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SAS enters Libya (Mail on Sunday).

Libya, once one of the poorest countries in the world, now has the highest Human Development Index score in Africa. (Wikipedia.)

It is well ahead of certain countries in Europe, thanks to Gaddafi.

On 26 February 2011, at the UK's Independent, Peter Popham had an article entitled "Tribalism is key to the Libya's future". (Thanks to Blackwatch for the link)

Popham makes the following points:

1. Gaddafi came to power as a force for modernisation.

2. He "turned the desert green ... and raised the literacy rate from 17% to 80%.

3. He called for an end to tribalism.

Tribalisms influence has weakened, "as more modern ties of schooling and urban neighbourhoods gained in importance."

According to former British ambassador Sir Richard Dalton: "Tribal origins have no existence in Libyan institutions or in public affairs."

Tripoli by gordontour

BUT, Gaddafi opposed the New World Order, and so his country has to be wrecked.

On 27th February 2011 we read that the UK's notorious SAS are in Libya.

"The Special Forces soldiers landed in two C130 Hercules military transport aircraft on a landing strip ... south of the eastern port of Benghazi...

"A senior source confirmed that an advance party of SAS men had been in Libya for several days...

"The SAS party had sneaked into Libya in plain clothes on commercial flights...

The UK's HMS Cumberland "is due to return to Benghazi".

Another Royal Navy ship, the destroyer HMS York, "has also been deployed on standby".

tunisia kids
Tunisians by patduncan10

On 26 February 2011, three people were killed in clashes in Tunisia's capital: (ministry)

Now that Tunisia has been wrecked, thousands are fleeing. (Chaos, militant Islam and thousands fleeing Tunisia.)

According to the Mail on Sunday:

On 20 February 2011 demonstrations continued in Tunisia.

"I see one father with his son, aged five.

"As the police fire warning bullets into the blue sky, I ask him if he is afraid for his child.

"He unzips the boy’s jacket to expose his chest.

"‘My son is ready to take a bullet to the heart for freedom,’ he says.

"The child’s face crumples..."

City Centre- Tripoli - Libya (طرابلس - ليبيا)
Booming Tripoli by TAR3K

"I meet 36-year-old Muhammed.

"He also dreams of getting rich, but not in Tunisia.

"He is unemployed and does not care about the revolution...

"'A few days ago, I heard from a friend of a boat going from Zarzis to Italy.

"I paid $1,800...

"What about the revolution? I ask him.

"'I don’t care about revolution. My dream is Italy,' he says"

The Italian government says 300,000 may try to reach Europe...

Tunisia ... was renowned for being the most liberal of Muslim countries.

"There are troubling signs ... A Polish priest had his throat slit in a suburb of Tunis...

"The Vatican news agency said he was beheaded."


The Pentagon plan may be to make North Africa just like Afghanistan.

"The gangsters, both foreign and Afghan, are the ones now in control of Afghanistan," says General Ali Shah Paktiawol, the former head of Kabul’s Criminal Investigation Department. (How to make a killing in Kabul.)


World cheers as the CIA plunges Libya into chaos, part 2.

World cheers as the CIA plunges Libya into chaos



Anonymous said...

Anyone got more info on this guy?



Anonymous said...

As the uprising started in Libya I didn't know what to think. People were calling in to Al Jazeera saying even bombs were being dropped there by the Ghaddafi government. Then there came a call from someone in Libya saying there were no bombs dropped. Ghaddafi's son said on the libyan news sender that there were no bombs dropped, although people had been killed. He asked for an independent investigation on the matter from outside groups.
Now I am wondering why the UN is acting so quickly on the matter, although we have so many examples where they didn't act at all (3 weeks of bombing on the palestian people for example).
I can't imagine that this is the normal (legal) way of handling, that based on media, the UN should take such quick action without even taking the time to make an investigation to see what is actually true. I mean that is not the way it works in normal courts.
Ghaddafi told the Libyans that if they want change they can have it, and the banks are even giving out interest-free loans to the Libyans to do what they want with it.
Although he is officially still in power, the UN is handling as though he is already gone, but I don't even think that is right (legally).
Another strange thing is that Al Jazeera is only hearing the side of those who have left the government. Is this good journalism? How can these people who have been working for decades for the Ghaddafi government, and have become so rich from it, all of a sudden step down and say it is a fascist regime. These people are living now in the west and are filthy rich, and they are not being questioned in the least of the truthfulness of their accounts as witnesses.
Well, it looks as though the Romans are going to be back in Libya again.

gyg3s said...

US' immunity for Libya mercenaries aim to protect American war criminals

"The United States has come under fire for its provision for the UN Security Council resolution that calls on the International Criminal Court to investigate the killings of Libyan demonstrators.

The U.S. demanded that the UN resolution be worded so that no one from an outside country that is not a member of the ICC could be prosecuted for their actions in Libya."

More details in the link.

This suggests US involvement in the unrest.

Anon said...

Many thanks for the links.

- Aangirfan

gyg3s said...

Does anyone remember the MI6 Plot to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi?

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