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Boy and his Donkey
Egypt by dvlazar

Is any 'Moslem' country safe from the CIA-Mossad-NATO?

1. Look at the pattern.

Palestine has been wrecked.

Iraq and Afghanistan have been wrecked.

Pakistan and Egypt are being wrecked.

"Will Malaysia become like Egypt and Tunisia?

"This is a question which many Malaysians are asking in the wake of people power and street demonstrations which have rocked several Muslim countries." (Malaysia, Tunisia, Egypt)

And the Egypt protests could spread to Saudi Arabia and other such countries

"The Saudis control the world's largest known reserves of oil..."

According to Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Egypt is seething. And if it erupts it is not only going to destabilize the country... it will affect Saudi Arabia, because the masses there are also seething underneath the surface." (Zbigniew Brzezinski Discusses Egypt Protests - Newsweek)

I Have a Gun...

Cairo by Modest and Jill

2. Look at what is happening to Egypt's economy.

"Investors, on whom the economy depends, are ... quick to retreat and, according to assessment by Credit Suisse, are not likely to return, at least until the crisis ends...

"It warns, foreign and private investment risks collapsing even if Mubarak manages to cling on to power.

"Tourism, which along with remittances from Egyptians living abroad is the biggest source of foreign currency, looks most vulnerable of all. (Egypt in crisis: Business collapse piles pressure on Mubarak)

And Tunisia.

Moody's Investor Service has downgraded Tunisia's sovereign rating to negative, citing political instability caused by the toppling of the government. (Tunisia Slams Ratings Downgrade)

Giza Boys

Egypt by hazy jenius

3. Look at how Egypt may become the new Pakistan.

Richard Norton-Taylor, in the Guardian 31 January 2011, reports that Egypt could become a greater threat than Pakistan, according to analysts

"Egypt has the potential to take Pakistan's place as the country posing the greatest threat to Britain's security, intelligence analysts said today..."

Egypt: Egyptian Girls
Old Egypt - Brooklyn Museum

4. Look at the biggest 'Moslem' country in the world.

Indonesia's first president was Sukarno and his policy of 'non-alignment' did not suit the CIA and its friends.

The CIA and MI6 undermined the Indonesian economy.

MI6 trained Islamists in Sumatra, in order to weaken Sukarno.

The CIA bombed churches in Indonesia, and blamed this on Islamists.

aangirfan: SUHARTO)

The CIA used its assets in the Indonesian military to topple Sukarno.

General Suharto, a CIA asset, was put into power as president.

The CIA gave the Indonesian military lists of people who were to be killed.

Up to one million people were slaughtered.

The Pentagon trained the key generals and the spooks.

When Suharto and Indonesia were beginning to become too powerful, and Suharto was not giving enough contracts to US firms, the CIA took action.

The Indonesian economy was undermined.

Soldiers, dressed up as students, organised riots.

The CIA used its assets in the Indonesian military to topple Suharto.

Indonesia then endured several years of deep poverty and chaos.

And who now rules Indonesia?

The current president is a former general, trained in the USA.



Anonymous said...

So where does Richard Norton-Taylor get his story? Sources close to MI6? i.e. planted stories.

CanSpeccy said...

"Richard Norton-Taylor, in the Guardian 31 January 2011, reports that Egypt could become a greater threat than Pakistan, according to analysts"

What are these "analysts" talking about. In what way does either Pakistan or Egypt threaten Britain? Are the Brits, or the Guardian, so bought into the NWO that they do not distinguish between British interests and global imperialist interests, or what? Can someone offer enlightenment?

Anon said...

The Guardian is said to be controlled by MI6.

I've added the excellent Canadian Spectator to my LINKS.

- Aangirfan

CanSpeccy said...

Aangirfan said: "I've added the excellent Canadian Spectator to my LINKS."

Thank you. The regard is mutual.

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