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Indonesian fishermen

What will happen to Egypt?

"The similarities between Indonesia a decade ago and Egypt today are striking: a Muslim majority, a popular uprising, and the ouster of a long-running strongman." (Could Indonesia's democracy be Egypt's model?)

Let's look at what's been happening in the world's biggest Moslem country, Indonesia, since its 'People Power' revolution in 1998.

1. "Indonesia remains plagued by vast economic inequalities and disenfranchised youth..." (Indonesia is no longer a poster child for pluralism )

"Accountability remains weak, illustrated by a web of corruption trials in which suspects have been acquitted or sentenced to short jail terms...

"The wealth gap has barely budged..." (Could Indonesia's democracy be Egypt's model?)

In Indonesia, the poor are still poor.

MUCH poorer than in Egypt.

Indonesia GDP per person $4,380
Egypt GDP per person $6,367

In Indonesia, people have to pay for health care and education.


2. "Mob rule and religious intolerance are on the rise in Indonesia," according to the Jakarta Globe on 8 February 2011. (Murder in The Name of Religion)

On 8 February 2011, "there were reports of vandalism and firebombing of Catholic schools and churches in Central Java ... suspected to be the work of the Islamic Defenders Front." (Indonesia is no longer a poster child for pluralism)

On 8 February 2011, a "mob of 1,500 Muslims went on the rampage in the central Javanese town of Temanggung.

"This time they were angry about a court verdict given to a Catholic man accused of blaspheming Islam.

"He got the maximum sentence, but this apparently was not enough for the protesters, who burned three churches to the ground."
(Indonesia and its place in the world: Feet of clay)

On 6 February 2011, in West Java, three members of a Moslem sect were beaten to death by members of the Islamic Defenders Front, a group reportedly linked to elements of the police.

"Footage of the bloody attack in Banten on 6 February showed police officers providing an embarrassingly feeble match for a crowd of 1,500 villagers, equipped with machetes, rocks and bamboo sticks."

"Amnesty International have declared that religious freedom in Indonesia is 'in tatters'" (Indonesia is no longer a poster child for pluralism )

Indonesia's current problems with 'religion' may be related to factions within the all-powerful military.

One faction may be trying to destabilise the government.

3. The military is still the power behind the scenes.

The country is still corrupt.

Back in 1998 there were hopes of CHANGE.

The Moslem cleric Abdurrahman Wahid became president of Indonesia in 1999.

He promoted free speech and human rights, defended British author Salman Rushdie and visited East Timor to apologize for human rights abuses committed by Indonesian forces during their American backed occupation.

Wahid knew that the Moslem militants were linked to the American trained military. Fundamentalist Islam is a tool to keep the rich elite in power.

Back in the 1960s, the CIA had arranged for the Indonesian military to be put into power in Indonesia.

When he became President, Wahid sought to reform the military and end the control of Indonesian institutions by the American trained generals.

Wahid found an ally in Agus Wirahadikusumah who was made Commander of the powerful Kostrad regiment.

Agus began uncovering a financial scandal linked to Kostrad.

Agus then died rather suddenly!

The military wanted Wahid removed from the presidency and began to stir up trouble.

Koppasus special forces. Image from:

In the year 2000, there was trouble in part of Indonesia called Maluku.

The Indonesian military set up a Moslem militia called Laskar Jihad (similar to the CIA's al Qaeda)

Laskar Jihad was transported to Maluku by the military.

Wahid had ordered the military to block Laskar Jihad from going to Maluku[40]

Laskar Jihad were being financed by Fuad Bawazier, the last Minister of Finance to have served under Suharto.

Most Moslems are hospitable and moderate. The fundamentalists are promoted by the CIA as a way of keeping Moslems weak.

There was trouble in West Papua.

Wahid wanted to follow a policy of moderation. This was opposed by the military and its alleged puppets, such as Megawati, in other political parties.

On 24 December 2000, there were attacks directed against churches in Jakarta and in eight cities across Indonesia.

It is suspected that the American trained Indonesian military were behind the attacks.

Wahid was forced out of office.

Wahid discussed his suspicions regarding the involvement of the Indonesian police and military in the Bali Bombings, in an interview in the documentary Inside Indonesia's War on Terrorism which was aired by SBS Dateline on October 12, 2005.

Wahid was saying in 2005 of the Bali bombings: "The orders to do this or that came from within our armed forces... There is not a single Islamic group ... that is not controlled by (Indonesian) intelligence."

Indonesia's intelligence services are said to work closely with the CIA.

Indonesians (NB - new address of

The series of 38 church bombings on Christmas Eve, 2000, killed 19 people in 11 Indonesian cities. (Source: Kopassus)

Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) was blamed.

However, in February 2001, the respected Indonesian newsweekly Tempo published a cover story suggesting links between the bombings and the Indonesian military, the TNI.

The article pointed out that Edi Sugiarto, who was quickly arrested and confessed to assembling 15 of the bombs used in the town of Medan, has long run a car repair shop in the province of Aceh, where a separatist group named GAM has been fighting for many years.

Members of TNI and Indonesia’s special forces, Kopassus, regularly went to his shop for repairs and just to hang out.

As a result, GAM claimed he was a TNI lackey and burned down his shop and house in 1997.

Phone records also indicated that Sugiarto called Fauzi Hasbi seven times before the bombings.

Hasbi is a leader of JI, but Tempo outed him as an Indonesian government mole.

In 2005, two years after Hasbi’s death, the Australian television program SBS Dateline provided additional evidence of Hasbi’s long-time links to the TNI.

Fasbi also called Jacob Tanwijaya, a businessman well connected with the TNI, 35 times.

That businessman in turn talked on the phone to Lt. Col. Iwan Prilianto, a Kopassus special forces intelligence officer, over 70 times. (Source: Kopassus)

Two women caned in Aceh, in Indonesia for selling food during Ramadan

Aceh, in Indonesia, would appear to be a base for the CIA. (Police probe Aceh's 'al-Qaeda', which is the CIA ) The Jakarta Post)

The people who run Aceh are mainly mad and bad people.

In January 2010 it was reported that three members of Aceh's Shariah Police had raped a young student.

"The kind of rape by men in authority in Aceh is not uncommon in communities that employ Shariah law.

"In Indonesia, it is not uncommon for a migrant worker to return home from working as a maid in Saudi Arabia only to give birth to an Arab-looking baby.

"If a maid is raped by her boss in Saudi Arabia the best thing she can hope for is to get home alive, because under that nation’s form of Shariah law, she could be sentenced to death for adultery." (Aceh Rape Shows Danger of Shariah Law The Jakarta Globe)

Indonesian Moslems have much to be proud of and much to be ashamed of.

Indonesian Moslems can be proud of the fact that Indonesia has on the whole resisted the fascist style of Islam that is used in Saudi Arabia to keep the rich and corrupt elite in power.

Most Indonesian Moslems have a reputation for moderation and hospitality.


Some Indonesian Moslems can be proud of the fact that they have educated themselves about how the CIA, in league with Saudi intelligence and Mossad, uses Moslems in its acts of false flag terrorism, acts which are designed to keep the rich and corrupt elite in power. (USA SEEKS CONTROL OF INDONESIA? We must not get back in bed with Kopassus -

Indonesian Moslems should be ashamed of the way that, in 1965, certain Moslems helped the CIA topple President Sukarno and helped the CIA and its friends in the Indonesian military murder up to one million Indonesians.

Former President Wahid apologized for the 1965 killings on behalf of his Muslim association, Nahdlatul Ulama.

Indonesian Moslems should be ashamed of the fact that so many of Indonesia's rich Moslems do little or nothing to help the vast number of poor and undernourished Moslems.

Indonesia spends little on health education and public housing.

Indonesian Christians have much to be ashamed of.

The Christian Coker gang, in league with the military, has reportedly carried out acts of terrorism. The 'terrorism' is often linked to Christian gangsters.

And CIA pilots, pretending to be Moslems, have bombed Christians. (USA SEEKS CONTROL OF INDONESIA?)

Most indonesians just want to have fun.

There are some fascist Moslems in Indonesia.

They usually live in posh houses, wear posh clothes, drive posh cars and attend posh mosques which have been financed by the Saudis.

During the daylight hours in the month of Ramadan these fat fascist Moslems appear to be fasting.

In the evening they gorge themselves on expensive foods.

When Ramadan ends, they dress up in their new and expensive clothes and party!

The fascist Moslems are mainly concentrated in Aceh, in Sumatra, and around the poshest housing estates in Jabotabek.

The fascist Moslems do not seem to care about Indonesia's poor.

The fascist Moslems have their own police in Aceh.

"The women of the District of West Aceh can no longer wear jeans or tight skirts, considered indecent and against Islam.

"Moderate Muslims and human rights activists ... see the application of Islamic law as a form of terrorism." (INDONESIA West Aceh police checkpoints and raids against jeans and ...)

In Indonesia it is quite common for people to eat drink and smoke during the daylight hours of Ramadan.

Such people try to be discreet about it.

Most Indonesians just like to have fun.

But some of the inhabitants of the relatively remote and primitive province of Aceh in Sumatra are mad fundamentalists.

They seem to get a thrill from treating women in a sadistic way.

On 2 October 2010, we read that two women were publicly caned in Aceh, in Indonesia for selling rice during Ramadan

Murni Amris, 27, received three lashes and Rukiah Abdullah, 22, two.

This act of apparent sadism took place in front of a crowd of hundreds at a mosque in the city of Jantho, southeast of the provincial capital, Banda Aceh.

Murni and Rukiah were found guilty of violating sharia law by selling rice at a stall during daylight during Ramadan.

Sharia law was introduced in Aceh in 2005.

Marzuki Abdullah is the 'Nazi' head of Aceh’s sharia police.

The poor are generaly hospitable and liberal. The elite use fascism to stay in power.

It is believed that the CIA and the corrupt and decadent Saudi leadership finance various extremist Moslem groups.

It is believed that the CIA and the Saudis promote the Wahhabi version of Islam.

Wahhabis, like fundamentalist Christians and Hindus, are easy to brainwash, manipulate and control.

A Wahhabi is easily turned into a patsy.

Wahhabis keep the feudal lords in power and keep Moslem countries backward.

Not so long ago, the Islamic Defenders' Front, who are linked to the fascist elite, assaulted Christian worshippers while they held a service in the West Java town of Bekasi, on the outskirts of Jakarta. (Terrorism in Indonesia: Arrest of a smiling extremist)

This Islamic Defenders' Front was part of the Pamswakarsa civil guard formed by the military. (Jakarta (who runs Jakarta?) - THE JAKARTA -INDONESIA- URBAN BLOG)

Tempo magazine in 2006 reported that between 1996 and 2005, about 180 churches were destroyed, burned or closed by force. (JEWS IN THE WORLD'S LARGEST 'MOSLEM' COUNTRY)

The 'mad Moslems' usually work for the security services or various mafias. (graft wars and the Udayana Military Command)


Yahya Zaini, a senior Indonesian politician, resigned from his position after he was featured with an Indonesian Dangdut singer, Maria Eva, 29, in a steamy sex video that was widely circulated over the internet.

Mr. Zaini was the head of his party's religious affairs committee, which has responsibility for moral issues.

The video showed Zaini and the dangdut singer naked in a hotel room. (Indonesian Politician Sex Video Scandal, Yahya Zaini & Maria Eva ...)


Most Indonesian Moslems are moderate and kind.

The province of Aceh is different because its form of Islam came direct from Saudi Arabia.

In April 2009, there were elections in the province of Aceh in Indonesia.

The mad and very nasty Islamic hardliners performed poorly.

The secular Partai Aceh did well.

The Partai Aceh-dominated parliament was due to convene in October 2009.

In September 2009, the old Aceh parliament expanded Islamic Law so that people can be stoned to death.

The draft law came from the office of Governor Irwandi Yusuf, a US-educated vet.

(Stoning penalty for Aceh adultery)

The new laws include multiple public lashings for those having pre-marital sex.

(Almost 50% of French Muslims believe sex between unmarried people is morally acceptable. - aangirfan: HOW DANGEROUS ARE MOSLEMS?)

The laws include punishments for drinking alcohol and homosexuality.

Bustanul Arifin, of the Islamist Prosperous Justice Party, sat on the committee that oversaw the bill.

''We based the law on the Koran and the hadith,'' said Arifin.

Aceh has had a form of sharia since 2002.

A sharia police force has been created.

Jakartass refers to legislators trying to "foist their largely unwanted agenda on the electorate. The most notorious example has to be that of the Aceh regional government which believes that stoning adulterers will eradicate sexual 'deviants' and caning will cure homosexuals (even though sado-masochism is, for some, a form of sexual deviancy.)"

Hidayat Nur Wahid, founder of Indonesian radical Islamic party PKS, Prosperous Justice Party (Indonesian Democracy’s Enemy Within)

When the CIA was trying to frustrate democracy in Central America, they used Moslem money, from the Saudis. (Cached)

In Indonesia, money from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf has been financing mosques and preachers demanding a 'purer' form of Islam. (Indonesian Democracy’s Enemy Within)

Beginning in the 1970s, "activists linked to the Saudi-sponsored Islamic World League began indoctrinating small groups at the prestigious Bandung Institute of Technology with Brotherhood materials". (Indonesian Democracy’s Enemy Within)

In 1998, there was the possibility that Indonesia would change its government and become a democracy like Malaysia, where there is no miserable poverty.

Unfortunately, Indonesia's American-trained military hijacked the 1998 protest movement.

The May 1998 riots which toppled Suharto were organised by the military; certain Chinese people were made the scapegoats for all of Indonesia's problems; most of the old elite, consisting of generals, Chinese-Indonesian businessmen, religious leaders and politicians, remained in power; certain factions within the elite lost out.

Now sections of the elite are using Islam to frustrate democracy.

Indonesia's Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) 'is Indonesia's version of the Muslim Brotherhood'. (Playing with Fire in Indonesia). It supports 'Moslem values'.

"According to CIA agent Miles Copeland... the CIA began to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood... This signalled the beginning of an alliance between the traditional regimes and mass Islamic movements against Nasser and other secular forces." (aangirfan: The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in ...)

In the 2004 national elections, the PKS won 45 out of 550 seats in the Indonesian lower house (DPR). They also got 3 seats in the cabinet. (Playing with Fire in Indonesia)

In April 2008, PKS candidates won the Governorships of West Java and North Sumatra.

However, in the 9 April 2009 elections, the party came fourth with only 7.9 percent of the votes.

Why do some poor Indonesians vote for the PKS? They are fed up with "corruption, poor public services, poverty, and the perceived lack of real political choice." (Playing with Fire in Indonesia)
Reportedly, the "founding manifesto" of the Justice Party that went on to become the PKS, called for the creation of an Islamic caliphate. (Indonesian Democracy’s Enemy Within)

According to Walter Lohman, "The Indonesian political elite... believe they can turn the PKS's success to their own advantage..." (Playing with Fire in Indonesia)

Why might the CIA be helping the PKS?

Walter Lohman (Playing with Fire in Indonesia) reminds us of "the threat of a burgeoning Chinese presence in Asia."

A Saudi-style Indonesia will have no love for China, and may side with the USA in countering it.

An independent-minded democratic Indonesia might not side with the USA.




The 'terrorism' is often linked to Christian gangsters, Moslem gangsters and the American trained military.

Admiral Dennis Blair 'lied' about church killings.

Indonesia: Sally Neighbour and the CIA's alleged lies about the Bali Bombs.

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