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Cairo. Coptic Christians make up about 10 per cent of Egypt's population.

On 8 March 1011, thirteen Christians were shot dead in Cairo.

(13 die in sectarian violence in Cairo)

Balkanisation is taking place.

Egypt and Sudan were one country until 1956.

The UK arranged for Sudan to be split from Egypt.

Now Egypt itself may be split.

In 2008, The Atlantic had an article by Jeffrey Goldberg entitled "After Iraq: A report from the new Middle East—and a glimpse of its possible future".

In this article there is a map which shows the following countries split up:

EGYPT, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia...

This map ties in with both the Yinon Plan and the map of a future Middle East presented by Lieutentant-Colonel (retired) Ralph Peters in the U.S military’s Armed Forces Journal in 2006.

(Balkanization: The Redrawing of the Middle East and ...

Map by Holly Lindem for an article by Jeffery Goldberg in The Atlantic (Map Copyright: The Atlantic, 2008).

In January 2011, 21 people died when bombs hit Christian worshipers in Alexandria.

A week later, an off-duty policeman boarded a train and opened fire, killing a 71-year-old Christian man and wounding his wife and four other people. (sectarian violence in Cairo)

On 8 March 2011, in Cairo:

1. "Thousands of Christians and Muslims clashed."

13 Christians were killed and scores were wounded "as anger rose over the burning of a church in a Cairo suburb.

"It was the second burst of sectarian fighting in two days and the latest in a string of violent protests over a variety of topics...

"The Christians have been angered by last week's burning by a Muslim mob of a church in a Cairo suburb...

"About 2,000 of them cut off a main road running on the eastern side of the city and pelted motorists with rocks. Another crowd of about 1,000 protested outside the TV building in downtown Cairo.

"The group, which included a group of garbage collectors, who are predominantly Christian, demanded equal rights and better quality of life.

"The clashes broke out when they were confronted by Muslims, witnesses said.

"At least one Christian man was killed and about 100 others wounded in the fighting..." (Violence in Egypt widens Philadelphia Inquirer 2011-03-09)

Egypt 2010. Photo AP. Website for this image

2. "Soldiers fired shots in the air to break up the clashes that broke out south of the capital while people burned tires and smashed parked cars...

"Thousands of Christians demonstrated in two other Cairo locations against perceived persecution by the country's Muslim majority...

"Hundreds of Egyptian women ... were confronted by men who verbally abused and shoved them in a separate protest on Cairo's central Tahrir Square.

"Tensions remain high nearly a month after mass protests ousted President Hosni Mubarak." (Cairo clashes ensue)

The church in Sole, a village outside Cairo, was burnt down by Muslim residents who say they will build a mosque in its place. (Religious tensions test Egypt's military rulers)‎

They used to say good things about Egypt.

"Egypt and Tunisia were held up by bodies such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank as pioneers of economic reform in the region." (more upheaval‎)



Anonymous said...

More proof of how Jews are:


Anonymous said...

The numbers now are over 10 dead...and counting...Hundreds of Tribes with Flags to come, courtesy of CIA/MOSSAD in MENA, EURASIA and 2015....

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, pls google pictures of BRADLEY MANNING, normal pics in which he's smiling and a picture who shows him in a "catatonic" state. Clearly its a different person, even a blind can see that. Check my post on Icke's forum, my nick is "Emerald"

When will this Wikileaks circus will end?


Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments.

Re: Manning - they look like two different people.

- Aangirfan.

Anonymous said...

standard tactics: sow chaos and enmity by burning a church here or mosque there...and get the two unwitting groups to clash.

Libya is already experiencing this, and may yet spit in two.

and for those who think the USians would NEVER endorse or commit crimes, read about Raymond Davis;

and the brit/americans who love him


The Realist Report said...

Not sure if you saw this one:

Things seem to be going according to plan. By the way aagirfan, you and your readers may be interested in my latest post I put together regarding Dmitri Khalezov's allegations against former Mossad operative Mike Harari and his involvement in 9/11. It's quite a theory, but I think it makes a lot of sense. See it here:

P2P said...

Anon said...

Note that 'egyptianchronicles' does not support the idea that what is happening in North Africa is organised by the CIA and its friends.

It supports Al Jazeera, Wikileaks etc.

- Aangirfan

Noor al Haqiqa said...

This little ditty also includes a pretty bang on reason for the creation of Al Jazeera. This particular Imam is quite amazing.

"Arab Revolutions" Predicted Back In 2003 - Don't Be Fooled By Plans For A "Greater Israel"

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