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Does the CIA want Egypt to be a strong democracy?

"In the weeks ahead, in Egypt, the CIA may start an assassination campaign against Brotherhood leaders.

"These are tactics the CIA has used in the past in Muslim countries.

"The CIA may try to discredit the new regime, through the assassinations of top government and army officials.

"The CIA may try to create sectarian divisions, by attacking Christian targets.

"The CIA does not want a fair and workable democracy."

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What has the USA achieved in Afghanistan? Kabul by nick rain images

On 16 February 2011, in the UK's Financial Times, Ahmed Rashid wrote about al Qaeda's plans for Egypt. (Cairo needs help to avoid al-Qaeda's grip)

When we read about al Qaeda, we should remember that al Qaeda is said to be the CIA, and its friends.

Rashid, of Pakistani origin, was educated at an upper class private school in the UK called Malvern College, and at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

He has written for a number of establishment publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Telegraph.

He sticks to the establishment line that al Qaeda is not a tool of the CIA and its friends.

He once tried to organise an uprising against Pakistan's leader Ayub Khan
. (Ahmed Rashid - Wikipedia)

According to Rashid in his Financial Times article:

1. Egypt may give al-Qaeda the chance to expand its influence.

2. Al-Qaeda bombed a church just three weeks before the current revolution began.

This was an attempt to create Muslim-Christian tensions, and is similar to what al Qaeda has done in Iraq and Pakistan.

3. Creating anti-Christian (or anti-Shia) hysteria remains a strategy for al-Qaeda.

4. Al-Qaeda No 2, Ayman al'Zawarhiri, once headed Egypt's 'Islamic jihad'.

5. "In the weeks ahead, if instability continues, al-Qaeda will doubtless start an assassination campaign against Brotherhood leaders...

"These are tactics al-Qaeda has used in the past in other Muslim countries.

"Their other aim will be to discredit the new regime, through the assassinations of top government and army officials.

"Creating inter-sectarian divisions in the population, such as attacking Christian targets, is also likely..."

6. Al-Qaeda does not want a fair and workable democracy.



The Realist Report said...

The CIA-Mossad-MI6 is already pulling off aggressive false flag type attacks throughout the Muslim world. Reportedly, they were behind the assassination attempts on the Iranian nuclear scientists a while back. Also, the Stuxnet virus that was used to attack the nuclear power reactors in Iran supposedly came from the Israelis.

You can be sure they are already planning similar offensive, sneaky, spineless attacks to foment more unrest in the Muslim world, possibly giving them another excuse to invade yet another Muslim country.

Anonymous said...

Differences between Mr Lavrov and Foreign Secretary William Hague surfaced during a meeting in London designed to display a rapprochement between Whitehall and the Kremlin after years of tension.
Moscow has called for restraint in the face of demonstrations that have shaken long established regimes. Britain and America have, by contrast, demanded that governments bow to the demands of frustrated protesters.

There is a lot going on, the golden mask of Tut was stolen during the protests. A Fox news reporter raped. Cui Bono, who benefits. I will consider that an operation until proof is provided. You silence a reporter known to be a bit indepth, cause protesters to second guess themselves and then allow western media to harp for days about how bad those Egyptian protesters are.

Anonymous said...

There are so many organizations concerned about "Democracy" and human rights in that region. Reports Without Borders are being partly financed by the Open Society Institute and NED.

Mark said...

The CIA has used Al Qaeda against Egypt in the past. This video shows how:

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