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Elizabeth Taylor - CIA mind control victim?

Elizabeth Taylor "was deeply passionate" about supporting US troops, going on hospital visits and entertaining the soldiers. (RIP Elizabeth Taylor the USO)

David Cassidy

David Cassidy "was experimenting with everything from LSD to heroin and getting through assorted women at a phenomenal rate...

"He was brought to the brink of bankruptcy twice by unscrupulous business managers." ('Justin Bieber's got nothing on me!' David Cassidy says.)

Justin Bieber wearing the American flag.

According to Satanist Mason Aliester Crowley: "For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force.

"A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim."


Cole Sprouse, Asia Argento, Dylan Sprouse and Jimmy Bennett

Here is a list of some alleged CIA MK ULTRA mind control victims (MK-Ultra Monarch Slaves.):

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Justin Bieber

Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix in PARENTHOOD (1989) as Steve Martin's porn-obsessed nephew.

Leonardi di Caprio

Donny Osmond

Jonas Brothers

Prince William

Sprouse Twins


aangirfan: The torture of American children, by the US military?



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No doubt poor Liz was just another MK victim. Any doubts on that? Just like JUDY GARLAND, SHIRLEY TEMPLE, BRITNEY SPEARS, CHRISTINA AGUILERA and countless other kids/teens, she was sold into "deluxe" slavery by her family. Her "horse fall accident" was nothing but a fake story meant for the sheeple, the truth she was severely abused in all possible ways, which obviously took a toll on the 13 years old girl back then.

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As for "Satanist Mason Aliester Crowley" as he's called here, do some more research before labelling him this way. Just like Hitler, he became another scapegoat. And speaking of Hollyweird/showbiz child abuse, dont forget TATUM O'NEAL, she's got a lot to say. Also check out the pictures of LIV TYLER and her also famous dad, STEVEN, when together. Definitely the chemistry between them is a very inappropriate one.


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And that:


aferrismoon said...

They act and perform so well as they have special personalities created for that task.

Crowley's remark goes with the best time to create 'altered personalities' inchildhood.

Are we to imagine swathes of altered children , now adult, in all influential walks-of-life.

I read somewhere that Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Montagu Norman, on realising the consequences of the bank's actions had to be treated by Jung so that he could handle it.

It was in a Eustace Mullins' book.

Many of the YOUTUBE sensations are young children and as we know great amounts have been spent on marketing to children, cuttting the parents out of the loop. Thus they create their own 'legitamate' society which is based around being famous as opposed to learning anything of value like engineering or medicine etc.

This 'instant fame-gratification' teaches them aversion to concentration for long periods, thus learning anything that takes time.

This means they will tend to 'Harry Potter type magic' psychology where things will just appear if they wish for them.

Patience will be an obstacle.

The children will search for mentors as they've been taught to by Karate Kid type films, again encouraging them to forsake their parents.

'All the World's a stage' - it doesn't seem to be such a metaphor anymore


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Oh, and how to forget the FANNING sisters or the creepish OLSEN twins?


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I must say, I have sort of a soft spot for the Sprouse twins for a whole slew of reasons. I am quite sure they are Mk'd. They were born in a small town in Italy (CIA parents? There's never been an explanation for this.), have starred in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (they play Jeremiah who gets sodomized and abused; Marilyn Manson is also in the movie), and have admitted to having bad short term memory. Also, they did an ad for Got Milk which Esoteric Kitten thinks is Sex-Kitten!programming and another one where they're dressed in black and white and mirror each other. Plus, they're in Disney. All Disney children are probably under programming. My heart goes out to those boys and the rest of Disney, Hollywood, and the other 50 million MK'd victims out there. It makes me sick when people demonize them on the internet. They are the victims. Just read Fritz Springmeier's books, and you will understand.

Aangirfan, I really enjoy your blog, and I would really appreciate it if you would post more information/updates on Dylan and Cole. Thanks.

If anyone has more information about the Sprouse twins programming (such as weird interviews, photos with MK ULTRA themes, etc.) please email me at

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