Monday, February 07, 2011


Should you invest in the UK?

Or is the UK becoming 'Third World'?

One weekend we visited a friend in a large UK hospital.

There was only one doctor on duty covering all the wards in the main part of the hospital.

Various patients, and nurses, described to us the filth and chaos.

There were reports of alcohol being consumed and nurses partying.

When a patient suddenly needed oxygen, that patient had to wait many, many hours before oxygen was supplied.

My impression was that many of the staff were very 'down-market'.

One retired member of staff, from a different hospital, told us of the occasion when a large number of doctors got sick at the same time.

It was discovered that the lady who cleaned the doctors' canteen was using the same cloth to clean both the toilet and the doctors' cups and plates.

The problem is NOT lack of money.

Vast sums have been poured into the National Health Service.

The problem is that key decisions about hospitals, and schools, are being made by grubby politicians and incompetent administrators.

Hospitals are no longer run by wise old doctors and wise old 'ward sisters'.

On 4 February 2011, in the Financial Times, we learn about the deterioration in the quality of care in Britain's hospitals.

According to Eva Figes:

1. "In the 1950s ... the ward sister ruled like a stern queen over her kingdom.

"She knew every patient and every nurse. She accompanied the doctors when they made their rounds...

2. "I have recently had the misfortune to spend a good deal of time in an National Health Service hospital ... and I was genuinely shocked by some of the nursing care I received...

3. "I found myself in an enormous ... ward, staffed almost exclusively by men and women of African origin. Some were better than others, but the overall atmosphere, for the most part, was one of careless and often uncaring chaos.

4. "Nurses now come into hospital after spending three years getting a diploma and they no longer work as a team.

"Any request is likely to be met with the reply, 'It’s not my job'...

5. "The more menial jobs are left to auxiliaries, who take your blood pressure, make the beds and help you to wash, but there are few of them, and when they are off duty you are left to your own devices...

6. "I found I had to rely on myself to make sure that my carer ... gave me the pills I had been prescribed...

7. "There have been cases of patients dying of starvation because food was left by their bedside and simply removed uneaten after a certain time...

8. "Ward sisters ... clearly exert little or no authority... "ward sisters do not require their nurses to report back. The result can be mayhem.

9. "The nights were the worst... Lights were left blazing, nurses on the night shift talked at the top of their voices... visitors were often allowed to stay long after 8pm...

"If someone needed help during the night the night staff were often unavailable...


It's not just Britain's hospitals.

It's also Britain's schools, police forces, social work departments, etc.

It's also Britain's parliament and media.



brian said...

theyre adopting the american model

Anonymous said...

the british monarchy and rothsschild central banks is the problem. they took all your money. and britain has exported it;s usury shitstem to most of the world. enjoy the royal wedding. 'we mean it man'

aferrismoon said...

I think the magic word to make you better is GO-PRIVATE.


subrosa said...

I'm sending this to two of my friends Aangirfan. They're retired nursing sisters and both are appalled at the state of today's hospitals. They write to as many people they can to complain but are even more infuriated with the political replies they receive. One even offered to work free of charge to show nursing and cleaning staff how they should do their job. Their offer wasn't accepted on the grounds that the health board concerned had adequate training management.


scotbot said...

You can't sell privatisation to the UK sheeple if everything is working well in the public sector.

So best to run it down, whilst all the time pretending to have its best interests at heart.

This scam goes across the party divide; they're all at it.

Hence the system will gradually get worser and worser, because this plays into the longterm plan.

Why not privatise immediately, because no one wants that.

Only by making it appear that there is no alternative will privatisation happen and the systematic, progressive dismantling of the UK public sector is the method in the madness.

Anonymous said...

This is whats going on in the public hospital in Darwin Australia. and they call it the "Royal Darwin Hospital"..i know i had a baby there in 2009..i discharched myself after 2 days after a c section..utter disgusting incompetency.
ps.. TB is prevelant in these hospitals you should know.
pps..yes..go private.

Anonymous said...

The elite guarantee their sproglettes well-paid employment. But they find hard work and dedication to duty a trifle beneath them. Not to mention the low wages in the public sector. So some bright spark proposed a new system where they could wear nice suits and polished shoes and walk about with a sheath of papers under their arms, 'lookin' good, baby,' drinking coffee at Starbucks, not some shitty staff canteen, and to make it perfect, not actually DO anything, and get great salaries to boot! It bothers them not standards dropped to the (dirty) floor, for they've never used the common-folk (read: small people) systems anyway, they have their excellent private healthcare system, for example, which is actually paid for by the unsuspecting common-man.

I've always been a hairy-arsed worker, union man, safety-officer, up to me arse in shyte, though the last years I was 'on the buses' in a uniform, having been Thatchered. As a lad I was taught honour, integrity, loyalty, hard work, by people of the same ilk. The same people, medical, police, ex-service-men, tradesmen, road-sweepers, all who fought a war when their country called, would go puce if they saw how it is today, all they put into it was all for nothing. Not not of them ever worked for the money, but to serve mankind.

But I'd do it all again, exactly the same. Sooner that than change sides and become a pudgy, shiney-cheeked, be-suited TWAT.

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