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Egypt: the new Haiti? Both Aristide and Mubarak were accused of being corrupt.

Mubarak made Egypt peaceful and more prosperous.

Mubarak is very rich, but so also is the Bush family in the USA.

Most of the leaders in the Gulf region have made fortunes from their links to western companies.

Egypt has had torture, but so also has the USA; the chief torturers work for the USA.

Toppling Saddam did not help Iraq.

Toppling the Shah did not help Iran.

The toppling of Mubarak has already done great damage to Egypt.

* Growth may fall to as low as 1%
* Big price rises
* Investment outflows of up to $1 bln a day
* Key tourism revenues take "big hit" (Egypt inflation to rise ...)

Egyptian children of El-Fayoum
Egyptians by mshamma

Many Egyptians supported Mubarak, particularly in the villages.

Mubarak defended Christians in Egypt, according to His Holiness Shenuda III', the Coptic Pope.

El Soryani is a Coptic Bishop and he strongly supports Mubarak (EGYPT: COPTIC BISHOP: WE SUPPORT MUBARAK.)

In Alexandria people painted over anti-Mubarak graffiti. (Many In Egypt's Ancient Alexandria Support Mubarak : NPR)

One piece of graffiti that declared: The people want to try Mubarak, now reads: The people want Mubarak.

Some Alexandrians say they feared going outside because of pro-Mubarak bullies.

The ruling party HQ

Cairo today, by Kodak Agfa

The protests have left the Egyptian economy in a shambles

"Today Giza is empty - and horse guides like Farag abu Ghanim, who has 25 employees and 35 horses, are in trouble.

"'From where we feed our family?' asked Farag. 'And from where we feed these horses?'

"A horse costs almost $10 a day to feed - Farag has already gone into debt to pay for them. Many more are like him - tourism accounts for one out of every ten jobs in Egypt...

"In central Cairo, shop owners like Abdul al-Sunni say their business is down 70 percent - he is not earning enough to feed his family."

yo soy lo extraño

Egypt by faelius

What lies ahead for Egypt, if so called 'democratic' elections are held?

1. There could be a weak coalition government which may contain the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood.

Rajab Hilal Hamida, a member of the Brotherhood in Egypt's parliament, has said:

"From my point of view, Bin Ladin, al-Zawahiri and al-Zarqawi are not terrorists in the sense accepted by some. I support all their activities." (a Cautionary Note)

This Muslim Brotherhood guy is spouting CIA-Mossad propaganda intended to weaken countries like Egypt.

2. A new Egyptian president may quickly be undermined by acts of false flag terrorism, accusations of government corruption, and disputes with the military.

3. The majority of the Egyptian population will become MUCH poorer and there could be serious malnutrition.

The middle classes will lose some of their savings.

4. There is a risk that Israel will grab the Sinai.

There is a risk that Egypt will be balkanised.

5. Eventually a new leader may emerge.

He could be an American-trained general or even a member of the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood.

fiesta de boda
Egypt by faelius

Indonesia had a CIA 'people power' revolution in 1998.

This was followed by years of dire poverty and much violence.

Now Indonesia is ruled by an American-trained general who once worked for Suharto.

Indonesia is now being invaded by a less-liberal form of Islam and the poor are still struggling.

Most of the 'corrupt' people are still in place - civil servants, police, judges, generals, businessmen and politicians.

Recent visitors to Indonesia have been George Soros and Nat Rothschild.

capturant somriures
Egypt by Kaobanga

According to Irannewsnow (SNAP ANALYSIS: Elbaradei, The Muslim Brotherhood, and a Cautionary Note):

"After the 1979 revolution in Iran, the secularists and the various religious groups united to form a coalition government.

"Within a year, the Islamic Republic party (two of the members of which were Rafsanjani and Khamenei) completely took control and turned Iran into a totalitarian state in the guise of a so-called 'Islamic' republic that took away many of the hard-earned rights that Iranians had gained in the last century...

"I would like to remind people that when Khomeini came to Iran he promised freedom, democracy and human rights...

"In fact, one of the members of the Muslim Brotherhood, involved in the assassination of former liberal Egyptian President Anwar Saddat, is Ayman Al-Zawahiri, one of the leaders of Al Qaeda."

So, the CIA got rid of Sadat as well.

"During the height of the revolution in Iran in 79, the Islamists burned a cinema in Tehran full of people, massacring the people in side (The Rex Cinema Massacre).

"They were able to successfully blame the government of the Shah for this, and they leveraged the anger of the people to further their own position." (SNAP ANALYSIS: Elbaradei, The Muslim Brotherhood, and a Cautionary Note)

The 1979 toppling of the Shah was of course the work of the CIA.


Chicago, 1954
There are poor people in Egypt. But, this photo shows Chicago in the USA.

Life expectancy in Egypt is 70.1 years, the same as in many parts of the USA.

Unemployment in Egypt is LOWER than in the USA.

Some figures (Egypt.):

1. Between 1980 and 2007 Egypt’s Human Development Index (HDI) rose 42%.

2. Egypt’s average annual HDI growth was 10th fastest worldwide and almost double the global average.

3. Between 2005 & 2008 Poverty, as defined by those living under $2/day, fell over 11%

4. Only 16% of the population now live on less than $2 per day.

5. The Gini Index, the international measure of wealth inequality, fell 7% between 1999 & 2007.

6. The share of the poorest 10% in national income rose 5% and the share of richest 10% fell 6% in the same period.

The ratio of the wealth of the richest to the poorest 10% also fell 10%.

School bus - Transport scolaire
Egypt - school bus, by coalvillestation

Egypt has enjoyed economic growth averaging 4%–5% over the past 25 years.

The Egyptian economy was expected to grow at 6.1% in 2010/11. (Egypt - African Economic Outlook)

"Egypt held up well during the first round of the global financial crisis thanks to its reformed banking sector and low integration into global financial markets as a whole." (Egypt - African Economic Outlook)







A. Peasant said...

does the Vatican support Mubarak?

Anonymous said...

"Breaking news: Egypt's President Mubarak resigns from power" Earlier today they said he COULD BE (pay attention, he COULD BE!) in SHARM EL SHEIKH... What a stinky game! Let me tell u that what we actually know as HOSNI MUBARAK is, in fact, an imposter replacement. The real MUBARAK, most likely, died last year, while or after the surgery he had in Germany. Compare his pictures and u shall see for urselves...


Anonymous said...

Don't a lot of al-Qaeda supporters conflate the Muslim Brotherhood with the CIA? The two groups have been at loggerheads for years. Both want to be liberators but both have a different view of Jihad. Propaganda?

Anonymous said...

Al Qaeda => CIA/Mossad product
Muslim Brotherhood => CIA/Mossad product
U get the picture...


Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but my impression is that this is a military coup made to look like a grassroots bid for freedom - perhaps to stave off the kind of economic and political shockwaves an agressive coup would have sent through the Middle East and beyond - and agreed in principle with the Western allies. I think the whole facebook/twitter angle was deliberately hyped up to shift media interest away from what was going on behind the scenes; namely - the negotiations undertaken by the Military, Mubarak and the West. And I'm assuming that this is thye area in whcih foreign agencies were able to offer the most support: the public relations side of things. The coup was going to happen whether the Western Allies intervened or not - but they couldn't be seen to be giving their backing to an aggressive military coup, so I think they cooked up the whole touch-feely spectacle in an effort to win wider public backing and to lend a sense of reassurance to the volatile markets. People will walk away from this feeling this is a win for democracy rather than a hostile and undemocratic seizing of power. The reality is - all coups - however bloodless - veto the rights of the public. Whichever way you look at them they are anti-democratic. Perhaps they modelled it on that of Portugal in '74 (even if it looks destined to evolve more like the militarized democracy of Nigeria). Go check out the economic consequences of the coup d'état in Thailand in 2006 and then times it by 100.

Perhaps it may be worth revisiting coups like those in Turkey in 1980 etc.


Anon said...

Thailand and Turkey will be worth a look.

The Vatican is pretending to be neutral.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the precious insights, Aangirfan.
Israel Iran USA China are being used to build up a third world war.
Fascists and Bankers thrive on wars.

The leader of the people action street theatre part of the revolution
gets paid by CIA-Google, uses "Jewish" Facebook and Twitter
and gets promoted as a winner and hero by CNN and "TheTruthseeker"
"Cairo protesters erupt in celebration" CNN 2011-02-11

Ghonim: "I am telling you Egypt is going to be a democratic state"
Democratic as in rigged puppet show (see USA, UK, EU, Israel, Venezuela, UNO).
RussiaToday is celebrating too:
"Egypt: celebrating people’s will"

Did anybody ask the Egyptian people ? Was there a poll ?
Do you remember the psyop with the Iraqis paid to
be on camera when the US military toppled a statue of Saddam Hussein ?
It looks like Facebook finally told the Egyptians what they really want.
Facebook, like Wikipedia and Wikileaks is known for heavy censorship.
They are about as democratic as Hitler Stalin and modern school boards.

nobody said...

Hey Aang,

Have you read Pilger's latest piece? I find the whole Egyptian caper really confusing. I barely know what to think.

I don't doubt that there's that tavistock variety of meddling in this brouhaha but like I was saying over at Kenny's one day that chaos theory butterfly will fuck things up. In a chaotic world eventually the decimal place one beyond where you've rounded to will be the one that counts. Next thing you know (three cycles technically) the result of the equation is a million miles from what you expected. Maybe this is it?

We're not there yet and I'm thinking there's still hope. Ciao Ciao.

brian said...

interesting that Angryfan opposes the will of the egyptian people..the majority wanted Mubarak gone. And he is gone.What happens now is up to the peopel now in power and their backers: the US.
But angryfan, i see you are ironic that you end up siding with the israelis who also wanted Mubarak to remain!
Yes the CIA or freedom house are likely lurking in the scenery..FH certainly is.
Your list of risks are the risks that any change brings...the big issue is that Suleiman will be in power and he like you supports Mubarak!
in other words, your post i amess of paranoia with not much to substantiate other than the usual fears

Gus said...

i WISH THAT YOU WERE WRONG. I FEAR THAT YOU ARE RIGHT. I REPOST YOUR ARTICLES TO FACEBOOK, 95% of the idiots are presently going through orgasms over Mubarak going, your work makes me feel less alone.

A13 said...

Hi Aangirfan,
I've added you to my blog list , i hope you don't mind.
It's all systems go in Egypt now and i wonder who is next on the agenda??
We hope that the People get through these times safely and peacefully.
Thanks for your blog, truly inspirational and thought provoking. Cheers A13.

Anonymous said...

Vatican? Tavistock? What next? Bilderberg? Some readers should really put down their Icke bibles and get to grips with more complex background reading. All these things are the poltergeists and blackdogs of the modern world - mythologies that in the absence of real understanding - help make sense of the modern world and all the political and economic realities. Israel is going to be less and important as the years go on. It's days as a belligerent state are numbered. Do you seriously think that all those who have invested in Iraq and all those who will invest in Egypt will allow Israel to jeopardise all that?

If the CIA and Mossad were really that all powerful there would be no need for all these tricks and psy ops. There was clearly western influence here but the major impetus came from the Egyptian military who allowed the protests to swell to the size they did with a little prompting from social networking sites. The protests provided the perfect smokescreen for an aggressive and controversial military coup. That's how their names have managed to stay out of the news.


Anonymous said...

My last comment was probably being a bit hard on Icke. I think he opens up discussion on things that might otherwise slip by - but I think his crude oversimplifications of political and economic realities ultimately does more harm than good. Only the truth will set people free. His theories have mass appeal to those who find rifling through the broad-sheets and archives too much like hardwork. But this is no excuse in my book. Everybody has the same opportunities and ploughing through books and archives and reading the foreign press is the only route to truth - not cherrypicking which tomes you work through - but reading as widely and impartially as possible.


Anon said...

John Pilger's piece looks like nonsense.

- Aangirfan

A. Peasant said...

"Vatican? Tavistock? What next? Bilderberg? Some readers should really put down their Icke bibles"

why do you make a strawman because i asked about the Vatican?

no need to lecture BW.

nobody said...

Okay Okay, you're right Aang. Pilger is getting sillier and sillier. It'll be a sad day when I remove him from my bloglist. The thing is it'd be nice if there was something we could be optimistic about. You know what I mean?

Otherwise Tavistock? Why not? It's a pretty short six degrees of separation between Tavistock, colour-coded revolutions, and Tahrir Square. Otherwise the precise wording was 'Tavistock variety' which is to say, of or like those who study psychological warfare particularly in terms of manipulating people in large numbers. What did you want to tell us BW? That such things don't exist?

Hey folks, who is BW? Anyone significant? Or some come-from-nowhere johnny come lately? I'm pretty sure he's never hung out at my place.

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