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Was the coup in Egypt partly about putting into power people who would promote the business and military interests of the USA?

Paul Amar is a Jewish journalist of French origin and an Associate Professor of Global & International Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara.

He has written: Why Egypt's Progressives Win, and Why Mubarak is Out - Jadaliyya

Among the points made:

1. Under Mubarak, Egypt made multi-billion dollar deals with Russia, China and Brazil.

In Egypt, Russian has several free-trade zones and manufacturing settlements, and China has invested in all parts of the Egyptian economy.

Brazil, Turkey, the Central Asian Republics and the Gulf Emirates are diversifying their investments.

2. On 5 February, Gamal Mubarak, who had been associated with deals with foreigners, was forced out of his position in the main political party.

3. The Egyptian Intelligence Services, and some parts of the military, loathed Gamal Mubarak and have long, intimate relationships with the CIA and the American military.


Mubarak in China.

When might Israel, and the USA, have decided to topple Mubarak?

In 1981 President Mubarak came to power and he "has effectively boycotted Israel.

"Egypt's state-controlled newspapers continued to demonize Israel.

"All ties on the bilateral level between Egypt and Israel have been frozen including tourism, commerce, and industry." (Egypt and Israel: A Reversible Peace :: Middle East Quarterly)

Under Mubarak, Egypt became stronger economically and militarily; too strong for Israel to attack.


In 1991, the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood began pressing more strongly for a strict Islamic state.

In 1999, Mubarak visited China.

He signed a joint communique with Chinese President Jiang Zeming on establishing a strategic and cooperative relationship between Egypt and China.

In 2002: Mubarak denounced Israel

Mubarak made a televised speech bitterly condemning Israel and accusing it of using state terrorism to crush the Palestinians.

Mubarak said that following their barbaric and systematic aggression, the Israelis were in the process of destroying evidence of the horrendous crimes perpetrated under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

In 2003: Mubarak opposed the Iraq invasion.

In 2003: Israel protested Egypt's use of unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, to spy on Israeli military facilities.

Israel reportedly threatened to shoot down the drones whose flights violate the peace treaty and prompted increased concern over Egypt's military buildup (Jerusalem Post, December 21, 2003) (Myth and Fact: Egypt's Peace Treaty with Israel)

Egypt has purchased Scud missiles from North Korea and is believed to possess chemical weapons (Center for Strategic and International Studies, United Nations (UN) Institute for Disarmament Research). (Myth and Fact: Egypt's Peace Treaty with Israel)

Israel wants the Sinai?

In March 2010, it was reported that Mubarak had cancer.

In April 2010, it was reported that a weekly magazine aiming to link Arab bloggers with politicians and the elderly was launched in Egypt at the initiative of a group backed by US billionaire George Soros. (Soros backs Egypt weekly to give Arab bloggers exposure.)

In April 2010, it was reported by the Jerusalem Post that "Egypt has taken an aggressive stance against Israel, with Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit calling Israel an 'enemy' state." - (Egypt warns of Israel-Lebanon escalation)

In June 2010, Egypt re-opened the Rafah border with Gaza (Rafah crossing to remain open indefinitely - News)

In August 2010, Egyptian security forces seized a ship loaded with explosives coming from Israel and arrested its owner in Port Said. (Egypt seizes explosives on ship coming from Israel - People's.)

In November 2010: Israel tells its citizens to leave Egypt. (Israel tells its citizens to leave Egypt.)

On 20 December 2010 (ISRAEL DESTABILISING EGYPT) we learnt that Egypt arrested members of an Israeli spy ring within its borders.

On 1 January 2011, we read that a group calling itself Al-Qaeda (the CIA-Mossad) may be responsible for the seven dead and 24 injured in an attack on a church in Egypt

In January 2011, we read that Egypt's Irrigation Minister has dismissed the possibility that Egypt would supply Israel with water from the Nile. (Egypt and Israel, a souring relationship?)

In January 2011: Mubarak warned Israel against a new Gaza war Israel News.Net)



peter chamberlin said...

This seems out of character to previous articles on America's latest demo-revo, in the attempt to validate the theory that Mubarrak was an obstacle to Israel. If the US is backing revolution, then obviously Israel must be on board. In my mind, Mubarrak could always be counted on to back Israeli demands, on border closures and such.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned this early on concerning fighter jet cooperation between Egypt and China. China's K-8E Jet.This could not have been looked on as a good thing by Isreal. It looks like all the fretting by Hillary about Mubarak needing to stay in power was all smoke and mirrors.


The co-production of the K-8E in Egypt consists of three phases. In the first phase of the project China will supply all the main parts of the aircraft for the assembly of a complete aircraft.

By the end of the programme Egypt may have the capability to manufacture the major parts and independently assemble the planes.

This, in the words of Egyptian Air Force officers, will help re-establish the nation's aviation industry, which was obstructed in the 1970s for a variety of reasons.

aferrismoon said...

What about Libya - Qaddafi = classic dictator, Al-Megrahi's there too but news on this country is lamb-silent.

I spoke with an Algerian friend about the protests there - he scoffed at 400 people in a country of 35million.

He claims [ perhaps biased] that the country will not be breached and that people approve of the President. He also mentioned that there were quite a few people with beards inthe mountains who aren't going anywhere , a fact, apparently , not lost on the present regime.

For whatever reason I feel Algeria is a prize the USUK and Israel want, arms from the Russians , roads from the Chinese, but the security services are very tight there [ allegedly] and they don't let certain types in.

Iy was conversation so its an opinion as opposed to fact.


Anonymous said...

Webster Griffin Tarpey: The Globalist Conquest of Egypt & The Middle East is Almost Complete


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