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In May 2009, Clinton meets "Egyptian activists", prior to meetings at the State Department in Washington.

On 6th February 2011, in the UK's Mail on Sunday, PETER HITCHENS tells us about Egypt, People Power...and the truth we dare not speak

Like Aangirfan, Peter Hitchens has witnessed alleged People Power.

People Power, if it is to be successful, always has to be organised by the spooks.

Among the points made by Peter Hitchens:

1. The liberation of Romania was followed by an era of renewed corruption and political squalor that has not come to an end and is not likely to.

2. I have seen it argued – credibly – that the joyous return of freedom to Prague was orchestrated by the KGB.

The Shah of Iran was toppled by the CIA and MI6?

Who does not like Mubarak?

On 9 January 2011, at American Chronicle, Ismail Imadudee asks if Israel is involved in a regional plot against Egypt.

Among the points made:

1. Egypt has tried hard to bring peace to the Middle East.

2. Israel has disrupted all of Egypt's efforts.

3. Israel has "continuously enjoyed embarrassing" Egypt.

4. Egypt's border with Gaza has been used by pro-Iran forces to enter Egypt and cause trouble.

5. The Gaza border situation has resulted in an aggressive media war which targets Egypt.

The CIA NATO broke up Yugoslavia. Now it is the turn of North Africa and the Middle east to suffer. Website for this image

Who is helping the CIA-Mossad-NATO to reorganise North Africa and the Middle East?

According to Professor Michel Chossudovsky (The Protest Movement in Egypt.):

"Egyptian dissidents and opponents of Hosni Mubarak were received in May 2008 by Condoleezza Rice at the State Department and the US Congress.

"They also met White House National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, who was 'the principal White House foreign policy adviser' during George W. Bush's second term."

(The Muslim Brotherhood was used by the CIA to topple the Shah.)

Michel Chossudovsky notes that:

"Britain's support of the Brotherhood instrumented through the British Secret Service dates back to the 1940s.

"Starting in the 1950s, according to former intelligence official William Baer, 'The CIA [funnelled] support to the Muslim Brotherhood because of the Brotherhood’s commendable capability to overthrow Nasser.'"

1954-1970: CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood Ally to Oppose Egyptian President Nasser.

"These covert links to the CIA were maintained in the post-Nasser era."

The CIA likes fascist fundamentalists rather than secular nationalists. reports in some detail on US grants and the use of social media to foment "revolution in Egypt".

The USA has given lots of money to Egypt's 'activists'.

"For 2009 alone, the NED (CIA) gave grants totaling almost One Million, Four hundred thousand dollars, to numerous groups."

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone with Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi in 2004. Photograph: Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images

The CIA seems to like fascist fundamentalists?

On 5 February 2011, at the New York Review of Books, Ian Johnson has written about Washington's Secret History with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Among the points made:

1. "Since the 1950s, the United States has secretly struck up alliances with the Brotherhood or its offshoots...

2. "In 1953 ... a covert US propaganda program headed by the US Information Agency brought over three dozen Islamic scholars and civic leaders mostly from Muslim countries...

"The ultimate goal was to promote an anti-Communist agenda in these newly independent countries, many of which had Muslim majorities.

"One of the leaders ... was... Saeed Ramahdan (Said Ramadan)...

"Eisenhower officials ... figured that religion was a force that US could make use of...

"Central Intelligence Agency analyses of Said Ramadan were quite blunt, calling him a ... 'fascist'.

3. "By the end of the decade, the CIA was overtly backing Ramadan...

"In the 1950s and 1960s the United States supported him as he took over a mosque in Munich...

"In later years, he supported the Iranian revolution..."

4. The CIA "with the start of the Soviet war in Afghanistan" backed the mujahedeen - "some of whom morphed into al-Qaeda ... but Washington continued to flirt with Islamists, and especially the Brotherhood."

Cairo kids!
Cairo kids by Shek Graham

5. "The Bush administration devised a strategy to establish close relations with Muslim groups in Europe that were ideologically close to the Brotherhood...

"In 2005, the State Department launched an effort to woo the Brotherhood. In 2006, for example, it organized a conference in Brussels between these European Muslim Brothers and American Muslims, such as the Islamic Society of North America, who are considered close to the Brotherhood...

"The CIA pushed for cooperation...

6. "The Brotherhood has managed to voice the aspirations of the Muslim world’s downtrodden and often confused middle class.

"It explained their backwardness in an interesting mixture of fundamentalism and fascism...

"It has ... given birth to many of the more violent strains of radical Islamism, from Hamas to al-Qaeda...

7. "In Egypt, the Brotherhood ... says it wants religious courts to enforce shariah...

8. "The group’s most powerful cleric, the Qatar-based Youssef Qaradawi ... advocates the stoning of homosexuals and the murder of Israeli children - because they will grow up and could serve as soldiers.

"Qaradawi ... has often been mentioned as a candidate to be the Egyptian branch’s top leader.

"He is very likely the most influential cleric in the Muslim world - on Friday, for example, thousands of Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square listened to a broadcast of his sermon..."


Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Dean of Islamic Studies at the University of Qatar ... works out of London as head of the Islamic Council of Europe.



Penny said...

thanks for the link over A

And imagine this, to my complete non-surprise...who should visit the blog?

Why the National endowment for democracy!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
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Anonymous said...

Remarkable round up of the MB's shady past and present, Aangirfan. Very enlightening. Thank you

Leo said...

yesterday feb.7 Michael Collins Piper highlited aangirfan in his latest broadcast

Anonymous said...

As a Romanian, I can tell that my country is lost. For good. From all pov's. This is their tactics: where they cannot use bombs/weapons to destroy nations, they have other means to do it. And that can be seen even by the blind... (First) destroy a country economically and the rest will follow...


Truther said...

Firstly, thanks for all your hardwork & dedication on these issues.

I suspected from the start that this Egypt uprising was engineered. It's likely Mubarak's resignation is the trigger for Israel-USA to invade & initiate the Greater ME. Whatever happens, the people will suffer more, esp the vulnerable (women, same-sex attracted people etc).

One possible solution is for Muslims to reform Islam completely & reject sharia & their clerics, eliminating the CIA's base to foment tyranny & maintain control, but I don't think that's feasible right now.

As a Muslim, I can tell you most Muslims have not a clue about the nature of their sects & they are becoming more & more radical. I live in a supposed democracy, yet the clerics are bringing scholars from Pakistan & other shady characters to whip the public into religious frenzy, & they are swallowing it up, b/c they cannot think independently...that's the power of Islam. It has a cult-like quality, & one cannot achieve freedom if one follows their leaders without question.

I follow NONE of these inhumane sharia laws, but there is a Darul Uloom institution in my nation which regularly beats girls & boys & implements all sorts of horrendous, fanatical laws...& they are becoming more mainstream amongst Muslims here.

Today, ironically as Mubarak "resigns", a Texas born "convert" going by the name of Yusuf Estes, is here for a visit (paid for by the local Muslims) & he's drawing the crowds.

Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

The girl in the photo with Hillary bears more than a passing resemblance to Asmaa Mahfouz, in "the vlog that Helped Spark the Revolution"

Anon said...

Thanks for the tip on Asmaa.

- Aangirfan

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