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Mubarak wanted Nukes, to deter Israel.

The United States does not rule out military action 'in response to the Libyan crackdown'. (Gun battles rage in Libya, US examines options )

Remember when NATO broke up Yugoslavia.

British special forces are ready to go to Libya (Libya: Special forces could help evacuate stranded oil workers)

UK and US special forces have already been working alongside Libyan special forces. (SAS trains Libyan troops - Telegraph)

The US and Libyan military sometimes work together.

On 23 February 2011, Yoichi Shimatsu, at New America Media, writes that America's Next War Looms in Libya

From this we learn:

1. On 22 February 2011, Gaddafi accused the USA of organising the current rebellion against his regime.

Now there are calls for the U.S. military to impose a no-fly zone over Libyan airspace, as was done over Kosovo during the NATO campaign to partition Yugoslavia in the late 1990s.

"In the Balkans case, the no-fly policy led to shoot-downs followed by an invasion of ground troops."

2. The Pentagon has a special forces base in the southwestern region of Fezzan in Libya.

Under a $165 million contract, General Dynamics provided high-tech communications for Libya's mobile elite forces.

The US Embassy's Jared Caplan talking with Libyan officials in the south region of Libya.

3. As shown in U.S. diplomatic cables, the US intrigues against Gadhafi involve secret ties with the Islamic Fighting Group, or al-Jamaa al-Islamiyya al-Muqatilah, which is on the State Department list of terrorist groups.

4. When confronted by Libyan officials, Al Jazeera producers admitted to broadcasting faked tapes.

For example, fake tapes of jets flying (in daylight) over protesters (in nighttime darkness).

That admission of falsified images could back the regime's claims of atrocities against civilians being exaggerated and sometimes fabricated.

SAS in Libya, WWII

5. What is happening across North Africa, is a U.S.-sponsored Islamic uprising, similar to the bloody Muslim coup against Indonesian independence leader Sukarno.

6. Mubarak wanted Egypt to have nuclear weapons in order to restrain Israeli aggression in Gaza and Lebanon.

The supplier of uranium would be Libya.

There has been a French-Libyan agreement to jointly build a civilian nuclear power plant, proposed during President Nicholas Sarkozy's visit to Tripoli in July 2007.

Libyan-Chadian uranium could be transported to Egypt via Ben Ali's Tunisia.

"Washington, as the protector of Israel's nuclear monopoly over the Mideast and Africa, went for a takedown of all three regimes."

MUCH MORE HERE: America's Next War Looms in Libya



brian said...

has anyone thought to take a look at the Libya opposition which is behind this unrest?

Must read:

brian said...

more from Tony cartalucci

brian said...

more on the libyan opposition who fomented this rebellion:

The Voice of the Libyan People had a four year career with broadcasts against Muammar Qadhafi and Libya between 1984 and 1988. It was proclaimed as the voice for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), a group consisting of exiled opponents of Qadhafi's regime headed by Aly Abuzaakouk that was founded in 1981. This group, according to Perry Shultz,, established ties with the CIA which saw the organization as the most potent opposition against Tripoli (Perry, p.165).

brian said...

Gadaffi the man...till recently:
'al-Ahmed: Unlike other leaders, Gaddafi, himself, did not live a life of luxury. He lives, at least publicly, a simple life. He lives in a small place. He does not have massive palaces. His children yes, but himself, no. He basically lives a fairly simple life and until a month and a half ago he was walking in Tripoli among the people without fear of anybody attacking him. So, he has support within the Libyan society. It is not maybe over 50 percent; I would say maybe 40 percent - for some because he distributed money among them and for some because he was the only person they knew and they think this is the best thing that could happen to Libya. But the majority of the people do not like him, because he could have done better. To be honest, I do not understand why he could not use that oil money to make his country better; maybe it is because of his own incapacity to understand the need to build'
Press TV: With the popular support that you say he enjoys among some part of the population, it is ironic that his relationship with the people is one of love and hate. As you say, about 45 days ago he was walking among them and nothing was happening to him, and today we have people who are willing to give their lives for him to be collapsed

id like to see any american president do this!
But it underlines the strange change we see...

brian said...

back in 1996, the real face of the CIA backed National Front for the Salvation of Libya

'Information from CIABASE files reveals:


Libya, 92 Most guerrillas of cia-backed national salvation front from
Libyan students living in u.s. And europe. Washington post 4/18/92 a15


Libya, 84 In may 84 15 gunmen attacked the residence of col. Qadhafi. A
Sudan-based group called the national libya salvation front claimed
Responsibility for the attack. Nair, k. (1986). Devil and his dart 98

Libya, 84 The cia backed, trained and continues to support the exile
Group that tried to assassinate qaddafi in 84. The plot failed and qaddafi
Executed a number of the group. The cia-backed group is called the national
Front for the salvation of libya (nfsl) and is led by gen youssef
Magarieff. The saudis have provided $7 million to the nfsl. Cia agents
Advised nfsl leaders and trained their recruits in western europe, sudan
And morocco. Jack anderson washington post 6/12/85

Libya, saudi arabia, 84 Despite an executive order forbidding
Assassinations, the cia trained and supported the national front for the
Salvation of libya before, during and after its attempt to assassinate
Qaddafi on 5/8/84. The anti-qaddafi group was slaughtered in a day-long
Battle less than a mile from the barracks where qaddafi was. Group's
Leader, youssef magarieff, went ahead with op to show his cia and saudi
Arabian backers what they got for support. Jack anderson washington post

brian said...

Venezuela's top diplomat on Thursday echoed Fidel Castro's accusation that Washington is fomenting unrest in Libya to justify an invasion to seize North African nation's oil reserves.

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro claimed the United States is trying to create a movement inside Libya aimed at toppling Moammar Gadhafi.

Anon said...

Dear Brian,

Many thanks for all the links.

I will make use of them soon.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Hey check this out. This is the one big factor I totally missed in all these effing "revolutions" but it makes total sense now that I saw this - The Muslim Banks !! They are escaping the IMF engineered recession, but not anymore!

Here's the link -

brian said...

this is worth a look too..From Stratfor:

'Gadhafi’s son, Seif al-Islam, oversaw the program to rehabilitate LIFG militants, which his personal charity managed. The regime’s continued concern over the LIFG was clearly demonstrated early on in the unrest when it announced that it would continue the scheduled release from custody of LIFG fighters.

The Sinjar reports also reflected that more than 60 percent of the Libyan fighters had listed their home city as Darnah and almost 24 percent had come from Benghazi. These two cities are in Libya’s east and happen to be places where some of the most intense anti-Gadhafi protests have occurred in recent days. Arms depots have been looted in both cities, and we have seen reports that at least some of those doing the looting appeared to have been organized Islamists.

A U.S. State Department cable drafted in Tripoli in June 2008 made available by WikiLeaks talked about this strain of radicalism in Libya’s east. The cable, titled “Die Hard in Derna,” was written several months after the release of the report on the Sinjar files. Derna is an alternative transliteration of Darnah, and “Die Hard” was a reference to the Bruce Willis character in the Die Hard movie series, who always proved hard for the villains to kill. The author of the cable, the U.S. Embassy’s political and economic officer, noted that many of the Libyan fighters who returned from fighting in transnational jihad battlefields liked to settle in places like Darnah due to the relative weakness of the security apparatus there. The author of the cable also noted his belief that the presence of these older fighters was having an influence on the younger men of the region who were becoming radicalized, and the result was that Darnah had become “a wellspring of foreign fighters in Iraq.” He also noted that some 60-70 percent of the young men in the region were unemployed or underemployed.

which suggests what most bloggers are ignorant of: who is doing the violence

Anonymous said...

It doesnt look too good, does it?

Gaddafi's son joining the protesters? C'mon...

And all fucked up in Saudi Arabia?


Canspeccy said...

This all seems straight forward.

At one time the US was happy with a friendly strongman and dictator: a son-of-a-bitch, but our son-of-a-bitch.

Trouble with dictators is that though they may have secret police, torture chambers and dungeons, they nevertheless need the support, or at least the apathetic acquiescencee, of the mass of the people. So they tend not to be all bad. They try to make sure everyone has bread and that every man has the prospect of a job.

But this kind of nationalism isn't good for the NWO. It's not efficient. Why give everyone in Egypt bread if it only results in there being more useless Egyptians. What's needed is government committed to globalization. Let the jobs go and the resources go wherever the forces of monopoly capitalism dictate.

So here's the new scheme. First we foment violence, then we go in to stop it, then we instigate a democratic revolution, then we buy the government.

If the government won't be bought, we buy the opposition and fund it at the next election.

Soon people in all the non-democratic states with valuable resources will gain the freedoms that we in the West already enjoy: namely, the freedom of the plutocratic elite to export capital and outsource jobs; annihilate the local culture with crap commercial entertainment, junk food and corporate news media; and swamp out the indigenous population with cheap immigrant labor from Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Neon Messiah said...

Are you trying to say that the whole North african uprising has been planned and orchestrated by the US and it's allies.

I think you have been watching to many Hollywood conspiracy stories my friend.

The brave people of the area have started this uprising.

What the West is doing now is capitalising on the turmoil to get rid off Gaddafi and get their hands on his oil although they won't admit this. Read more on my blog:

Anonymous said...

i worked for General Dynamics UK
on this military upgrading project
of the elite brigade (32 brigade)
i was there for over 16 months
all ok'd by the british goverment
in an attempt to secure oil deals
this is a hard fact and i have proof in the form of documents and meeting agendas from when we had visits with british officials
and the libyan military chamis and saif included

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