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Mubarak in China.

Under Mubarak, Egypt was too strong for Israel to attack.

Lebanon looked an easier target for Israel.

Egypt may now become like Lebanon.

When might Israel, and the USA, have decided to topple Mubarak?

In March 2010, Debka (which, as a comment below reminds us, may provide disinformation) reported that Mubarak had cancer.

In July 2010 late stage pancreatic cancer was reportedly found in Mubarak. (Mubarak Shaken After Cancer Surgery ...)

But even before then, the USA and Israel may have decided to plot against Egypt.

Israel would like Egypt to be like Lebanon?

In 1948 Israel was at war with Egypt

In 1956: Israel tried to seize the Suez Canal and topple Nasser's regime in Egypt. Israel hoped it might also at the same time grab the West Bank, parts of the Sinai, and parts of Lebanon. (The myth of Israel's strategic genius. )

In 1967: Israel seized the Sinai in Egypt, as well as the West Bank, Golan Heights and Gaza Strip. (The myth of Israel's strategic genius.)

In 1973 Israel was at war with Egypt.

In 1981 President Mubarak came to power and he "has effectively boycotted Israel.

"Egypt's state-controlled newspapers continued to demonize Israel.

"All ties on the bilateral level between Egypt and Israel have been frozen including tourism, commerce, and industry." (Egypt and Israel: A Reversible Peace :: Middle East Quarterly)

Under Mubarak, Egypt became stronger economically and militarily; too strong for Israel to attack.


In 1991, the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood began pressing more strongly for a strict Islamic state.

In 1999, Mubarak visited China.

He signed a joint communique with Chinese President Jiang Zeming on establishing a strategic and cooperative relationship between Egypt and China.

In 2002: Mubarak denounced Israel

Mubarak made a televised speech bitterly condemning Israel and accusing it of using state terrorism to crush the Palestinians.

Mubarak said that following their barbaric and systematic aggression, the Israelis were in the process of destroying evidence of the horrendous crimes perpetrated under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

In 2003: Mubarak opposed the Iraq invasion.

In 2003: Israel protested Egypt's use of unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, to spy on Israeli military facilities.

Israel reportedly threatened to shoot down the drones whose flights violate the peace treaty and prompted increased concern over Egypt's military buildup (Jerusalem Post, December 21, 2003) (Myth and Fact: Egypt's Peace Treaty with Israel)

Egypt has purchased Scud missiles from North Korea and is believed to possess chemical weapons (Center for Strategic and International Studies, United Nations (UN) Institute for Disarmament Research). (Myth and Fact: Egypt's Peace Treaty with Israel)

Israel wants the Sinai?

In March 2010, it was reported that Mubarak had cancer.

In April 2010, it was reported that a weekly magazine aiming to link Arab bloggers with politicians and the elderly was launched in Egypt at the initiative of a group backed by US billionaire George Soros. (Soros backs Egypt weekly to give Arab bloggers exposure.)

In April 2010, it was reported by the Jerusalem Post that "Egypt has taken an aggressive stance against Israel, with Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit calling Israel an 'enemy' state." - (Egypt warns of Israel-Lebanon escalation)

In June 2010, Egypt re-opened the Rafah border with Gaza (Rafah crossing to remain open indefinitely - News)

In August 2010, Egyptian security forces seized a ship loaded with explosives coming from Israel and arrested its owner in Port Said. (Egypt seizes explosives on ship coming from Israel - People's.)

In November 2010: Israel tells its citizens to leave Egypt. (Israel tells its citizens to leave Egypt.)

On 20 December 2010 (ISRAEL DESTABILISING EGYPT) we learnt that Egypt arrested members of an Israeli spy ring within its borders.

On 1 January 2011, we read that a group calling itself Al-Qaeda (the CIA-Mossad) may be responsible for the seven dead and 24 injured in an attack on a church in Egypt

In January 2011, we read that Egypt's Irrigation Minister has dismissed the possibility that Egypt would supply Israel with water from the Nile. (Egypt and Israel, a souring relationship?)

In January 2011: Mubarak warned Israel against a new Gaza war Israel News.Net)



Anonymous said...

Debka is a fraud. It should be completely ignored. Every time someone goes to the site, he is giving money to a bunch of scam artists. Debka invents fake news in order to get eyeballs....
To the best of my knowledge its one or two private people exploiting people’s interest in middle east related news. They make money from ads as the content is all invented by them. They are quite creative and make sure their stories do not sound crazy but it is all fiction with no real news.

Anonymous said...

so the earlierer news that israel would like mubarak to stay in power was another deception?

The Realist Report said...

According to the The Telegraph on January 28, 2011:

"The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.
On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011."

Full article here:

CIA-Mossad axis definitely is involved in these "uprisings" in the Middle East. Although the rage expressed by citizens is real, the events are being manipulated.

Anonymous said...

Our greasy dirty mass media give us the slogans which are meant to lead us in a given direction.

Chaos in Cairo was the overriding meme and the solution proposed by globalists will be a military one.

So how did the chaos happen. The UK/USA/Israel used every dirty trick in the book to make it happen. Backing both sides, using their corporate media to lie about it, and engaging in violence. Typical spy shit, typical media coverage.

Too bad everyone isn't getting their news here instead.

CanSpeccy said...

Re: "so the earlierer news that israel would like mubarak to stay in power was another deception?"

That would make sense. Presenting Mubarak as an Israeli stooge can hardly have been calculated to enhance his popularity with the mob.

That the change of government in Egypt is being managed from outside the country is openly admitted by Tony Blair in the video clip linked here:

"... People want a different system of government and they're going to get it. ... The key challenge for us, really, is how do we help partner this process of change and help manage it ...."

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