Friday, February 04, 2011


Vitaly Razdobudko

In January 2011, a bomb went off at Moscow's Domodedovo airport.

A man born as a Christian, Vitaly Razdobudko, is allegedly one of the 'bombers'.

Razdobudko reportedly converted to Islam.

Russia has around 23 million Muslims; this is the largest Muslim population in Europe.

Razdobudko was 'converted' by a Russian named Anton Stepanenko.

In 2006, Stepanenko was convicted of holding a man hostage.

In Stepanenko's home, police found Wahhabist literature and a manual on explosives.

Stepanenko recruits and brainwashes people for the Saudis, or Mossad or elements of the Russian FSB?

According to state-run Novosti, Razdobudko was not the man seen at Domodedovo.

A video camera "clearly shows that it is a different person," a police source told the agency. (Red Terror File. )

When Moskovsky Komsomolets surveyed its readers about the Domodedovo airport 'terrorist' attack in Moscow, 41% of Muscovites responded that the attack was most likely organized by past or present members of Russia's siloviki (security services)

Jewish folks have been influential in the Russian and other security services. (aangirfan: DO JEWS RUN THE SECURITY SERVICES?)

In the case of the Domodedovo attack, a security firm linked to Israel (ICTS) was running the "security" at the airport. (See here)

There could be a link to Russia's recognition of Palestine? (Penny for your thoughts: Suspect in Moscow Airport bombing ... )

And a link to the continued inprisonment of Khodorovsky?

Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries were among the first responders to the bombing.

No Jews were among the dead. (Chabad at Bombed Moscow Airport.)

According to Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov (No Sun Without Medvedev ):

"Over the last 11 years in Russia, the number of terrorist attacks has risen dramatically.

"From 2000 to 2009, they have increased more than sixfold and reached the astronomical figure of more than 750 incidents a year."


The Realist Report said...

Very fishy event, as all these bombing are. Staged operation? Seems pretty clear to me, especially considering ICTS was in control of security.

Anonymous said...

I knew someone from Russia that very often used to send a few dollars to the Palestinians. I found out that her family imigrated to Israel and was living in some of these illegal settlements built by the Israel. I could not really make sense of her actions. Maybe this money sent to the Palestinians would end up somewhere else, or had some other hidden intent.

Anonymous said...

Even a blind can see the aim of this event: blame Muslims, therefore destroy them. The same old story... Of course, most sheeple rushed to blame then/the Chechens...


Anonymous said...

Remember wikileaks mentioned Putin's billion dollar home just a few days before the bomb blast at the airport. Call me cynical but I think the airport attack was used to deflect attention away from his mansion.

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