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Jeffrey Epstein likes boys?

"Maximilia Cordero, who stepped forward ... with a lawsuit claiming she'd engaged in 'bizarre and unnatural sex acts' with Epstein while in her teens, was born Maximillian Cordero in 1983, records show." NY Post

"Jeffrey Epstein was once presented with three 12-year-olds from France as a birthday gift...

"He brought over a 14-year-old from the Balkans whom he called his 'Yugoslavian sex slave.'" (Sex Trafficking - The Daily Beast )

'Mossad spy' Robert Maxwell (Ján Ludvík Hoch) and his daughter Ghislaine.

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, is a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein who was jailed for involvement with 'child prostitutes'. Ghislaine Maxwell is 'just like her Daddy' - Mail Online.

Former Mossad officer Ari Ben-Menashe reported that in 1986 Robert Maxwell tipped off the Israeli Embassy in London that Mordechai Vanunu had given information about Israel's nuclear capability to the Sunday Times.

Jeffrey Epstein. Photo by Patrick McMullan. (Website for this image)

Jeffrey Epstein is a member of the the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

He supports the Friends of Israel Defense Forces.

He has donated money to the Palm Beach Police Department. (Jeffrey Epstein - Wikipedia)

Virginia Roberts, friend of Epstein and Prince Andrew.

Does Mossad run pedophile rings?

Virginia Roberts worked for Jeffrey Epstein.

She has stated that when she was aged 15 "She was 'given' to men ranging in age from their 40s to their 60s.

"They included a well-known businessman, a world-renowned scientist, a respected liberal politician and foreign head of state."

On 27th February 2011, in the Mail on Sunday, we read about

Prince Andrew and the teen girl his sex offender friend Jeffrey Epstein flew to Britain to meet him.

From this we learn:

1. Jeffrey Epstein was jailed, for 18 months, for soliciting underage prostitutes.

He escaped a 20-year sex trafficking sentence.

Around 20 February 2011, photographs appeared which showed Prince Andrew with Jeffrey Epstein.

Virginia Roberts, who was at the centre of the Epstein case, has revealed to The Mail on Sunday that, while employed by Epstein, she was flown across the world to be introduced to Prince Andrew.

2. Andrew is friends with Epstein and with Epstein’s confidante Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of (Mossad agent) Robert Maxwell.

Epstein's friends have included Woody Allen, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

3. Virginia Roberts was 15 years old when she got to know Epstein in 1998.

She alleges that her duties included being "sexually exploited by Epstein's adult male peers including royalty".

4. Virginia Roberts, who now lives in Australia, was born in Sacramento, California, in 1983.

She was sexually molested by 'a man close to her family'.

Aged 11, she was sent to live with an aunt.

Three years later, she started a new life with her father, in Palm Beach, Florida.

Her father was maintenance manager at Donald Trump’s country club, Mar-a-Lago.

5. Aged 15, she met Ghislaine Maxwell, who arranged for her to work as Epstein’s masseuse.

Her father drove her to Epstein's Palm Beach mansion.

Epstein also owns a nine-storey home in New York, a 7,500-acre ranch in New Mexico and an atoll in the US Virgin Islands.

Virginia worked for Epstein for four years.

For three of those years, she was under Florida's age of consent.

6. "Basically, I was training to be a prostitute for him and his friends who shared his interest in young girls," she says.

"The way it usually worked was I’d be sent to meet a man on the private island Jeffrey owned in the Caribbean, or at his ranch in New Mexico, which was really isolated...

"I met famous friends of his such as Al Gore and Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell."





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aferrismoon said...

And all the Miley Cyrus' of this world just make it more appealing for the aspiring youngster - and I am implying that the entertainment industry is a Mossad [ and others] Psy-Op.

Anyhow Iran has complained about the Olympic logo reading Zion. Its quite funny to read the incredulous reports - really does it, I can't see it.

Doubtless a double whammy on Iran and the pissed-off-with-Zionism bloggers


Anonymous said...

...and Naomi Campbell's name pops up again....

Did you know Hatton Garden carry diamonds around in the shop in a crisp fold of paper, so if they drop it they don't spend hours scrabbling around on the foor desperately looking for a tiny diamond? And carry them around in the streets wrapped in 'dirty pieces of scrunched-up paper'? This so if attacked it is hopefully overlooked, or is dropped on the ground to be recovered later. The briefcase they carry is usually just for show, empty, and if not, the courier is surrounded by 'discrete security'.

Why did Mandela allow Charles Taylor into his compound (why was he there, period) it is fact he didn't want him there, was very angry about it; why did he then let Taylor stay to dinner; why did Mandela hoof-it to his quarters the moment the dinner was over, leaving Taylor to wander as he will around the place, unhindered by Mandela's security; why would Taylor want to give Naomi uncut diamonds, when he certainly had access to cut ones worth a lot more, and FAR more impressive?

Answer: (My jaundiced, but based on life-experience, view)
It's not about countries, race, religion or colour, but about the top TRIBES who rule this world. And they are, by deliberate intent, from all races, religions, colour. Taylor is much a higher-ranking Mason than Mandela (who is just a puppet in my opinion, a sop for the people, a 'pop-star') and thus could order Mandela around like the insignificant little puppet he actually is. Taylor was there for some reason not recounted (laundering his ill-gotten gains?) saw Naomi, got the hots, demanded to stay, demanded ...her. Probably a Masonic sex-slave anyway. But she had her pimp with her - sorry, modelling-agent. I was the toy-boy of such an agent when a lad, and know this sort of stuff from personal observation (no, unfortunately not used-and-abused-and-paid, I'd be a wealthy man today if so, not a simple, poor, pensioner!!) It was cash on the nose and Naomi was expensive - well, I'D pay 10,000 bucks for an hour with her! (hour? 30 seconds more like. But what a way to go, lads!!!) So he drove to his hotel and got some of his emergency-fund, the 'shitty little dirty stones in a grubby piece of scrunched-up paper'.

Under all the glamour it's a dirty world out there.

Anonymous said...

I am reading an interesting book about Paul Lir Alexander, the Baron of Cocaine. He was recruited by the Mossad. He was envolved in the Iran-Contra affair.
The Mossad created this one talent agency in Brazil. They groomed this girl, "Xuxa". She is a big kids star all over latin America. Believe or not, she appeared in a porno movie seducing a child.
Anyway, this guy used to send billions of dollars worht of cocaine inside of Siemens generators to Miami. He was a good friend of the royalty of Europe.

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the info in the comments.

- Aangirfan

SizzleChest said...

This is all aberrant behaviour - thank you for posting this piece.

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly Epstein helped Prince Andrew’s debt-ridden former wife, Sarah Ferguson, avoid bankruptcy; a pattern of financial engraftation that has allowed the Jews to pull the strings of the British Royals since the later part of the rule of Queen Elisabeth I. While the FBI is reportedly to reopen its investigation of his involvement with underage girls, given the fact that he is a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and supports the ‘Friends of Israel Defense Forces’, it is doubtful that Epstein’s possible connections to the Israeli Mossad will be scrutinized.

Anonymous said...

The Promised Land of Organized Crime - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUOzlTZWXV0&feature=player_embedded

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