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Why have we not yet had the full truth about Lockerbie?

Part of the problem is Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party government in Edinburgh.

We are losing faith in Salmond and the SNP.

On 3 February 2011, at the Scottish Review:, journalist Kenneth Roy has written about the Megrahi Scandal.

For the truth to be revealed, the Scottish National Party government in Scotland needs only four weeks

Kenneth Roy makes the following points:

1. Professor Robert Black QC wonders why the Scottish National Party (SNP), 'untainted by past association with the Megrahi case', has decided not to 'confront this judicial scandal and attempt to correct it'.

2. The SNP's Alex Salmond became Scotland's First Minister in 2007.

He could have got rid of Elish Angiolini, the 'lord advocate', the top government legal officer.

But, strangely, he kept her in office.

"It feels in retrospect like one of his few serious political misjudgements..."

Angiolini "was never likely to pursue Lockerbie with the greatest zeal."

3. Since December 2010, "the position of the Scottish government has become quite impossible."

Here are two statements.

Statement 1

There are six grounds for believing that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred.

It is in the interests of justice to refer the case to the court of appeal.

Statement 2

Megrahi was convicted by a Scottish court, and Scottish ministers do not doubt the safety of his conviction.

4. Statement 1 – was the conclusion of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, an agency of the Scottish government, in 2007.

There were two years of "unexplained delays while the prisoner's second appeal was prepared".

In the end, the appeal was never heard.

"Megrahi, long frustrated by the impediments put in his way, dropped his appeal – it is generally believed as a pre-condition of his release."

5. Statement 2 is from a Scottish government briefing just before Christmas 2010.

"Statement 2 flatly contradicts Statement 1."

6. The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission's report has never been published.

The Salmond government says publication of the report is impossible without the permission of all the parties concerned and that all the parties have not consented.

Professor Black says the Scottish government would require only four weeks "to rescind this intolerable prohibition and allow the public access to the full report."


There is no point in supporting the Scottish National Party if it is being run by 'the bad guys'.


A Must Read - Kenneth Roy



subrosa said...

There is to be a second part by Kenneth Roy Aangirfan, but I believe it's delayed because he's still gathering information.

Or, just maybe he's been warned off...

Anonymous said...

Once again you've hit the spot.

The 3 May 2007 election was rigged. It was going to be an SNP landslide. Hence the bizzare 'only one more seat than Labour'. And the SNP won seats that don't add-up.

This set-up the hung parliament for political gerrymandering to ensue to the detriment of Scotland. The three unionist parties, Labour, Conservatives and Lideral Democrats could have disolved the Scottish Parliament at any time. Why didn't they? A very good question.

Alex Salmond and the the other cabinet incumbents are controlled by the London Establishment. The SNP 'top-table' has effectively hijacked the Independence Movement.

Vote rigging and media propaganda will see Labour getting their greasy criminally corrupt little hands on the controls come May. Scotland will suffer like never before.

Scotland: The only country in the world to discover oil and become poorer.

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