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The people opposing Gaddafi are the CIA's al Qaeda.

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) has been an affiliate of al-Qaida.

(Libyan rebellion has radical Islamist fervor.)

Top al-Qaida member Abu Yahya al-Libi, above, has been an LIFG member.

On 18 March 2011, a Daily Telegraph (UK) article tells us that in Libya: the West and al-Qaeda are on the same side

"An al-Qaeda leader of Libyan origin, Abu Yahya al-Libi, released a statement backing the (Libyan) insurrection a week ago..."

US government "cables ... identified Dernah (in Libya) in particular as a breeding ground for fighters in a number of causes, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Col Gaddafi has pinpointed the rebels in Dernah as being led by an al-Qaeda cell that has declared the town an Islamic emirate...

"The man running Dernah's defences, Abdelkarim al-Hasadi, was arrested by US forces in Afghanistan in 2002..."

The military chief of the opposition National Council "is Abdul Fattah Younis al-Obeidi" who "worked with the SAS..."

I discovered, hidden in my 'spam' box, a number of useful comments. They have now been 'published'. Sorry about the delay.

Below are two such comments, which just happen to be about CIA terrorism:

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1. Bravo for raising concerns about CIA support for the Baloch separatist movement.

I believe this is well-supported by the evidence.

It seems to me that the government of Pakistan has only discussed this sensitive issue in closed door sessions, but since Davis' arrest, more retired generals and ISI agents are speaking out about it:

The Pentagon makes no secret (via unclassified documents widely available on the Internet) of their desire to see energy and mineral rich Balochistan secede from Pakistan to become a US client state - just like energy and mineral rich Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the other former Soviet republics.

Moreover there’s no way to ascertain whether random acts of terror in the border regions are caused by the Taliban, Al Qaeda or the CIA-funded BLA.

However there's no question that CIA-sponsored BLA terrorism is responsible for much of the violence - especially around the Chinese-built port in Gwadar, Pakistan (employed to offload Iranian oil destined for China).

Given that Iran and China are major political/economic rivals, it's a pity the US media fails to report on any of this.

I blog about this at "Our CIA freedom fighters in Pakistan"

By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall on RAYMOND DAVIS & ARRESTS OF VICTIMS on 19/03/11

A Libyan living in the UK, Al-Bashir Mohammed Al-Faqih was convicted in the UK of 'terrorism' offences. Reportedly he is linked to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

2. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group which began the uprisings:

An analytical report is available for download from the NEFA Foundation website focusing on the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), authored by NEFA Senior Investigator Evan Kohlmann (with NEFA Senior Analyst Josh Lefkowitz).

This document is based upon an expert witness report filed in 2007 on behalf of Scotland Yard's SO-15 Counter Terrorism Command and the U.K. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) during Operation Cavern (Regina v. Al Bashir Mohammed al-Faqih).

In July 2007, Mr. al-Faqih pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing a document or record containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism—specifically documents demonstrating how to fabricate explosives and set up a terror cell.

The report is divided into the following sections: Part I: Origins in the 1980s Part II: Exile in the Sudan (1992-1995) Part III: The Libyan Theater (1990-1997) Part IV: A Return to Jihad in Afghanistan (1998-2001) Part V: The LIFG and the Contemporary War on Terrorism.

Additionally, the report includes an appendix featuring an actual personnel form completed by recruits seeking to enlist in courses offered at the LIFG-run "Abu Yahya al-Liby" terrorist training camp near Kabul, Afghanistan in 2000-2001.

By Anonymous on GADDAFI, SADDAM AND THE CIA on 06/03/11

Child injured by US-NATO bombing in Afghanistan.

On 22nd March 2011 we learn that in Libya, a US chopper has shot 6 pro-American villagers including a boy who may have to have his leg amputated.

"Six Libyan villagers are recovering in hospital after being shot by American soldiers coming in to rescue the U.S. pilots whose plane crash-landed in a field.

"The locals, who had come to greet the pilots, were hit - among them a young boy who may have to have a leg amputated because of injuries caused by a bullet wound...

"Channel Four's International Editor Lindsey Hilsum confirmed the civilian casualties..."

(Six Libyan villagers shot by US team rescuing pilot - Channel 4 News)


Libya: More Murder and Plunder Masquerading as "Humanitarian Intervention".

Imperialism or Barbarism! (Bahrain Doesn’t Count)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No-one has yet commented that the attack on Libya began on the Jewish festival of Purim.

The same was said of the Iraq war in "The High Priests of War" by Michael Collins Piper.

paul said...

Well, some people have been saying we should be nicer to them

gyg3s said...

Looking at the wikipedia entry for 'Technicals' we have,

"Barred from bringing in private security, non-governmental organizations hired local gunmen to protect their personnel, using money defined as "technical assistance grants". Eventually the term broadened to include any vehicle carrying armed men."

So, for years and years NGOs have been building up a database (sic) of local gunmen who can be hired for protection.

su said...

just had the craziest notion.
saw on wrh that angela merkel had withdrawn from libya.
and immediately shut down germany's nuclear plants.
i always figured that israhell had the western leaders blackmailed over their personal lives.
the notion is that now the blackmail is much larger.
every nation that has anything nuclear knows what happened in japan.
it was a huge message to the leaders. the proverbial horse head in the bed.
and that is why they pushed through this was with libya so easily.
hey cameron, you don't want your antiquated reactors setting off. come do our bidding.

this stuxnet is so much bigger than we could ever imagine.

su said...

correction to above comment.
uh duh germany was not involved in the libyan attack but rather withdrew from nato operations in the med.

Anonymous said...

Some noticed the symbolism, yes, I saw on certain sites.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, really?


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Anonymous #1 regarding Purim. I did such a post a few days ago. Not only Purim, a feast of hate and revenge, but I tied this in with the dates of Iraq. As well as the pagan sacrificial aspect,As well as the Satanic Illuminati aspect. As well as the Supermoon which was bright and full that time. Oh yes, did I mention the Vernal or Spring Equinox?

I do not usually go to other blogs and post my own work, but the piece is called INVASION OF LIBYA MARCH 20, 2011 ~ INVASION OF IRAQ, MARCH 20, 2003003 at:

Believe me, this coincidence has been noted. It it so good to see folks catching on to these things!

Anonymous said...

Give yourself a pat o the back aangirfan for being one of the first to get it more are alert to the lies being spun to destroy Libya:


Anonymous said...

I am laughing at these so called "rebels" financed by the CIA in Libya. These idiots driving aound in pick up trucks with anti-missile weapons. I can't believe the CIA could find some inteligent people to do the dirty work for them. Well, it would be asking too much. They seem to not know how to use their AK-47. No wonder the "coalition" needs to drop all these bombs killing anything that moves. If the USA is expecting to take Ghadafi out by using these stooges, they will have to wait for a few years, if it will ever happen.

Anonymous said...

gerald perreiras latest article on Libya


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