, several U.S. government officials said.

Saddam then moved to Beirut, according to Darwish and former senior CIA officials. In Beirut, the CIA put Saddam through a training course, former CIA officials said.

Saddam then moved to Cairo. According to former U.S. intelligence officials, Saddam made frequent visits to the American Embassy.

In 1963 Qasim was killed in a Baath Party coup. Morris claimed that the CIA was behind the coup.

Iraq Postage Stamp: Air Mail 4 Fils

The CIA provided the Iraqi National Guardsmen with lists of suspected communists who were then murdered, according to former U.S. intelligence officials.

Middle East expert Adel Darwish told UPI that Saddam presided over the mass killings.

A former senior CIA official said: "It was a bit like the mysterious killings of Iran's communists just after Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in 1979. All 4,000 of his communists suddenly got killed."

Saddam became head of al-Jihaz a-Khas, the secret intelligence service of the Baath Party.

The CIA/Defense Intelligence Agency connection with Saddam continued.

According to a former DIA official, the U.S. shared satellite intelligence with both Iraq and Iran during the Iran-Iraq war in an attempt to produce a military stalemate.

The typical CIA guy.

According to bhtimes.blogspot (In Search of Saddam Hussein’s WMD:Russian Intelligence, Belarus & Highway 11

"On March 29 and 30, Saddam contacted Belarus.

"The former Soviet Republic had been one of many that offered Saddam exile in the days just prior to the war...

"Saddam had a Belarusian IL-76 transport plane flown to Baghdad... and flown back to Belarus.

"After the fall of Saddam's regime, it was found that many of the senior leaders who had fled went to Syria and Belarus."

Faisal II, King of Iraq
Faisal II, King of Iraq

Hussein Given Safe Haven in Belarus?

"Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has obtained safe haven in Belarus, several intelligence agencies believe.

"Western intelligence sources said several intelligence agencies in the Middle East and Europe base this assessment on new information about a March 29 flight from Baghdad to Minsk.

"They said the flight of a chartered cargo plane could have transported Saddam, his sons and much of his family to Belarus.

"'There's no proof that Saddam was on the plane but we have proof that a plane left on that day from Baghdad airport and arrived in Minsk,' a senior intelligence source said.

"'If you can think of anybody else who could obtain permission to fly out of Baghdad in the middle of a war, then please tell me.'...

"U.S. officials said Saddam had been exploring the prospect of fleeing to Belarus over the last year.

"They said the Iraqi ruler was in close contact with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and that Minsk became a major military supplier to Baghdad.

"Within hours after the departure of the cargo flight to Minsk on March 29, the Saddam regime was awash with rumors that the president had escaped.

"Intelligence sources said the rumors spread rapidly throughout the military command and among field officers.

"'There was a significant decline in Iraqi combat strength starting from around March 31,' an intelligence source said.

"'In interviews with coalition interrogators, Iraqi commanders have attributed the decline in combat to the feeling that Saddam had fled.'"


Was Saddam put on trial or was it a double?

It seems to us that the Saddam who was on trial was a fake.

The body language was not that of the dictator.

The face looked different.

1950s Baghdad.

Mrs. Saddam says defendant Saddam is not her Saddam

From: Idaho Observer: Mrs. Saddam says defendant is not her husband

BAGHDAD -- Seldom in history has there been a question as to the true identity of a defendant in a court trial.

However, in the alleged trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, controversy abounds as to whether or not the man being tried is, indeed, Saddam Hussein.

Mike Ruppert reported June 18, 2004, that the Russian newspaper Pravda published a story claiming the U.S. finally allowed Saddam's wife Sajida Heiralla Tuffa to see her husband.

Within moments of entering the prison in Quatar where the deposed president is allegedly being held, she reportedly reemerged screaming in a rage, “This is not my husband, it's his double, where is my husband? Take me to my husband!”

Since Tuffa's public display of outrage, several reporters have noted that live footage and photos of the man being tried as Saddam reveal that he has bad teeth and an underbite. Conversely, photos of the real Saddam consistently show that he has near perfect teeth and an overbite.

fontana 15

The following is from Prison Planet and was written by Joe Vials.

Sajida Heiralla Tuffah was Saddam's wife and the mother of his children.

Mrs Saddam says Saddam is not Saddam Joe Vialls June 18 2004

"After the Russians applied enormous diplomatic pressure, America was finally obliged to allow Sajida Heiralla Tuffah access to her husband in Qatar, where he had been flown in some luxury aboard a United States Air Force VIP jet.

"The facilities at Baghdad Airport were considered to be sub-standard, besides which, people were beginning to talk about the laughing and bourbon-swilling Muslim prisoner, who was the only one in sight not wearing a hood and sensory deprivation earphones, and not being sexually abused by Ricardo Sanchez.

"Well, you could have heard a pin drop all the way across Qatar.

"Sajida arrived from Syria with her official escort Sheikh Hamad Al-Tani, and then entered the prison, emerging only moments later pink with rage and shouting, "This is not my husband but his double. Where is my husband? Take me to my husband".

"American officials rushed forward to shield Mrs Saddam from perplexed Russian observers, trying to insist that Saddam had changed a lot while in custody and she probably didn't recognise him.

"This was certainly not the best way to handle the Iraqi President's wife. "You think I do not know my husband?" Sajida shouted furiously, "I was married to the man for more than twenty-five years!" Then she stormed off, never to return.

"This remarkable confrontation was reported by Pravda and four other newspapers in the east between 13 and 17 April, but the New York Times and others made damn sure you didn't read or hear about it in the west."


It is entirely likely that Saddam, who was trained and put into power by the CIA ( aangirfan: Saddam worked for the CIA), was not hanged and that the hanging video was some kind of fake.

We know that Saddam offered to leave Iraq before the war started.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real world! The guy hung back then wasnt Saddam, but a double. Another one. Nothing new under the sun...


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Although I had no proof, there was always something just "off" about that video.

Not only that but the whole "capture of the beast" was a photographic psy op. Iraqi people knew this because they pointed out that the greenery and the flowers in the photos were from an entirely different season of the year from the time he was supposedly taken captive.

Odin's Raven said...

There was also a story that whilst the Americans were under attack at Baghdad Airport, a convoy of limousines, presumably bearing Saddam and his entourage, drove straight on to a big transport aircraft, which immediately took off. Some even speculated that Saddam could be hiding on Bush's ranch in Texas!

Ali.mostaque said...

"OK boys, who wants to be the next Saddam... free trips to Beirut, Cairo, Minsk and other exotic places"

Anonymous said...

Aiwa sah!

Genie said...

Faisal II, King of Iraq

omg, the cutest photo ever. Your great choice of photos distract me from the topic....LOL

Deebo said...

Also there is a video online that shows when Saddam was captured that the flowers in the background proved that the season was different than the date reported. The photo of Saddam being found in a hole was a fraud.

Anonymous said...

FYI on Libya, LIFG and those army defections:

'The links to Qatar uncovered by anti-terrorism investigators in the wake of 9-11 need to be reexamined now that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an on-and-off affiliate of Al Qaeda, has seized armories across half of the North African country. Libya's well-stocked arsenals contain high-power explosives, rocket launchers and chemical weapons. LIFG is on the State Department's terrorist list.

Most worrying, according to a U.S. intelligence official cited by CNN, is the probable loss of chemical weapons. The Federation of American Scientists reports that, as of 2008, only 40 percent of Libya's mustard gas was destroyed in the second round of decommissioning. Chemical canisters along the Egyptian border were yet to be retrieved and are now presumably in the hands of armed militants.

After letting slip that the earliest Libyan protests were organize d by the LIFG, Al Jazeera quickly changed its line to present a heavily filtered account of "peaceful protests". To explain away the gunshot deaths of Libya soldiers during the uprising, the Qatar-based network presented a bizarre scenario of150 dead soldiers in Sirte having been executed by their officers for "refusing to fight". The mysterious officers then miraculously vacated their base disappearing into thin air while surrounded by angry protesters! Off the record, one American intelligence analyst called these media claims an "absurdity" and suggested instead the obvious:-that the soldiers were gunned down in an armed assault by war-hardened returnees from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many Libyan Army units have "defected" to the opposition if for no other purpose than to try to recover the troves of weapons seized by the militants. Al Jazeera's role in erasing the fingerprints of the armed militants vindicates the earlier conclusion of Western anti-terrorism experts of Qatar's sponsorship of terrorism.


Anonymous said...

how different to Libya!
whe the uprising is peaceful and in a US client, media coverage is a bit thin:

Libya on the other hand is afull on insurgency with islamic jihad connections...ands guess who the media and left win bloggers are supporting?


Anonymous said...

did u know:

'The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, under the leadership of Abu al-Laith al-Libi, formally merged into Al Qaida in 2007. Two years later, Libi disowned armed violence and negotiated with Qadhafi for acceptance of LIFG as an above-ground political association. The sudden rejection of violence coincided with the Muslim Brotherhood's makeover as a democratic force and Qatar's advocacy of political reform across the Mideast. As a legal entity, it incited the first protests in Benghazi in mid-February. Within days of the uprising's start, however, the LIFG reverted to its old ways, brandishing automatic weapons. What it plans to do with chemical weapons and advanced explosives is anyone's guess, while one psychological point remains clear: The militants are eager to pay back Americans and Europeans for10 years of bombing, maiming and torture.


Anonymous said...

FYI.The LIFG whichj began the uprisings:

An analytical report is available for download from the NEFA Foundation website focusing on the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), authored by NEFA Senior Investigator Evan Kohlmann (with NEFA Senior Analyst Josh Lefkowitz). This document is based upon an expert witness report filed in 2007 on behalf of Scotland Yard's SO-15 Counter Terrorism Command and the U.K. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) during Operation Cavern (Regina v. Al Bashir Mohammed al-Faqih). In July 2007, Mr. al-Faqih pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing a document or record containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism—specifically documents demonstrating how to fabricate explosives and set up a terror cell. The report is divided into the following sections: Part I: Origins in the 1980s Part II: Exile in the Sudan (1992-1995) Part III: The Libyan Theater (1990-1997) Part IV: A Return to Jihad in Afghanistan (1998-2001) Part V: The LIFG and the Contemporary War on Terrorism Additionally, the report includes an appendix featuring an actual personnel form completed by recruits seeking to enlist in courses offered at the LIFG-run "Abu Yahya al-Liby" terrorist training camp near Kabul, Afghanistan in 2000-2001.

nobody said...

Hullo Aang,

Sorry haven't read the comments but I just wanted to say Hear Hear to you declaring that the destruction of Iraq was deliberate. I wasn't half as hell-bent then as I am now but (apart from the bullshit reasons given for the whole enterprise to begin with) one of the signal moments for me was when the yanks disbanded the Iraqi army. This was in complete defiance of Military Occupation 101 as taught in any staff college anywhere in the world. It didn't make a lick of sense, was at odds with pretty much every historical precedent, and was otherwise surefire evidence that the following chaos and degredation was fully intended.

And me, I haven't a shadow of a doubt that that particular decision can be sheeted home solely to the pro-Israel scum who constituted the pointy end of the pentagon pyramid.

Otherwise how are you? I hope you're well etc.

Anon said...

Very many thanks for all the comments.

- Aangirfan.

Anonymous said...

and the soup thickens....

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