Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"الغايب عذره معاه"

Libya's Mustafa Avoidel-Jail.

On 23 February 2011, Libya's former minister of jubajuba, Mustafa Avoidel-Jail, told a Swedish newspaper that Colonel Gaddafi personally organised the Iran Contra scandal.

Part of Iran-Contra was the smuggling of Lebanese heroin into the USA on PanAm flights.

(Libyan leader 'personally organised' Iran-Contra says CIA-asset.)

Mustafa Avoidel-Jail told Exprecian that he had proof the Libyan leader was behind Iran-Contra.

Exprecian quoted Mustafa as telling their correspondent in Libya: "Iran-Contra had nothing to do with the CIA."

Mustafa told Exprecian, "I have proof that Gaddafi gave the order to assassinate J F Kennedy.

"And I have proof that Gaddafi gave the order to carry out the Watergate break-in".

CIA journalist Joseph Alsop said that reporter Mustafa Hamburger interviewed the ex-minister at "a place of entertainment in a large city in Libya".

The Scottish Conservative Deputy Leader said, given recent events, many would find these reports "disturbing".


Anonymous said...

sounds like another"wmd" deception of western media to vilify gaddafi

gyg3s said...

"What’s the betting that, sometime in the next few weeks, the following happens:

1. In the burned out ruins of a Libyan government building, someone finds definitive documentary ‘proof’ that Libya and Megrahi were responsible for Lockerbie, and/or

2. A Libyan official reveals, ‘we did it’."

From the Professor Black's Lockerbie Blog quoting from a Robert Fisk article in the Independent.

Anon said...

Many thanks all.

Professor Black is prophetic.

- Aangirfan

chuckyman said...

LOL Aangirfan. I wonder how many catch on (grin). The RT video was a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Mustafa avoided jail?
Moustafa Hamburger?

brian said...

an unspoken subtext in all this :'Get Gaddaffi' wave, is that no western govt would behave as we are told Libya govt is...crack down violently on protestors no matter how violent they were..

In fact, anyone remotely aware of protests in western cities and that includes the US, knows protesy leaders warn not to engage in violence because the police do crack down...Agent provacateurs use this fact to stage violence, in order to get the police buddies to crack down..hard.

Historically, we have the Kent State massacre to remind us.

brian said...

also in Black:

brian said...

wikipedias entry on Gadaffi

hes eccentric, hes been labelled a backer of terrorists (not a terrorist himself), and theres no sign of a history of mass murder! And if there was WIKI would write it up!
So with that sort of background people like Mike Rivero of whatreallyhappened have some difficulty explaining why this sudden burst of murder by Gaddafi?

brian said...

origin of the: gaddaffi is in Venezuela lie? It seems its a brit:

'The foreign minister of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said that he hard conversed with his counterpart in Libya, who had given him assurance that Col Gadaffi was still in Libya. He described Mr Hague’s comments as irresponsible. Later that day, Col Gadaffi appeared on his country’s state TV and described malicious rumours about his leaving as the work of hating channels. Outside a ruined building, he stated that he was in Tripoli (the capital) and not Venezuela.

Mr Hague made his comments at an EU meeting of foreign ministers on Monday, saying he had viewed unconfirmed information which suggested that Col Gaddafi was en route to Venezuela. However, Mr Maduro stated that Moussa Koussa, his Libyan counterpart, had spoken with him from Tripoli and confirmed that Col Gaddafi was managing the situation confronting Libya.

so where did he get his unconfirmed info? and if unconfirmed info, why broadcast it?
To demonise Venezuela?

Anonymous said...

Precisely to demonise Venezuela. If he could have, he would have said Gaddafi had fled to Iran.

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