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On 20 February 2011, the excellent Land Destroyer blog has a post about Libya conquered in the dark

According to Tony Cartalucci:

1. The purpose of the US-UK coups in North Africa and the Middle East is to "shut down the Middle East", then "shut down China and Russia", then "rule the world."

2. The propaganda against Libya is being run by the mainstream media and 'the US State Department's army of bloggers'.

3. BBC propagandist Jon Leyne told viewers it seemed as if "all of Egypt" had turned out in Tahrir Square.

Best estimates of the crowd range from 50,000 to no more than 100,000 (0.1% of Egypt's population.)

4. "For the BBC and AlJazeera to call the Libyan government's response to arsonists, looters, vandals, and now dangerously and overtly armed mobs, a 'massacre,' seems somewhat disingenuous and very similar to their coverage of the US-backed mobs that took to the streets in Bangkok in May, 2010...

Veiled tuareg girls with jewels in Ghadames, Libya
Libyans by Eric Lafforgue

5. "The possibility that violence is also being employed by ... foreign agitators cannot be entirely ruled out.

"The US think-tank Brookings Institute dedicated an entire chapter in their report regarding Iran, to fueling color revolutions and the prospect of using military force to help counter Iranian security forces...

6. "In Bangkok, in 2010, protesters in the street following US-backed, deposed PM Thaksin Shinwatra were bolstered by a shadowy militant group under the command of key protest leaders.

"They instigated a bloodbath on April 10, 2010 in an attempt to force the government to take responsibility and step down.

"The violence and 91 deaths that resulted between Thai security forces and this militant group has laid the foundation of globalist lawyer Robert Amsterdam's attempts to target the Thai government nearly a year later...

7. "The greatest clue that all is not what it seems and that foreign hands are meddling in the affairs of these nations is the fact that paid propagandists like BBC and AlJazeera are clearly taking sides instead of doing their supposed job of objective reporting...

8. "We have already noted beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Egyptian and Tunisian protests are entirely the result of Western meddling, where even the props used by the protesters were 'recycled' from a previous and admitted US-backed plot in Serbia."

Tripoli's centre
Tripoli by giogalluz

Libya's state broadcaster quoted Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the Libyan leader, as saying that armed forces had "bombarded arms depots situated far from populated areas".

He denied that air strikes had taken place in Tripoli and Benghazi.

Arabs in Tripoli (LOC)
Libya was once one of the poorest countries in the world.

Is the CIA-NATO using mercenaries to create chaos?

"Many of the mercenaries did not speak Arabic but only French 'making them impossible to reason with.'

"'They don't ask questions - they just shoot live ammunition.'" (From here)

Happy Tripoli children
Happy Tripoli children by CharlesFred (Oops, this is Tripoli in Lebanon, but it's a good photo, so I'll leave it here)

20 Feb 2011

Libya arrests Arab 'network' for destabilising country


TRIPOLI: Libyan authorities have arrested dozens of members of a "network" of Arab nationals allegedly seeking to destabilise the country, the official Jana news agency reported Saturday.

Those detained in several Libyan cities were members of a "foreign network (and were) trained to damage Libya's stability, the safety of its citizens and national unity."

Sources close to the investigation, quoted by the agency, said the group included Tunisian, Egyptian, Sudanese, Palestinian, Syrian and Turkish citizens.

Those arrested were "charged with inciting acts of looting and sabotage, such as burning hospitals, banks, courts, prisons, police stations and offices of the military police, as well as public buildings and private properties, according to plans drawn up earlier," Jana said.

Noting that "certain Libyan cities have been the scene of acts of sabotage and destruction since Tuesday," Jana said the suspects sought to "take arms from police stations and the military police and use them."

"Sources close to the investigation have not ruled out Israel being behind the network," the news agency added.


Thanks to Brian and http://canadianspectator.ca/ for the links


brian said...

"This man (Gaddafi) helped us at a time when we were all alone, when those (Britain and the US) who say we should not come here (Libya) were helping the enemy."
Nelson Mandela, 1997

how strange that Gadadfi should change in a few short years

Anonymous said...

Its clear to see now that mainstream media in the West are extensions of the security forces and secret intelligence service just like in any tin pot banana republic. CNN = CIA etc

brian said...

According to new Aljazeerah reports the planes in Lybia did NOT bomb civilians but ammunition depots and command centers. Helicopters fired to "scare people".
Sounds like a revolt within the military not like a massacre on civilians.
This shows again how fast jumping on unconfirmed news, as some did here, is a quite bad habit.
Posted by: b | Feb 22, 2011 7:56:51 AM

Anon said...

Many thanks for the comments and link.

- Aangirfan

brian said...

the aljazera article that Moonofalabama is referring to is here:

From Aljazeera:
Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, has warned that the widespread attacks against civilians "amount to crimes against humanity", and called for an international investigation in possible human rights violations.
Witnesses in Tripoli told Al Jazeera that fighter jets had bombed portions of the city in fresh attacks on Monday night. The bombing focused on ammunition depots and control centres around the capital.
Helicopter gunships were also used, they said, to fire on the streets in order to scare demonstrators away.

In other words the reports of aerial attacks on civilians has been GREATLY exaggerated!

Anonymous said...

If you look at the Andalus Institute, GNDEM, NED, IDEA websites and some other organizations connected to CIA, it is very clear that this so called "revolution" has been planned for awhile. They were training the youth, journalists, and women for these acts. All these organizations targeted the youth and the women in these arab
countries. This is no coincidence.

nobody said...

Hullo Aang,

I haven't commented for a while but I've been reading everything and I have to say you've been doing an absolutely sterling job. As per usual, ha ha.

How do you do it, Aang? The tirelessness, I mean? Anyway, perpetually impressed, me.

Also I was very pleased to see you sheeting it all home to banking. That's been my position for the longest time and the reason I choose to call the GWOT The Sanctity of Banking Campaign. I mean, honestly: oil? Ain't nothing in the league of banking. Everyone else qualifies as glorified step-and-fetchits.

And Aang, have you figured out BW yet? I have. Whilst it's been hard for be to get inspired lately, doing a hit job on him might just be the spur I'm looking for.

You out there BW? You up for it? It's so much more fun when I have a partner to tango with. The last guy who got the treatment pretended to be other people and then just stayed away. Whilst that was the smart money bet on his part, it wasn't nearly as much fun for yours truly. I find that it's so much more jolly when things are bloody. Don't you think?

Anon said...

I read BW's stuff on Madeleine McCann.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

Very many thanks for all the additional information.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

The list of Saif Ghadaffi's zionist friends is nothing short of impressive as we can count Prince Andrew, Peter Mandelson, Goga Ashkenazi, Oleg Deripasksa as well as Jacob and Nathaniel Rothschild according to the Daily Mail.


brian said...

castro on Libya: sensble advice:

'One can agree with Qaddafi or not. The world has been invaded with all kinds of news, especially using the mass media. One has to wait the necessary length of time in order to learn precisely what is the truth and what are lies, or a mixture of events of every kind that, in the midst of chaos, were produced in Libya. For me, what is absolutely clear is that the government of the United States is not in the least worried about peace in Libya and it will not hesitate in giving NATO the order to invade that rich country, perhaps in a matter of hours or a few short days.
hose who with perfidious intentions invented the lie that Gaddafi was headed for Venezuela, just as they did yesterday afternoon on Sunday the 20th of February, today received an fitting response from Foreign Affairs Minister Nicolás Maduro when he literally stated that he was “wishing that the Libyan people would find, in the exercise of their sovereignty, a peaceful solution to their difficulties, that would preserve the integrity of the Libyan people and nation, without the interference of imperialism...”

As for me, I cannot imagine that the Libyan leader would abandon his country; escaping the responsibilities he is charged with, whether or not they are partially or totally false.

brian said...

niqnaqs post and my comment:

Finallly lets be blunt...The whole purpose of these protests is not that a govt will just step aside: but that they will be forced to use violence at some stage...thats when the protestors say theyve won...But they createed the turmoil in the first place. if it didnt exist, their revolution would vanish away.

its more and moer clear that to oust agovt the revolutionaries have to use methods that will get the govt to respond violently...this is the tumoil that the gets blamed on the govt! But to do this is dishonest...

brian said...

also the US has made clear recently that if events like those in Libya take place in the US, the govt will crack down.

noone seems to be aware of this, assuming that western states dont have any worries! or we are democracies and so we allow protests...peaceful orderly and in free speech zones...

but a Libyan style protest in say Wisconsin or NY would feel the same wrath as they say is happenig in Libya.

What happened to Ray McGovern at George Washington Uni shows us that.Imagine if Ray had thrown molotovs!

brian said...

a but of media honesty:

'There's been virtually no reliable information coming out of Tripoli, but a source close to the Gaddafi regime I did manage to get hold of told me the already terrible situation in Libya will get much worse.


so no reliable information? thats not prevented stories reliable or unreliable circling the globe...

brian said...

brother Gaddaffi

so is this man really the badboy mega killer hes being portrayed?

brian said...

meet a REAL bad boy megakiller:

notice that real badboy mega killers go not only unpunished but sanitised by the media when reported at all.

NOW had this been Gaddaffi who was in Petraeus place..youd see an endless stream of screaming headlines, with left and right lining up with their rocks.

brian said...

You know a medium is powerful when even alert critics of media manipulation are....manipulated!
Thats a chief lesson from this Libyan saga.

Anon said...

Dear Brian,

Many thanks for all the links.

Do you have a blog?

- Aangirfan

brian said...

nope...no blog...im astonished that the usually astute bloggers are proving so clueless

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