Monday, February 14, 2011


Tunisian stock market.

Tunisia is now in a bit of a mess.

"The Italian government has declared a humanitarian emergency after nearly 3,000 migrants arrived in the south of the country in the last few days.

"Officials say most of the migrants are from Tunisia, which has seen continued turmoil since the 14 January."

(Tunisian migrants continue to head for Italy / Tunisia unrest: Italy's state of emergency as 4000 illegal immigrants arrive ...)

More fakery

Many Tunisians are not happy.

What has happened since 14 January 2011, when Ben Ali was toppled?

"Frustrations have already boiled over in cities like Kasserine, where protesters late last month ransacked and looted public buildings, and Kef, where at least four people were killed earlier this month in clashes between protesters and security forces...

"A group of young women standing at the entrance to Entilaka... described continued chaos since Ben Ali’s ouster.

"We live in terror, the children are not going to school," said one young mother. "We don’t sleep at night, there are a lot of robberies and looting."

(Freedom and worry a month after Tunisia uprising )

"A number of businesses in Sousse were ... looted and vandalised by a group armed with clubs and knives."

(Tunisia calls up army reserves to confront unrest)

Fitch ratings agency has slashed its 2011 economic growth forecast for Tunisia to 2% from 5% and forecast foreign direct investment could fall by a third.

(Economic options limited for new Tunisian govt‎ )

George W. Bush talked about 'democracy' taking hold in Iraq and then the region.

More fakery.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Aan,...So much for people power, yeah right: The "chosen people" power; of course, the dirty yids over at CHAOS headquarters in Tel Aviv will be rubbing their blood-stained meat-hooks with glee. It would appear to them, no doubt, that everything is going according to plan, or should I say protocol?


Anonymous said...

The Tunisian stock market chart looks like a classic "Pump and Dump" manoeuvre from the usual suspects.
No doubt, the Egyptian stock market chart looks the same.

Profiting from the destruction they cause.

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